100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

Welcome to the Fifth Edition of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs!

It’s here! It’s really here! The 2020 Edition of the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs is officially here!

This roundup of nominated businesses across the online business world is full of phenomenal women doing incredible work through their podcasts, email lists, products, courses and services, and we feel so lucky to put this list together, and are thrilled to share it with all of you today. 

To everyone who took the time to nominate themselves or a business bestie, client, or service provider you’ve used: THANK YOU! 

Before we dive in, a quick note on the list's evolution and using the list as a bookmark-able businesses tool:

If you nominated anyone for the list, you may have remembered that we set out to publish in early June.

With racial unrest at a high, we opted to move back the publish date to allow for Black voices to be amplified, to listen, and generally be sensitive to the hurt and grief within the world and our fellow online business community members.

Even prior to taking that pause, as we compiled the list, we felt that while the nominations we received featured amazing women of a variety of backgrounds, there still needed to be more diversity.

To keep with the integrity of the nominations made in May, we have kept the list in line with the nominations made (although, some website entries with leaders who exhibited racist, violent, and harmful behavior have been removed and replaced), but we share all this to say, we will work to help make next year's nominations look and sound different.

Next year we want to see more Black and BIPOC businesswomen in our nominations inbox as well as more diversity in size, age, sexual identity, and more, so that this list can be a true representation of the beautifully diverse business community that exists, and we recognize and that starts with us amplifying more diverse voices in our content and on our platform.

That is our vow, and our call to our community in this collaborative effort is to continue diversifying the voices you listen to and learn from so that when the next nomination period rolls around, diversity and inclusion will be naturally baked in.

Secondly, we hope this is a page you’ll come back to often and bookmark it as a resource, so when you’re feeling a little lost or looking for a great new resource on a specific topic you’ll have a vetted go-to place to turn.

We highlighted at least one free resource from every business owner, so even if we love their paid products (and we totally believe you should support them with your dollars!) there's truly something for everyone no matter how much you have to invest in your business.

Now, without further ado, here’s to all of our solopreneur success, community connections, and cheers to the 2020 winners! ????

Business Growth and Entrepreneurship

Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute

The first site up on the list came as no surprise to us as Chelsea is a true entrepreneurial powerhouse! From monetizing your blog, to becoming financially savvy, to crushing it in affiliate marketing, everything on HerPaperRoute is aimed at helping you create a plan to make more paper. Plus, she also has a unique niche in her knowledge of blog flipping.

Must-Read: In addition to her free blogging courses and toolkit, this post on the two types of blogs styles and formats that will get you instant traffic is a must-read!

P.S. - You may recognize Chelsea as one of our 2020 Solopreneur Success Bundle participants, she’s not the only one who made the list! 

Lindsay Maloney 

Lindsay is on a mission to help visionary coaches create and scale their business with simplicity, and she’s got the coaching chops to prove it. When we went to explore Lindsay’s site, we loved how she demonstrated her investment in her clients by showcasing how much she has invested into her skillset (we’re taking notes over here)! Her blog is chock full of useful tutorials and list-acles, but we got totally sucked into her podcast, the Book Your Dream Clients Podcast, which features the perfect balance of topics on strategy, actionable steps, and mindset. 

Must-Listen: How to Find Strength in Times of Weakness 

Elizabeth Goddard 

Many know her as the ConvertKit queen (admittedly, that’s how we entered her universe at first, too), but Elizabeth brings so much more to business owners looking to grow by way of courses and trainings on everything from how to run a successful flash sale to affiliate marketing the lazy way (her course that was in the 2020 Solopreneur Success Bundle!) to crafting a day of coaching via Voxer. Seriously, it’s pretty cool and totally unique. But most importantly of all the things she’s a whiz at, it’s embracing having a fun and playful spirit with everything you do in your business. 

Must-Read Blog Post: 5 ‘games’ to play in your online business for more fun, flow and freedom

P.S. - Anytime you buy something from Elizabeth, you get access to her exclusive client and customer Facebook group, which is one of our favorite places to tune in to insightful biz conversations.

Stephanie Hayes

Right when Stephanie’s site loads you see the headline, “No cookie cutter business plan is going to help you level up.” Can we get an amen?! If you’re a stressed out, overwhelmed, and stretched-too-thin solopreneur in need of a major shift, all of Stephanie’s resources were created with you in mind. We also love the name of her podcast that seems to effortlessly display her ethos: “Real People, Real Business.” No fluff found here! 

Must-Read: There’s no shortage of resources sprinkled around Stephanie’s site, but we particularly enjoyed her free email course on the 6 Unconventional Questions to Ask When Business Feels Overwhelming (find it at the bottom of her home page!)

Vanessa Shepherd of She’s Got Vision 

Another familiar name from the 2020 Bundle crossed our nomination form with Vanessa Shepherd from She’s Got Vision, where you’ll find a plethora of resources aimed at helping you to welcome more people into your audience so you can increase your impact and income. All of Vanessa’s resources, freebies and content are super approachable and distill complex marketing strategies into easy-to-navigate steps. 

Must-Read: Ever wonder how some brands have their very own branded Instagram stickers? Wonder no more with Vanessa’s blog on How to Create Stickers for Your Instagram Stories!

