Coffee, Cozy Socks…and a Free Bundle? (Solopreneur Success Bundle Giveaway!)

Do you ever feel like as a solopreneur, you have a one-track mind? You spend every waking minute working on your latest and greatest idea, you jot down notes in your Evernote as you're falling asleep, and you try your best to focus on your mimosa brunch when you're really thinking about your sales funnels, creative copy, and launch strategy. It's an exhilarating feeling, as long as it doesn't take over your life too much.

...And it's something your non-solopreneur friends may never truly get. Luckily, you've got a community of fellow nerds here at OWS.

Well, as you may have noticed, our one-track minds are focused on the Solopreneur Success Bundle, which goes live at 12:01am on Monday, September 18. But who's counting?

And speaking of things your non-business friends may never understand: Your excitement over insanely affordable access to 18 insanely valuable products from some of your favorite online creators. ($99 for more than $1,700 of value? Word.) 

But...what if you could get all of that and more for free? For the next two-ish weeks, you can. We're giving away the following three prizes:

  • Grand prize: One Solopreneur Success Bundle ($99 value, but really worth over $1,700)
  • Winner #2: One Target gift card ($30)
  • Winner #3: One Starbucks ($15)

Why these prizes? We want you to be fully caffeinated (thanks, Starbucks!) with a giant mug in hand and cozy socks on your feet (hey, Target!) when you open up your Solopreneur Success Bundle. All you have to do is help spread that word that the Bundle is coming. The more you share? The better chance you have of winning! But the giveaway is only live until next Friday, September 1st, at 11:59pm EST -- enter today!

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P.S. Want to do more than just spread the word about the Bundle now? You can earn cash money when you sign up to be an affiliate for the Bundle. See our call for affiliates here!

Starting Today: The Solopreneur Sanity Giveaway!

The Solopreneur Sanity Giveaway is here from August 1-12th. Enter to win a Solopreneur Sanity care package!

The Solopreneur Sanity Giveaway is here from August 1-12th! Win your Solopreneur Sanity care package today.

Want a little more sanity in your solopreneur life?

We want that for you, too. That's why we've curated a mini-solopreneur sanity care package for you -- because no matter the time of year or season of business, we could all use a few reminders that self-care and sanity come first.

From today until Friday, August 12th, here's what you can win in the Solopreneur Sanity Giveaway:

This care package is a little too good to miss out on, if we do say so ourselves. The good news is this: The more you share, the more chances you have to win!

This giveaway has come and gone...

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PS: What's this solopreneur sanity we speak of? It's a focus on the non-negotiables that keep you sane. It's building a toolkit of strategies for when things spiral out of control. It's intentionally designing your business so that you can reclaim your freedom, take control of your days, and get your #1 asset (you) back.

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Simple + Stylish: Planners from May Designs (Plus, a Giveaway!)

There's a reason May Designs landed a coveted spot on the sought-after list of Oprah's Favorite Things, 2014 edition.

They're simple, functional, and just enough to be exactly what you need. Not to mention that they're just plain pretty.

(Hmmm. Perhaps that's the reason for their fashionably brief tagline: "Pretty. Simple." We agree.)

We were lucky enough to have May Designs send us a planner to test out for One Woman Shop -- as well as a credit for one of our readers to get one on the house, as well!

Want to win the chance to customize your own? Keep reading! Need motivation to share? Check out the Top 3 reasons May Designs should be a part of your daily life in 2015:

1. They work however you want them to work. May Designs doesn't just sell planners - they sell notebooks. For each of their notebooks, you choose how to build the inside. For planners, you have three different options for how you'd like your months and weeks laid out, plus an option for non-dated weeks so you can start using it at your leisure. Other notebooks you can choose from: address book, meal planner, calorie & exercise journal, kids' coloring book, wedding diary, baby diary, grid, lined, blank, and more. Yes, more.
May Designs planner
2. They're beautiful. They say you shouldn't get distracted by pretty things, but May's books are one place where that's quite alright. You have the option to choose from over 150 designs arranged by collection and add a signature monogram, or can choose to go completely custom with your own branding.

3. They're just enough. May Designs does simple right. For the minimalists out there, these books aims to please. Each May Designs notebook is approximately 80 pages, made with a soft canvas cover and individually stitched down the spine for an eco-friendly binding solution. At just 5x8 in size, they're also easy to take with you.

Our only downside? Aside from four lined pages in the back of our agenda, May didn't leave much room for the random notes that naturally pass through a busy solopreneur's mind. The remedy? Order a companion notebook filled with lined pages, and write away!

We're in love. We think you will be, too. Here's how you can get yours for 2015 -- free!

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Good luck!

Giveaway: Digital Marketing Review

And the winner is...Abby of Dudley Desserts! Abby, we'll be emailing you shortly!

You've got your website up, you're trying to be more active on social media, and you appear on the first page of Google. You may be overlooking small (or huge!) details that are limiting your success in online marketing and we want to help.

We're giving away one digital marketing review session (worth $45) to a One Woman Shop member.

The details:

Complete a brief questionnaire where we get you thinking about your current digital marketing strategy and future goals, then we’ll jump on the phone for a 30 minute call to discuss improvements to your online presence- be it your website, social media, LinkedIn profile, or other marketing collateral. We’ll then send you a thorough follow-up email outlining our ideas in an easy-to-follow action plan.

 To enter, just comment below with a sentence or two of why you would like to win this digital marketing review. Entries are due by Monday, December 16 at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by December 18.

Giveaway: 21 Day Business Challenge

If you have any questions about personal branding, you'll want to get to know Shauna Mackenzie and her business Mark'd. In Shauna's words, "The concept of Mark'd is built on the notion that generating revenue through your passion is a tasty blend of strategy and personal branding."

One of her core offerings is the 21 Day Business Challenge and we're giving you a chance to win a free copy of the ebook (which includes the opportunity to join the 21 Day Business Challenge community!), worth $49.

Remember when we said you'd fit right in with the One Woman Shop community if you're all about personal development, but at the end of the day, you love to get stuff done? Clearly Shauna fits right in too:

I am all about personal and professional development but my biggest pet peeve is receiving too much fluff and not enough solid, concrete resources and action steps to really develop and flourish. Therefore, be aware that this challenge is exactly that - a challenge. We have a few "warm fuzzies" along the way but you'll receive the action steps and resources needed to really make a change, blended with a little tough love.

Some of our favorite takeaways from the challenge:

  • How to use stories to grow your "tribe," also known as faithful brand evangelists
  • The one thing you should add to your marketing materials, blog posts, and correspondences more often
  • An idea for how to spend the first hour of your day
  • A creative way to reframe your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to build rapport with your audience- and how to ruin it
  • How to fail effectively- because you will fail as a One Woman Shop 

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Note: we are affiliates of Shauna Mackenzie because we believe in her work. We will receive a commission when you purchase an item with our link.

Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full Time Business

As we were ramping up for launch, we heard from tons of women who are currently employed full-time and spend their evenings and weekends working on their side hustle. If you're one of those women- or even if you're just looking to improve your full-time freelance business- then this post is for you.

We love Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full Time Business (And Surpass Your Day Job Income in Just 6 Months), an ebook from Alexis Grant that outlines the ins and outs of transitioning from a 9-5 to the solopreneur life.

Our favorite concepts that Alexis touches on: outsourcing (which pulls lessons from The 4 Hour Workweek, which we also recommend!), the idea of creating passive income through ebooks, and some perspective on work/life balance that isn't the standard hype.

Note: we are affiliates of Alexis Grant's work because we believe in her work. We will receive a commission when you purchase an item with our link.