100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs: Nominations Now Open!

4/28/15 update: The list is now live! Thanks to all who contributed. Dig in... and be endlessly inspired!

Here at One Woman Shop, we’re on a mission to provide solopreneurs with the best possible tools, resources, and community they need to recognize that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

And we know we’re not the only ones on that mission. There are a plethora of fantastic websites living on our virtual playground that provide solo business owners with a place to go when we need it. We have our favorites; now we want to hear yours!

What’s your favorite site for solopreneurs?

We’re looking for the best sites that provide resources for solo business owners on the various elements of starting and running a business. Go on, tell us: the sites you turn to when you need advice on solopreneur finances. The blogs populating your RSS feeder for when you need copywriting or social media marketing wisdom. The links you visit on the daily for the inspiration to quit your day job, build your side hustle, or go location independent.

What tops your list?

We’re taking nominations at the form below from now until March 31st -- then, we’ll be compiling your top 100 picks into a mega list of resources. Want to see your favorite blogs and resources mentioned? Speak now, solopreneurs!