Nesha Woolery 

Are you a free-spirited solopreneur who wants to build a business that invites freedom and flexibility using simple strategies and systems? We know, it sounds like a trick question…of course you do! Well, Nesha Woolery is your go-to woman. To drive home the point that business can be filled and built with ease, Nesha’s podcast, the Simple Business Show, delivers the perfect-timed dose of actionable advice you can use to start simplifying your solopreneur journey today. 

Must-Listen: Dealing with Heartbreak, Grief, Illness While Running a Business (at the time of compiling this list, this made for a great listen as we navigate the COVID-19 global pandemic.)

Megan Flatt 

After hosting our first One Woman Shop Expert-Led Masterclass for planning out your year with Megan back in late 2019, we were tickled to see she made the Best Sites for Solopreneurs list! We love Megan’s approach to goal-setting alongside business growth and crafting the ideal work/life blend that works for YOU. She’s all about helping you build momentum through low-tech, high-impact plans focused on producing profit. And who doesn’t want that? 

Must-Read: Just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it ALL all by yourself. We love Megan’s list of the 52 Things You Can Outsource Now as a quick way to see all the areas we can clear our plates a bit. 

Amber McCue 

If you haven’t heard her name, you’ve likely heard about her wildly popular event called Planathon, an annual virtual event that has served over 20,000 entrepreneurs since its inception! As a self-proclaimed Modern CEO, Amber is helping other business owners create businesses that pave the way for a life of adventure through mentorship and masterminding as well as courses, workshops and The Right On Time podcast where she shares actionable advice and encouraging narratives that remind you that no matter where you are in life or where you’re starting from, everything is right on time. 

Must-Attend: Well, typically Planathon is only hosted once per year (hence the “Annual” nature of the event), but since 2020 turned into a royal cluster, Amber brought back the Planathon that she’s calling “The Edit” for a much-needed mid-year reboot that you can jump into now

Career Contessa

Although not aimed specifically at business owners, there’s no doubt that a large number of solopreneurs hold down a 9-to-5 while their solo biz serves as a side-hustle. That said, Career Contessa is undoubtedly the place to go for not just corporate career advice, but also for insight on how to incorporate your entrepreneurial tendencies into freelance work or even intra-preneurship. 

Must-Read: How You Can Tell You’re Ready to Go Full-Time Freelance 

Brandi Mowles 

A woman after our own hearts, Brandi speaks the truth that you can scale a service-based business without out that involving a team (#solopreneurlove). In fact, Brandi scaled her done-for-you Facebook and Instagram ads business to $10K months as a one woman shop, and now she helps other solopreneurs scale accordingly. 

Must-Listen: Episode 30 of the Serve Scale Soar Podcast - Steal My 3 Phase Onboarding Process to Wow Your Clients and Get a Flood of Referrals

For the Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Social Media Managers 

Desire to Done 

Where do we start? Desire to Done is the ultimate hub for those looking to start a VA business with resources on what services to start with, tools to streamline your work, VA contracts, and everything in between. We’ve also heard rave reviews of her community, The Introvert VA Club, the only membership specifically for introvert VAs…introverts unite! 

Must-Download: With “virtual assistant” being a potentially all-encompassing title, we love Billie’s freebie that features a huge list of services you can offer as a virtual assistant to help you hone in on a niche, or be a virtual renaissance woman! 

Virtual Assistant Internship by Esther Inman

Whether you’re a travel lover who wants the freedom to work from wherever, a mom who only has nap times to devote to work, or a military spouse who needs a portable career for every new duty station, Virtual Assistant Internship has the programming to help you get your VA business up and running fast. Like, 90 days fast. Or, if you’re not looking to start your own biz, but are thinking of taking your corporate career remote while enjoying some solopreneurial side hustles, Esther’s got you covered there, too! 

Must-Listen: Episode 31 of Help Me Work Online, Esther! – Online Business vs. Virtual Services: 3 Reasons Why Focus is Essential to Working Online Successfully

Tasha Booth 

As soon as you land on Tasha’s site, an immediate sense of calm washes over. Maybe it’s her contagious smile or her stance that there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, but we’d say it’s a little bit of both! See, Tasha is also the CEO of a highly successful OBM agency, The Launch Guild, and her personal brand is where she is taking the wheel she invested through all her lessons and experiences as an OBM and agency owner to guide and teach other women in creating profitable and sustainable virtual careers they love.

Must-Take: Quizzes in school…meh…quizzes to help you find your Virtual Assistant Superpower? Yes, please! Take Tasha’s super fun, super fast 9-question quiz to find out how to best tap into your earning potential as a Virtual Assistant or OBM

Sara Wiles

Are you a done-for-you service provider who wants to start and scale your business in weeks instead of years? Then get to know Sara! As a former VA herself, Sara has done the very thing she helps her clients and students with, which is building a successful virtual biz that hits your revenue goals while supporting, you know, having a real life (family, home, hobbies, the works). Her approach is all about hopping off the hamster wheel and building aa balanced business form the jump. 

Must-Watch: Although she puts out great content in a variety of places, including her blog and podcast, Sara’s 2-minute trainings via Instagram Stories are a go-to for hot takes and fast-action tips on virtual biz success. 

