Win/Win (Solopreneur Success Bundle Style)

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

TL;DR? When you buy a Bundle today, you’re making a tangible difference in the life of women business owners around the world. No extra effort required.

We would wager a bet that there are probably a heck of a lot of things besides just money that motivate you within your biz. Location independence; setting your own work schedule; only taking on clients you really want to work with; the feeling of pure adrenaline (and coffee) racing through your veins during a launch…

But even within the realm of money, we imagine there are a lot of reasons you want to make a comfortable amount to live on. (Or perhaps even more than “comfortable.” Perhaps an obscene amount. More power to you.)

You might want to take a luxurious trip to the Amalfi Coast, a backpacking trip through Central America, or a hiking and camping expedition through the National Parks of the US.

You might want to buy gifts for your clients, nieces and nephews, significant other, or yourself without feeling a sense of dread over the price tag.

You might want to max out your 401k and Roth IRA, so that the money you earn now is working for “future you.”

You might want to pay for a virtual assistant, a house cleaner, a grocery delivery service, or a nanny so that you have more time to focus on growing your biz -- and relaxing.

You might want to give back by helping create opportunities for business owners who lack access to resources.

The great news? All of this can come true. First: We can get you started on that goal of giving back right nowBecause when you buy a Solopreneur Success Bundle today (Thursday, 9/21), we’ll give $10 of your purchase to female-owned businesses around the world through micro-lending.

The even better news? The rest of those goals can come when you implement the action steps from the 18 incredible resources within the Bundle.

It’s a classic case of win/win.

Turning leads from your website and social media into paying clients. Creating brilliant content (read: stellar sales funnels, sales pages that convert, and eye-catching graphics) that sells your e-course. Making crucial business hires that in turn lead to more projects, more impact, and more revenue. Setting up sustainable personal and business systems so that none of the above lead to meltdowns and breakdowns -- just productivity, relaxation, and zen. And...paying it forward to others.

That’s what we call both instant gratification and delayed gratification.

It’s One Woman Shop’s Anniversary: Help Us Pay It Forward!

One Woman Shop idea anniversary

Call it our anniversary; call it our birthday -- whatever you name it, it’s a celebration! You see, two years ago on this day, the idea of One Woman Shop popped into Cristina’s head -- and thus the beginning of this resource hub and community. Though the site itself didn’t launch until two months later, this day shall forever go down as the biziversary! (Cue the bubbly + pass the chocolate!)

Since that day, One Woman Shop has grown (more on that shortly), and in the process, we have been incredibly grateful to work with a plethora of women starting, growing, and rocking their solo businesses. To celebrate that gratitude, we thought -- what better than to pay it forward? But, we need your help. Here’s what we’ve got in store:

And for our members, here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • We’re encouraging members to contribute to the One Woman Shop Kiva lending team -- by re-investing profits from their solo businesses into Kiva, they can help carry the mission of One Woman Shop forward. (Want to join our lending team, too? Everyone’s welcome!)
  • We’re asking members to support each other through a Rainy Day Circle -- each participant writes something supportive about each other participant and, in turn, receives kind words from all others. The end result? A bustling Rainy Day File!
  • We’re facilitating a skill swap exchange -- each member can both offer an hour of their time to another member, as well as claim an hour of another member’s time to help propel their business forward.

The fun doesn’t end there! A big part of our goal in seeing One Woman Shop grow is to continue paying it forward. We’ve got some big things coming in the next few months (hint: a killer solopreneur bundle!) where we’ll see our Kiva team expand even more.

Speaking of growth, we want to take a minute to highlight the last year of One Woman Shop happenings (an annual review of sorts, a la member Jess Lawlor). Here’s what we’re celebrating:

  • Forming an official partnership: we share all of the details in this post (including how we’ve never met in person!), but suffice it to say that forming an official partnership between us (Cristina + Sara) was the single biggest factor that contributed to our growth over the past year. Love your solo business but want to dabble in creative collaborations? Check out the recap from our #OWSchat about partnerships and collaborations!
  • Transitioning from pay-what-it’s-worth to tiered membership: taking away our pay-what-it’s-worth membership option was a tough choice, but it was ultimately for the best. We detail the reasoning behind our changes in membership here, but in summary: we decided on the current prices to keep it affordable for you and sustainable for us as we build out truly valuable membership offerings. Also, we got to use fun names for the different tiers that cater to our love of caffeine: Coffee and Espresso.
  • Hitting the 50-member mark: it’s certainly not all about numbers, but 50 members was a fun milestone to reach. We love seeing how engaged and supportive our members are of each other and have been incredibly happy to see some awesome member collaborations come to life.
  • Shipping: With the help of some epic Jam Sessions (more on that below), wine, popcorn, and chocolate, we managed to ship several big projects, like our 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs List, our e-course on solopreneur finances created in collaboration with Carrie Smith, our first-ever behind-the-scenes Instagram challenge, and our Building Your Online Community e-course. Each launch makes us even more excited for the next! (Spoiler alert: we’ve got an epic bundle launch coming soon!)
  • Working with Espresso-level members: While we enjoy working with all of our members equally (seriously, as OWS “moms”, we don’t pick favorites!), we have had so much fun kicking off individual coaching and facilitating the accountability group for Espresso-level members. We’ve seen an amazing support system be built in the accountability group, and following her first coaching session, one member gushed, “I can already tell this will be one of the best decisions I've made for my business!” Needless to say, we blush. A lot.
  • Instituting legendary Jam Sessions: While we’ve learned quite a bit this year, this one’s for certain: when in doubt, schedule a Jam Session. Starting as a monthly, half-day check-in for us in February, we now regularly schedule Jam Sessions to, quite simply, get shit done. And that we do.
  • Hosting events + collaborating with fellow solopreneurs: Our calendar fills up fast -- with our monthly #OWSchat, One Woman Shop Chats With… Live, and member events like Dreaded Task Night and Rise + Shine Coworking -- but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We thrive on interacting with our members as well as the larger One Woman Shop community, and are so grateful for the amazing guests we’ve had for #OWSchat and OWS Chats With… Live. Giving a direct line to fellow solopreneurs for our One Woman Shops to learn from has been fantastic -- and we always end up incredibly inspired, as well!
  • Instagram: Yup, this deserves its own mention. While we will always love Twitter for networking and have a special place in our hearts for Facebook Groups, our love of Instagram has especially grown over the last year. The Instagram Baton has exploded with solo business owners giving us a behind-the-scenes of their days, and our first Instagram challenge proved to be an awesome 12-day stint. Sara’s thanking her lucky stars each and every day that Cristina became a convert.

We seriously have so much to celebrate. When we look back at the year, it’s so much fun to think about the Zumba breaks during Jam Sessions, the virtual freak outs over Mashable mentions, and the rough look of our faces at midnight when we’re putting the final touches on a project ready to ship the next morning.

But we know all of this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing community -- you. So thank you, One Woman Shops, for being here -- and know that we will continue to pay our gratitude forward as time goes on.