Wondering how you can contribute to One Woman Shop? Let us count the ways…

1. Submit a guest post

We currently accept guest posts from female solo business owners and side-hustlers. We welcome both one-time contributors as well as ideas for ongoing contributions. Outlines can be pitched to Sara, our editor, via email. Get more info on categories, topic ideas, and submission requirements in our Contributor Guidelines, and check out potential post ideas if you need additional brainstorming help.

2. Contribute to an ongoing column

Below are a few popular series here on One Woman Shop -- see one that strikes your fancy? Read up + follow the instructions on each page to submit:

3. Carry the OWS Instagram Baton

Take over our Instagram account to show our community what a day in the life of your solo business looks like. We love displaying the diversity in the days of our One Woman Shops -- and you get to put your business on display for our community.

Find out more by visiting the guidelines and available dates. When you’re ready to sign up, email us!

4. Miscellaneous

We’re always dreaming up new ideas for the One Woman Shop editorial calendar. Stay tuned as we release timely Calls for Responses -- better yet, get on our email list so you can be the first to know!