Sarah Noked

From starting to scaling, Sarah is the OG support system for OBMs at every stage in the journey. Whether you’re just getting started with putting systems in place for your own business to set it up for scalable success, or you want to become a bonfide (i.e. certified) OBM, Sarah has the framework to help you bust the cap off your earning potential and specialize your skillset to become a successful online service provider. 

Must-Read: With all these talk of VAs and OBMs, you might be wondering, “what’s the difference between the two?” Check out this post on “The Top 5 Most Powerful Differentiators Between a VA and an OBM.”

The Virtual Savvy with Abbey Ashley 

It can feel scary trying to start a virtual business completely from scratch, but not when you have The Virtual Savvy on your side! Beyond helping you launch a VA business, Abbey has also created a comprehensive resource, The Savvy Vault, to provide the community and the training to teach you the marketable tech skills you need to be an effective virtual assistant in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.  

Must-Read: So, what kinds of VA-related skills are in demand right now? Check out this Mega List of Virtual Assistant Skills for 2020 that are sure to put you on the right path with selecting in-demand skills to learn.


Womanhood + Motherhood and Business Ownership

Startup Pregnant 

Typically we like to whip up summaries of our own, but the line right at the top of the Startup Pregnant site says everything you need to know: Startup Pregnant is a place to ask questions and share stories about motherhood, business, and entrepreneurship. Boom. Need we say more? Well, yes, because once you dig deeper you’ll find insightful conversations and value-rich resources galore, all focused on the unique interaction of parenting and entrepreneurship.

Must-Listen: If you’re in the potential parenthood stage and wondering how taking on the new role of mom impacts work, Episode #101 - How Motherhood Makes You Better at Work is a must-listen. 

Carrie Madormo

The work-from-home life sounds like a glamorous one from the grids of other’s Instagram accounts, but the reality…well, the reality looks like a ton of trial and error in figuring out how to balance work-from-home life with littles running around. Carrie’s resources are all aimed at helping you to graduate from the endless Google searches of figuring out how to be a work-from-home mom and find the right freelancing fit for where you are now in your motherhood journey. 

Must-Read: Why I Really Became a Work-At-Home Mom…this post had us going ????????‍♀️ we bet some of you will, too. 

Mama of Both Worlds by Yesenia 

Running a business by yourself comes with its own set of hurdles to clear but adding motherhood to the mix inevitability creates a few more challenges. Enter: Yesenia. As a business mentor, she helps to mamas build profitable businesses and find success where business and motherhood collide! 

Must-Read: At the time of compiling this list, we’re in the throes of Pandemic Parenting, and Yesenia’s 10-page “Keep Calm” guide is a sure-fire way to set your mind at ease, help you stay focused,  and help you meet your daily goals – both in business and motherhood!

Berrion L. Berry - Founder of The Flo Academy

Ever wondered how your cycle syncs with your business productivity or your ability to strategically plan, organize, execute and analyze? Whether you have or haven't Berrion is bound to get you thinking about your flow in a totally new way. As a holistic menstrual health practitioner and educator, Berrion helps her clients and students heal, nourish, and regulate their life in sync with their cycle.

Must-Look and Listen: First, if you want to know how the phases of your cycle relates to your business, this is THE POST that provides the ultimate breakdown between the two. Next, subscribe and listen to Berrion's podcast "Flow with Berrion Berry," any episode is a stellar one to start with!

Mother Like a Boss by Kendra Hennessy 

Although Kendra caters to moms of every variety (SAHM, working, working-from-home), she infuses her message on motherhood and homemaking made your way with plenty of entrepreneurial insights that solopreneur mamas will love thanks to Kendra’s experience building a separate empire of her own. Now if “homemaking” had you raise on eye brow, hold on, because that’s precisely what Kendra is on a mission to redefine. Her version of homemaking isn’t aprons and recipes, it’s about home-based systems to help you thrive. As she says, no “mommy martyrdom” here. 

Must-Listen: Episode 91 of the Mother Like a Boss Podcast - Why I Don’t Balance Work and Home 

Out of The Biz Box

Eli Trier

If we had to fit Eli into any sort of “category,” the one most would be able to grasp is marketing, but that feels like a disservice because marketing doesn’t fully encapsulate the way Eli empowers her community to create deeper impact in a way that’s fun and creates your own quiet revolution. She does her work through an approach she calls online community projects, and after reading through her case studies and the 24 reasons why running a community project is fantastic for your business, we just have to urge you to go soak in Eli’s genius for yourself. 

Must-Read: How Having Clear Boundaries Leads to Deeper Connection 

The CE L.A.B. 

Short for the Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B. (launch, amplify, and breakthrough), this site is all about translating left-brained business for right-brain creatives who want to move from confused to confident in their business skills. Often as highly artistic creators, the strategic pieces of business can feel too rigid, or let’s be real, boring. The CE L.A.B. is all about keeping your creative spirit alive, while also gaining the skills to thrive in business. 

Must-Read: 8 Creative Ways to Make Money as an Artist 

Eden Fried 

Want to pave your journey to freedom by way of digital products? Then Eden is the teacher for you, especially if you have some rebellious tendencies! As the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast and creator of the Rebel Boss Summit, Eden holds the space and shares the steps to ditching the “stable corporate career you should have” for the life of freedom that’s calling your name. She’s here to show you just how powerful digital products can be as either the primary offering for your business or as a supplement to your services. 

