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In solopreneurship -- as in life -- we get by with a little help from our friends.

The solopreneur life is full of ups and downs. The questions, the excitement; the self-doubt, the successes -- it’s a rollercoaster that your immediate friends and family might not understand.

Client negotiations. Launch strategies. Process automation. Burnout prevention. With so many simultaneous hurdles and celebrations, it’s tough to give each the attention they deserve.

At times both exciting and challenging, running a solo business means you need a community of women going through the same thing.

A community of women ready to dish out virtual high fives when you finish that course; land that client; launch that new product. A community of women to offer tough love and support when you’re receiving unwanted feedback; battling your inner saboteur; at a stand still in laying out that product launch. A community of women who knows exactly where you stand, and are poised to help.

Here at One Woman Shop, we’re a community of female solopreneurs on a mission, striving to start, grow, and level up our solo businesses.

Each and every day, we’re living out our tagline that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely” by offering support in the members-only Facebook group (that we lovingly refer to as the FaceGroup), by providing resources in the form of e-courses and members-only events, and by fostering collaborations and friendships that pool members’ collective talents and personal interests. And that’s just where the perks of membership begin.

Whether you’re a full-timer or side-hustler, we’re here to help you make your solo business the freedom-inducing, self-fulfilling, achievement-oriented business you set out to create.

creative community at One Woman Shop

“What I love the most about my membership at OWS is the connections that I have made with other women entrepreneurs.”
- Desiree Jester, A Place to Nest

community of solopreneurs

When you become a One Woman Shop member, you instantly get:

Ongoing community
Join today, get community forever. Every One Woman Shop member gets lifetime access to the private, members-only Facebook Group, where you're not just a face in the crowd.
Personal accountability
Each month, get a members-only invite to our accountability group, where you'll find the feedback and encouragement to prioritize your goals and knock them out of the park.
Directory listing
We'll set up your permanent profile in our public, members-only directory, the place to be to showcase your business and make connections.

And that's not all...One Woman Shop membership comes with an invitation to our members-only virtual coworking space, members-only events, and more.

community of solopreneurs

Well, shoot.

OWS membership is currently closed. Want to be the first to know when the doors for application reopen? Drop your name and email below to get on our weekly mailing list -- and get our free ebook, The Road to Solopreneur Success, while you wait!

community of solopreneurs

You might be a solopreneur -- but you’re not in this alone.

One Woman Shop member Danielle Pastula

“Since joining One Woman Shop, I’ve seen a​ ​180 in my business and I attribute it all to the support I’ve received and the mindset shifts I’ve made with help from the community and resources Cristina and Sara provide. One of my favorite aspects of membership is the monthly accountability groups where I’ve been able to receive support, advice, and the push to set goals and take the actions needed to achieve them. If you’re tired of combing through the noise in overwhelming groups to make genuine connections with like-minded business owners, I strongly suggest gifting yourself a One Woman Shop membership.” – Danielle Pastula,

One Woman Shop member Ebonie Townsend

"The One Woman Shop Facebook Group has been my go-to place for feedback, critiques and encouragement in the launch of my new business. Cristina and Sara are super engaged in the community and always offers actionable suggestions to help tackle my goals. Having our founders be accessible and transparent are priceless perks I’ve yet to find in any other community like it. I truly no longer feel that I’m going at it alone!” – Ebonie Townsend, 8Twelv Social Media

One Woman Shop member Christie Montague

“The One Woman Shop community gave me the inspiration and extra confidence I needed to quit my day job to pursue my graphic design side-gig full time. Even more importantly, this community has been an amazing source of information on starting a new business and best practices to keep it running. If you’re launching a business by yourself, the small investment is beyond worth it for the connections and resources you will gain.” – Christie Montague,

One Woman Shop member Amy Chick

“I was lucky enough to be a member of the OWS community from the beginning, when Cristina and I first worked together on the website copy. It’s been so inspiring to watch it evolve and to see Cristina and Sara’s vision come to life. Together, they’ve done an amazing job of building an active community, rather than a group of observers.” – Amy Chick,

One Woman Shop member Jennie Mustafa-Julock

“The Facebook community is a safe place filled with resourceful women.” - Jennie Mustafa-Julock, Coach Jennie

Community is the crux of what One Woman Shop is all about.

We like it simple. We bet you like it simple. Join One Woman Shop once; get access to the community and resources forever.
community of solopreneurs

Well, shoot.

OWS membership is currently closed. Want to be the first to know when the doors for application reopen? Drop your name and email below to get on our weekly mailing list -- and get our free ebook, The Road to Solopreneur Success, while you wait!

community of solopreneurs

Have questions? We have answers.

How do I know if One Woman Shop membership is right for me?
1. Do you identify as a woman?
2. Specifically, are you a woman who owns a business on your own?
3. Are you looking for support and resources for your solo business?
4. Does the message that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely” resonate with you?
5. Are you nodding along with these 10 ways you know you’ll fit right in at One Woman Shop?
6. Are you looking to both learn from and contribute to a community of fellow solopreneurs and freelancers?
7. Are you willing and able to invest in yourself and your business?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you'd likely make an awesome One Woman Shop member and really benefit from the community!

Do you accept anyone as a member?
For the most part, potential members self-select. If the site doesn’t resonate with you, you’re probably not going to pursue membership. However, if we receive an application from someone who we don’t think is a fit – for example, if we feel they either can’t benefit from or can’t contribute to the One Woman Shop community – then we won’t extend an offer of membership at that time.

The bottom line: if you feel like you’re a fit, you probably are ?

Why is membership priced at a one-time fee of $360?
We pride ourselves on accommodating the needs and budgets of both new and established solo business owners, which is why we’re offering membership at an afforable, one-time rate. We’ve built membership to include a variety of valuable components that are far greater than the cost of monthly membership – courses that retail separately at $50-$80, partnership packages that start at $60 for two months, and more – but don’t want money to be a deterrent from having access to them.

Why would I pay for membership when all of the resources on your site are free and awesome?
Why thank you! Here’s the thing: We love putting valuable content out there for free, but paying members get a whole bunch more. While different offerings stand out to different people, we’re personally most excited about this: creating a tight-knit, supportive community of like-minded but diverse women who have access to the resources and accountability they need most as they start and build their solo businesses.

I'm in! How do I apply?
Woohoo! We can't wait to have you -- be sure to drop your email above to be the first to know when doors reopen!

Have a question that's not answered here?
Don't hesitate to email us! We’re happy to chat over virtual coffee (or wine!).

community of solopreneurs