Weekly Finds

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter and social marketer Colleen E. Mayer.

For better or worse, the lines of personal and professional have long since blurred. The Muse has become my favorite stop for both work- and life-related advice. Recent favorite read? How to Recover From an Epic Email Fail. (It’s happened to the best of us!)

Let’s be honest: space in our inbox is valuable. I don’t sign up for regular newsletters often, but when I do, oh baby you can bet it is a good one. (Hello, One Woman Shop!) I follow news from DailyWorth every.single.day. and recently came across this gem featuring 8 Surprising Things You Can Get For Free. Excuse me while I plan what to do with all of the money I’ll be saving.

How closely were you following the #Under30Summit? This quick read sums up one output from the summit: everyone is now a content creator, but at what cost?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dabbled with dozens of different apps that claim to make your business run smoother. I’m practically giddy over the idea of a simple, stylish app that’s actually functional, and I can actually swear by several on this list: 10 apps every entrepreneur needs.

Your LinkedIn connections, Facebook likes, and email list may be huge indicators of your influence in social circles. With the holiday season approaching, why not pick a cause and leverage the power of your own network? Sign up for a site like CauseVox or GoFundMe and tell everyone you know why they should join you for a day of giving.

Want to build up your social presence in advance of launching a campaign? First, make sure you’re everywhere you need to be. This post from Business Insider reveals the top demographics of social sites.

If you’re thinking about making the transition into solopreneurship, if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, or if you’re simply a living, breathing human being, read this genius post from Lifehack.