Must-Listen: Episode 38 of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast - The 5-Step Launch Strategy to Implement When You Have No Email List or Audience 

Your Life’s Workshop

From the second the website for Your Life’s Workshop loads, you’re immediately smacked in the face with boldness. First by the color palette, but more importantly, the message. If you’re ready to get your shit together and zero in on what you’re supposed to be doing with your work in the world or how to properly communicate it, Your Life’s Workshop is here to help. From coaching to web design to a library of free guides that effectively “get to the good stuff” (yep, we’re going to steal their tagline because, hey, it’s true!), Your Life’s Workshop paints a clear picture of what is needed to unapologetically pursue your life’s work and how to get on the path to discover it.  

Must-Listen: Good Business - Episode 28 - Avoid the Piles of Bricks 


Erika Tebbens 

If there’s one thing that Erika’s site immediately communicates regarding sales, it’s that they can be exciting and not sleazy in the slightest (we’re side-eyeing you bro marketing culture). With a fluff-free approach to business and sales strategies that are anything but cookie cutter, Erika provides the tools to help you sell without the hustle or headache. 

Must-Listen: Episode 44 of Erika’s Sell It, Sister! Podcast - “Are They Ghosting Me?” - How to Save the Sale and Not Make it Weird 

Jereshia Hawk

With a specific focus on selling services (think consulting, coaching, freelancing, and done-for-you services), whether you feel like you’re hustling through constant feast-or-famine client cycles or you’re determined to make the leap from corporate career to full-time self-employed solopreneur, Jereshia is the coach to help you grow to your fullest potential and help you package, position, and sell those services at rates that make you feel reallll good. 

Must-Listen: Episode 84 of the Jereshia Said Podcast - Side Hustle to Main Hustle: What’s Required to Replace Your Salary

Sara Dann 

Three words to sum up Sara Dann and her sales approach: unstoppable, simple, and no B.S. (okay, that’s last one is two words, but they’re necessary). When it comes to sales, Sara’s entire philosophy centers around the fact that you need to focus your attention and your sales activities, find your people, nurture them, and sell…daily. See? Simple! But, of course, there’s a lot more where that came from. In addition to her signature sales framework, the $500K Sales System, she also has a variety of bite-sized courses to dip your toe in. 

Must-Join: All of Sara’s juiciest pieces of content live inside her Facebook group, Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs. Head to the Videos tab and go to town. 

Elli Runkles

Elli’s approach to sales starts at the beginning — with your message. When you start with mastering your messaging, that’s when the steady sales can really start rolling in. Because, let’s face it, you can have people clicking over from your social media, but if your sales copy falls flat…womp, womp, you just missed your best shot at securing that new client/customer/student who you were meant to serve! And just like the other ladies in the Sales category, Elli’s here to help you get profitable, yes, but also sell with empathy. 

Must-Download: Get Elli’s free Selling With Empathy Roadmap that’s takes out any bit of “salesy” ick factor that could be standing in your way.

Websites and Tech

Shannon Mattern 

No stranger to the 100 Best Sites list (she’s been featured on all of them — 2016, 2017, and 2018 lists!), Shannon is your go-to BFF for all things WordPress. If you’ve been struggling to get your site up, she’s the answer to all your troubles with her free 5-Day Website Challenge that’ll teach you how to get your WordPress site up without the tech nightmares (aka tearing your hair out) so you can start serving your audience and making sales. 

Must-Listen: Even though she’ll help you get your site up and running, Shannon’s not about wasting time with shiny object syndrome. Tune in to this episode of her podcast, Pep Talks for Side Hustlers, where she shares why you should stop working on your website. 

Big Cat Creative 

Need a snazzy looking Squarespace site that speaks the language of your brand, begs for scrollers turn into sales, and you need it all up in a matter of days? May we introduce you to Big Cat Creative! If the thought of DIY-ing your design makes you nervous, don’t be because Erica’s templates make it as easy as drag-drop-done! Plus, there are matching social media template suites. Really, it doesn’t get any easier.

Must-Read: With time as our most valuable solopreneur resource, you’ll love this blog on Erica’s Top 5 Time Saving Tips for Squarespace

Paige Brunton 

So, you’re on the Squarespace train, but rather than a template, you’re looking to 1 ) build your own customized site 2) ready to take your skills to the next level and start your own Squarespace design business, or 3) want to sell Squarespace templates  of your own…Paige is your person! No stone of the Squarespace platform is left unturned, and she’s got the legions of successful students to prove it. 

Must-Read: Give your Squarespace site some extra oomf with these 35 CSS code snippets and plug-ins for your Squarespace site

Louise Henry 

If there’s a tool you just can’t seem to toggle in your favor, we’re willing to bet Louise has the solution. From getting organized once-and-for-all inside Asana to scaling with Kartra, Louise is on a mission to make tech work for you so you can automate with ease and scale with simple systems. With a YouTube channel with dedicated videos that address just about every tech question under the sun, consider Louise the tools + tech fairy godmother of your online biz.

Must-Watch: My Top 10 Online Business Tools in 2020

Megan Martin Creative 

Get ready for some seriously bright and happy vibes when you click over to this color lover’s site! When it comes to websites, Megan’s all about making them pretty, of course, (you’ll see what we mean when you click), but more importantly, she’s got the science-like formula for building a website that flows and works to seal the deal on selling your products or services on auto-pilot. And if you’d rather have the heavy lifting done for you, she’s got a gorgeous line of ShowIt website templates to choose from! 

Must-Read: First, admire this headline, then soak up this advice: Does Your Website Pass the Cheesecake Test? (yep, Megan’s a great writer, too!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Love at First Search 

As the name of her business implies, Meg is here to help you show up as the expert with the exact solution your dream client is looking for at the precise moment they need it, because that, friends, is called love at first search. No more diving down the Google rabbit hole or running ragged trying to keep up with social media content to drive your dream client to your site. Meg is here to show you the way of SEO strategy that’s simple and *gasp* fun! (Proof: plenty of pop culture references and gifs grace her content.)

Must-Read: Got a podcast and wondering if you should take the extra step to  post a transcript? Wonder no more and read, “3 SEO reasons to add a transcript to podcast show notes.”

Clapping Dog Media 

According to her top banner image, there are 6.5 billion Google searches a day. Whoa, Meg sure knows how to hit you with the cold hard facts straight from the home page site load. While there is a lot of content out there, the good news is that Meg will help you rise to the top and get found with easy-to-follow SEO tutorials that will take any of the dread out of DIY. But she’s got done-for-you solutions, too! 

Must-Read: Part of having your SEO on point is being privy to how the search landscape is shifting, which is why you’ll want to read this blog, “A Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Google’s Recent Algorithm Update.

The Blogsmith 

With clients like Sprout Social, AAA, and Adobe, Maddy is the SEO whiz with the WordPress and tech industry spin. With Skillshare classes that boast hundreds of students, Maddy covers all things SEO for solopreneurs in addition to lessons in technical SEO as well as how to write kick-ass blog posts in quick classes that require a short time investment for long-term pay off! 

Must-Read: One of our voters prompted us to read this post about lessons in entrepreneurship that Maddy wrote to commemorate her late father. We’ve gotta say, Maddy’s dad sounds like a pretty awesome guy, and these timeless lessons are pure gold worth sharing. 

Speaking and Events 

Summit in a Box by Krista Miller 

If you’ve ever attended an awesome virtual summit, and thought, “That would be so much fun, I want to host one!” Only to be left wondering, “How in the world do you plan, organize, and launch a virtual summit?” Well, Krista’s got your back with Summit in a Box, the ultimate resource and tool kit with everything you need to make your own virtual summit a smashing success (to the tune of more email subscribers, increasing conversion rates, and 3X-ing your monthly revenue).

Must-Listen: Consider this episode of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast your Summit Class 101 — Episode 63 - The 5 Major Pieces of a Virtual Summit

The Public Speaking Strategist - Jessica Rasdall 

You’re an expert in your industry and you want to step further into the role of being a thought leader in your field by stepping onto the stage and sharing your gifts of knowledge and experience. With a powerful story of her own that she has shared on hundreds of stage and her mission to help audiences she speaks to turn their mess into a message, Jessica is the ultimate guide in helping you to craft your signature talk and scale your business through speaking. She’ll show you that speaking isn’t just a fun add-on to your offerings, but a core piece of your business strategy. 

Must-Listen: Episode 81 of The Speak to Scale Podcast - How to Prepare for a Speaking Engagement 

Mai-Kee Tsang

One of the most effective ways to spread your story and message, build trust + your audience, and market your business in today’s digital landscape? Podcasting! Or more specifically, being a guest on the perfect-fit podcast filled with listeners who are your ideal client or customer. But how do you find those podcasts and get booked on them? That’s where Mai-Kee Tsang comes into play! As a podcast guesting expert, she’s here to help you hone in on the power of podcast guesting to create value-driven visibility. 

Must-Listen: Episode #32 of Mai-Kee’s show, The Quiet Rebels Podcast - 7 Effective Ways You Can Grow Your Business by Guesting on Podcasts 

Virtual Summit Search 

Tired of hearing about summits at the last second so you miss out on all the fun? Or maybe you want to search a summit that you could pitch to be a participant in. In either case, Virtual Summit Search has your back with places to find summits, search through a speaker directory, and submit your own summit so others don’t miss out on yours! 

Must-Read: 4 People to Follow if You Want to Host a Virtual Summit

Bonus Fun-Fact: This site is founded by C.E. Lab’s Jenn (she’s up in the "Out of the Biz Box" section) and that Must-Read features Summit in a Box creator, Krista just a few spots up on the list!)


Amber Dugger 

When most small business owners, especially the creative entrepreneurs, think of bookkeeping and number crunching, the typical response is a cringe, but that just means you haven’t met Amber yet. Because when you become entrenched in Amber’s world, terms like aged money, cash flow, and profit become super sexy and numbers become (yes, we’re proclaiming it) really fun. 

Must-Join: Get inside Amber’s Sweet Life, Purposeful Money for super helpful live trainings and  to partake in one of her Aged Money Challenges! 

Tai Stewart EA, Founder of Saidia Financial Solutions 

Whether you’re totally baffled by bookkeeping, stressed thanks to being backed up with your tax filings, or in need of some serious help finding the opportunities for tax savings in your business, Tai is here to help you get sorted and ensure Uncle Sam doesn’t come knocking at your door. Plus, she’s going to help you understand managing money in your business in a way that’s clear and makes total sense…the way it always should be!  

Must-Read: 6 Tax-Saving Tips for Small Businesses 

Own Your Money with Belinda Rosenblum 

If you’re stuck in the place of what Belinda calls "bank balance decision-making" aka determining if you can afford something for your business only based on what your bank account tells you, take that as your sign that it’s time to get savvy with your numbers. Through Belinda’s courses and coaching, she’s on a mission to help you own your money and make it flow.

Must-Watch: Feeling Stuck Trying to Grow Your Revenue?

Amy Northard, CPA 

We love this line in Amy’s website footer, “I’m not your parent’s accountant.” What Amy actually is is the Account for Creatives. Amy and her team are here to untangle that knot in your stomach as well as any numbers you have a non-existing tracking system. Or perhaps you’re in the position of creating the role of CFO, which she and her team can fill virtually, or she can teach you how to own yourself so you can be a solo CFO with confidence! 

Must-Read: The Ultimate Guide to Tax Deductions for Small Business Owners 

The Finance Bar 

The recipe for financial success: one parts financial literacy, one part the right suite of tools, and two parts financial confidence. The Finance Bar is here to whip up and serve all three! Founded by Marsha Barnes, a Certified Financial Social Worker, Official FICO Brand Ambassador, and was named the 2018 Best Money Expert in the Net-Worth Category, her coaching and resources (including a bus…seriously, it’s so cool.) are all made from the mission to get you started on your journey to financial wellness and freedom. 

Must-Read: 4 Ways to Invest and Save at The Same Time Financial Best Life 

Financial Best Life

From paying off debt (to the tune of $8,000 in 90 days), to saving money, to earning money (she’s increased her income by 308% over the last seven years), Lauren of Financial Best Life is unpacking all the lessons in her money experiences so you can use them to fuel your financial best life. 

Must-Read: Pay Off Debt Fast: The Steps I Used to Pay Off $8,000 in 90 Days

Yes and Yes with Sarah Von Bargen 

While Sarah is largely focused on a life of “Yes!” which includes content on topics such as habits and goals, travel, and life itself, a big piece of that life-of-yes pie is being happy with your finances. And according to Sarah and the many successful students of her courses like Bank Boost, More Money + More Happy, and How to Stop Buying Sh*t You Don’t Need, money and happiness do go hand-in-hand. 

Must-Read: The Totally Unsexy Skill That Makes it Easier to Go After What You Want 

Systems, Operations and Productivity

The Organized CEO

Becky helps CEOs get organized so less things fall through the cracks. If you're looking for some stratgeic and innovative ways to get things organized, Becky's ability to help you cut through the clutter may be exactly what you're looking for.

Must Read: 10 Tools You Need to Organize Your Online Business

Lanie Lamarre 

If you want to learn all about numbers, all about Airtable or all about getting s**t done, Laine is our go to resource for getting clarity on your business.

Must Read:  My Fave Airtable Automations and Integrations using IFTTT and Zapier

Theresa with Loop Link

Theresea helps business owners shift to sustainable growth through the power of systems. She's got templates, checklists and planners and will help any growing solopreneur get more organized so you can focus on what matters in your business.

Must Do: Ops Outlook Quiz

Ashley Gartland 

Ashley's coaching will help anyone level up their business and lighten their workloads. She'll help you create systems and streamline your processes to do more-in less time. We also think her free content and podcast interviews are some of the best free content and helpful information that you can get on systemizing your business. 

Must Read:  Master Your Time Collection


Ada is all about streamlining through email automation, and if you're ready for some serious tech help, Ada has you covered. Learn what analytics you should be looking at and how to use automation to see improvements in those results.

Must Read:  Three Questions to Discover Ways to Do More in Less Time

Systems Saved Me 

Jordan is all about streamlining and systemitizing, and her free checklists, podcasts and services will help any solopreneur figure out how to save time and streamline their processes.

Must Listen: 3 Steps to Killer KPIs for Your Online Business 

Rae Targos 

It's no secret that we love Dubsado here, and Rae's resources on streamlining, setting up, and simplifying your Dubsado will make the tool that much sweeter.

Must Read:  Dubsado Blueprint

Krystal Clark Creative

Krystal helps streamline business operations and take complicated processes to make them easier. If you have a complicated lead capture system and need help streamlining, Krystal's expertise will help save you time and money.

Must Read: Check out her free Client Management Resource Library!

Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn's newsletter is one of our favorite Sunday morning reads. We love the balance of information she shares in a practical and digestable format.

Must Read: The Useletter (every week!)

Self-Care/Mental Health and Lifestyle

Work Brighter - Brittany Berger

“Brittany has taught me soooo much about ditching all the productivity hacks and #hustleculture.” I think we could all sum up Brittany’s work in one sentence- that submission captures it. Just add a lot more GIFs and Parks and Rec and you’ll find yourself learning so much from Brittany about productivity and self-care.

Must Read:  Pandemic Productivity Part 2: The Hustle Culture of It All 

Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout's writing and creativity prompts will help any solopreneur better balance their self-care while growing their business.

Must Read:  How to Craft Your Journaling Practice

Jade Marie 

Jade shows what life is like on the autism spectrum, but her website is full of mental health resources and ideas everyone can use.

Must Read:  How I Practice Self Care Every Day as an Online Business Owner

Julia Kristina Counsellor

Julia is a certified therapist, and her content will help you take a deep look at issues of mental health and mindset.

Must Read: How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something


Aileen's balance of personal growth and thoughtful content will help you dream bigger and grow with confidence. Her videos, podcasts and website are all great insights into how you can create more balance.

Must Listen: Be Ruthless With Your Time & Purpose w/ Tatcha Founder Vicky Tsai

By Regina

ou want to create more time by adding smarter revenue streams to your life, and dive in to meaningful goals, Regina's work will help you realign all the aspects of your life.

Must Read: How to Create a Course in 12 Hours

Vanessa Mentor

Vanessa understands that a desire to be less busy is why you left the 9-to-5 culture, and her guide will help you rediscover who you are and who you want to be-including reclaiming your time.

Must Read: Self Care Guide

Content, Copywriting and Communication

Sara Frandina 

Sara's focus on conversion will help anyone focused on sales realign their writing and their brand to get more sales. If you're ready to amplify your impact, Sara's work is some of the best combination of sales and personality.

Must Do: Copywriting Mistakes Quiz

Lacy Boggs

Right from checking out Lacy's site, you'll see how good she is at helping you create a unique brand and voice. Her ability to use stats and metrics while still infusing personality into your copywriting strategy is really unique,

Must Read:  Plan Better Content with a System

Abby Herman

Abby works alongside her clients to create copy strategy that fits your brand and aligns with your ideal client. She believes every business is unique and works to help businesses suceeed at their individual goals.

Must Read: How to Use Email in Your Content Strategy

Jessica Stansberry

Jessica's tips and tools will help you support your business in streamlined and efficient ways. Her personality shines through on her site while providing excellent advice and thoughtful tips.

Must Listen: These 3 Things Are Holding You Back

Bloggers Get Social 

Bloggers Get Social is FULL of excellent tips and content for creators and entrepreneur who want to thrive in their endeavors. 

Must Read:  Check out their whole Productivity section

The Edit Effect

We're all about the anti-hustle culture here at OWS, and the Edit Effect's focus on planning and creating to simplify your content is a message that really resounds for us. You'll love their free resources, cute and simple designs and amazing tips they share on Instagram. 

Must Read:  How to Write Social Media Copy that Converts

Hey Shenee

Shenee helps business owners profit by naming what you do: Name it, explain it, and profit. Her work will help you sell your product by creating a great name and a great message that has meaning behind it.

Must Read: Why Every Business Must Have a Welcome Sequence (+ A Guide for Creating One)

See Jane Write (Javacia Bowser)

Javacia is a go-to writing consultant who has created a local community of writers. If you're looking for someone to discuss writing or blogging with and need a professional ear, Javcia is an awesome voice!

Must Subscribe: Her mailing list has great writing tips! Subscribe to receive them and gain so much insight. 

Communication Rebel - Dr. Michelle Mazur

Michelle's strategy and focus in helping you define what you do is invaluable. She'll help align your work and your messaging in ways that you've danced around for years.

Must Listen:  I Believe Everyone Can Be a Thought Leader (And Yes, That Means You)


Autumn Witt Boyd

Autumn's contracts are so thorough and easy to us. She offers bundles that make them affordable while still packing a punch. If you need specific legal contracts for specific industries, she's a go-to resource.

Must Listen: You Wish your bookkeeper would tell you this

Creative Genius Law - Patrice Perkins

Patrice and her team provide legal consultation and advice for business owners. If you're looking done-for-you legal work, look no further- think strategy and not just law!

Must Read:  Minding Your Business 101: Selecting the Proper Entity

Your Legal BFF 

If you want to make sure your contracts are going to stand, legally, Legal BFF's resources are a go-to for easy to understand and simple contracts that still have the weight you need.

Must Read: 5 things you need to know before you use customer testimonials in your marketing

Christina Scalera (The Contract Shop)

Cristina's affordable and practical legal templates, contracts and workbooks will help you calm your worries and get your business buttoned up. We love the balance between simplicity and completeness her work provides.

Must Read:  Boost Your Business By Pairing Your Contract with a client welcome packet


Elisabeth Fleming

Elisabeth’s Courses and classes are as useful as they are beautiful. If you want to market your business more, and learn from an expert in a non-boring way, we highly recommend checking out Elisabeth’s information- she’s got a wealth of knowledge and resources on her site.

Must Read:  6 Ways to take your business online + Profit Right Now

RKA Ink / Rachael Kay Albers

When you need more than a web designer and you're looking for design and strategy all in one, Rachael is our go to resource. Her work helps with brand identity, web design and digital marketing strategy: all in one. Her Youtube show will educate you and make you laugh. 

Must Watch:  If Full House Launched a Course

Online Drea 

If you need help getting your social media strategy going, and you're trying to figure out where to turn- look no further. Andrea's content (including her amazing podcast) will get you off and going.

Must Read:  10 Ways A Social Media Strategist Can Help Your Business

That Seems Important 

Margo's punchy and funny site will captivate you and educate you from the very start. Her clients will tell you that she's straightforward and honest, and that she's an expert on copywriting and strategic planning. 

Must Read:  What it Means to Do The Work

Zoe Linda  - Affiliate Marketing 

When you're ready to create an affiliate program, you need to turn to Zoe. She's got great resources, an amazing and active Facebook group, and her content is well-structured for anyone looking to start building their own affiliate program. 

Must Read:  How to Start an Affiliate Program

Redefining Mom

If there's a better place to learn about Pinterest than through Monica's site, we have yet to find it! She's an expert on teaching you all things Pinterest and her stie is easy to use and her courses are full of great information.

Must Read:  Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Ads for Your Business

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa is all about Instagram, and about how you can use Instagram to turn your followers into clients- without having to work to get thousands of new followers. Her tips and information will get you started on the path to using IG as a sales tool.

Must Read:  The #bossgram Blueprint

Meera Kothand

If you're just getting started or want to grow your email list, Meera's site is one of our go-to resources. She's helped over 15,000 business owners with her free email marketing crash course and her tips and courses are so relevant to any stage of business ownership.

Must Read:  How to Position Yourself As an Expert and Authority

XO Sarah

Instagram is for more than selling, and Sarah's got the best tips on growing your audience and using Instagram to your advantage- all while simplifying your marketing strategy. Feel more confident about showing up online every day!

Must Listen:  How To Get Over Fear, Perfectionism, and Procrastination and Just Do the Damn Thing

Amanda Genther

Amanda is a sales page expert, and her site features some of the best other experts-if you want to learn about funnels, sales pages, or just getting started in a sales mindset, Amanda's site is an awesome first place to start.

Must Do:   Sales Page Success Secrets (Free mini-course)

Claire Pelletreau

Claire's Facebook ads course was one of the first I bought, and it was also the last- her information was so accurate and complete, plus her included FB group, was all that I needed to get started.

Must Read:  How to Create a Tripewire Product that Bankrolls Your Facebook Ads

Monica Louie (FB Ads)

Monica's Facebook ad content is so good, just by following her you're guaranteed to learn something new. She's got a ton of offerings for any budget and her podcast and blog are full of useful tips.Must Read: How to Write the Best Facebook Ad Copy and Spend Just $5 A Day



Dubsado is an amazing all-in-one tool for business owners who are looking to manage leads, clients, contracts, payments and more--all in one place. The software is super affordable and the customer service is top-notch. It's customizable enough to feel personalized, but not overwhelming--you can get started quickly!

Must Read: How to Nurture Leads Into Paying Customers

Marketing Personalities

Marketing Personalities is an amazing wealth of resources, but their strength comes in using the Meyers Briggs personality test to help you figure out the best ways to find flow in your work, including your motivation. If you've ever wanted to feel more in your comfort zone with marketing, this is a great place to start!

Must Read: You Are Not Behind


Podia is our favorite all-in-one sales tool. Their ability to host community, sales pages, courses and all sorts of other good products at an affordable price makes it a great tool for businesses of all sizes.

Must Read: How to Create and Sell Profitable Online Courses

Vanessa Ryan- Canva Templates

Vanessa's beautiful templates in a variety of color palettes and themes will help business owners with a limited design budget and expertise have beautiful opt-ins and sales materials. 

Must Download: Free Templates

Funnel Gorgeous

If you want to learn more about funnels- and ones that are pretty and convert- FunnelGorgeous is the go to resource for getting started.

Must Read:  Funnel Building for Beginners

Blu Chic

We love Kathie's beautiful designs, and if you're looking for WordPress templates her options are super beautiful and customizable-giving you a unique looking WordPress website without all the fluff.

Must Gawk At: Victoria Theme

Notion by Marie Poulin

We love Notion but it can be intimidating to get started. Marie's course and information will help you master Notion and learn how to make the tool a powerful place to store all your business information.

Must Read: How To Run Your LIfe Instead of Notion

Scaling Beyond Solopreneurship

Rachael Rodgers - Hello Seven

Rachael's goal of helping women to develop seven figure businesses is amazing but what we really love about Rachael is her focus on money mindset and the behaviors we can all change to help us earn more money. Her personality shines through in her courses and work and her singular focus and clear goal is something anyone could learn from.

Must Download:  The 10 Behaviors of Million Dollar Women

Nicole Jackson Miller 

If you think scaling in a service-based business is near impossible, Nicole's resources (including her phenomenal podcast) will help you learn tips and tricks to scale like you never thought possible before. Her business is a perfect blend of practical things you can change and ideas for adjusting your mindset to get your business ready for the next step.

Must Listen: Things to Have In Place Before Hiring

Small Business Boss

Maggie has 15 years of experience running a service-based business, so to say she's a wealth of knowledge is an understatement! She's full of great insight and honest advice on scaling, growing, and investing in your business.

Must Listen: What I learned about Finding Clients in 2019 (Episode 220)

And there you have it, the top 100 Best Sites for Soloprenuers in 2020!

Be sure to let us know what wonderful gems and nuggets of knowledge you find amongst the genius that the women on this list so generously share, and don't forget to add this list to your bookmarks tab! ????

This post contains affiliate links. As always, we only include affiliate links for products + services we personally recommend and think might benefit you and your business.

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