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Desiree Jester

Photo of Desiree Jester
Owner/Operator A Place To Nest

A Place To Nest is a web and blog design studio. Desiree creates online homes for people who want to share their unique talents, passions, and stories with the world. (Because if you can’t share your story at home, where can you share it?)

Website: A Place To Nest
Categories: Design Work, Web Development

Erin Johnstone

Photo of Erin Johnstone
Owner Vivid Numbers PLLC

Vivid Numbers is a not-so-traditional CPA firm that embraces technology. Our specialty is helping digital entrepreneurs face their finances and get control of their cash allowing them to meet their expenses, pay themselves and the tax man…without all the stress!

Website: Vivid Numbers PLLC
Categories: Financial Consulting/Accounting

Marijana Kostelac

Photo of Marijana Kostelac
B2B Content Writer, Copywriter and Strategist Marijana Kay

Marijana is a content writer, copywriter and strategist on a mission to improve how content marketing is done, one business at a time. She specializes in writing effective blog posts for B2B and marketing companies to attract, engage and convert that perfect audience.

Website: Marijana Kay
Categories: Business Consulting, Copywriting, Marketing Services, Writing

Caroline Kraus

Photo of Caroline Kraus
Owner Caroline Kraus Travel

Caroline is the owner of Caroline Kraus Travel where she plans curated trips and teaches people how to earn and redeem credit card points, airline miles, and hotel points. Her goal is to save her clients time and money by helping them realize their travel dreams without breaking the bank. She also has a Master of Public Health and is passionate about healthy eating, running, and her red toy poodle, Teddy.

Website: Carolina Kraus Travel
Categories: Other

Liz LaBrocca

Photo of Liz LaBrocca
Owner, Designer, & Creative Lead Girl & Pepper

Girl & Pepper is a modern knitwear brand featuring bold colors, comfortable designs, and creative encouragement. Stop by to purchase ready-to-wear products, learn how to knit, and remember why you love being on your creative journey in the first place.

Website: Girl & Pepper
Categories: E-Learning, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Jessica Lawlor

Photo of Jessica Lawlor
Founder of the Get Gutsy Blog Get Gutsy

Jessica Lawlor is a public relations professional, freelance writer, blog editor and founder of the Get Gutsy community. She helps clients with all things PR, content development, personal branding, blog management and more.

Website: Get Gutsy
Categories: Blogger, Business Consulting, Coaching, Marketing Services, Writing

Sara Lloyd

Photo of Sara Lloyd
Chieftess Sara Does

Sara Does is about doing life differently, creating opportunities, and making your own rules. It’s about straddling the line between living a life you seriously love and not taking life too seriously. Sara is a self-motivated, future-thinking maven of imaginative ideas. She loves promoting + championing creative people and small businesses, and wants to help you be sassy and feel classy in your real life and on the Internet.

Website: Sara Does
Categories: Design Work, Marketing Services, Retail Store Owner (Online), Web Development

Shannon Mattern

Photo of Shannon Mattern
Founder WP*BFF

Just because you’re DIYing your WordPress site doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! WP*BFF’s Free 5 Day Website Challenge teaches everything you need to know about WordPress and my system for how to quickly build a WordPress site step-by-step.

Website: WP*BFF
Categories: Web Development

Jenn McClure

Photo of Jenn McClure
Owner J.L. McClure Photography / J. Leigh Marketing

Jenn and her partner are virtual assistants and photographers who helps business and life coaches, creative business owners, and solos entreprenuers manage their day to day life. They offer a wide variety of tasks, from small tasks to large tasks, to do some of the things that you just don’t want to do, so you can focus on the things that you do want to do!

Website: The Creative Assistants
Categories: Photography, Virtual Assistance

Rebecca Michi

Photo of Rebecca Michi
Owner Rebecca Michi – Children’s Sleep Consultant

Rebecca Michi is a children’s sleep consultant who helps families gently turn drama into dreamland.

Website: Children\’s Sleep Consultant
Categories: Coaching

Krista Miller

Photo of Krista Miller
WordPress Developer + Blog Strategist Krista Rae LLC

Krista is a WordPress developer and blog strategist for creative small business owners. Her main focus is crafting strategic and effective websites to help small businesses make progress quickly.


Krista is a WordPress developer and blog strategist for creative small business owners. Her main focus is crafting strategic and effective websites to help small businesses make progress quickly.

Website: Krista Rae LLC
Categories: Web Development

Christie Montague

Photo of Christie Montague
Owner/Designer Christie Montague

Christie Montague is a graphic designer with a marketing background so she does more than make things pretty. She works with clients to create designs that meet their business goals. Christie specializes in web design including social media graphics, user interface design, presentations and document design.

Website: Christie Montague
Categories: Design Work

Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Photo of Jennie Mustafa-Julock
The Audacity Coach Coach Jennie

Jennie Mustafa-Julock, The Audacity Coach, doesn’t subscribe to the gentle encouragement coaching thing. Her signature cathartic shoves get you unstuck and unstoppable. Coach Jennie’s bullshit-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching has been the catalyst for her clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, and adventure the world, and more. Simply put, Coach Jennie helps driven individuals on the brink of something badass to bust through obstacles and astonish the heck out of themselves.

Website: Coach Jennie
Categories: Coaching

Danielle Pastula

Photo of Danielle Pastula
Copywriter, Content Strategist and Social Media Manager Punch Key Media

Danielle is a copywriter and content strategist helping small health and fitness businesses and wellness-focused solopreneurs tell their stories in a way that sparks emotion and inspires action. She believes that a captivating online presence is built with strong strategy and content created with clarity, which is what she creates for her clients at Punch Key Media. Some of her offerings include brand assessments, creating content marketing plans, developing online strategies, social media management, and copywriting.

Website: Punch Key Media
Categories: Business Consulting, Copywriting, Marketing Services

Lauren Pawell

Photo of Lauren Pawell
Founder & Owner Bixa Media

Lauren helps entrepreneurs generate (and nurture) more leads through their WordPress & Shopify websites.

Website: Bixa Media
Categories: Business Consulting, Marketing Services

Olivia Pener

Photo of Olivia Pener
Mindset + Marketing Coach Olivia Pener

Olivia Pener is a Mindset + Marketing Coach. By day, she helps budding and established entrepreneurs get out of their minds so they can get into running successful businesses, and assists them in developing marketing systems that will grow their audience. By night, she reads and snuggles with her shih tzu on the couch.

Website: Olivia Pener
Categories: Business Consulting, Coaching, Marketing Services

Cristina Roman

Photo of Cristina Roman
Life Coach Pique Coaching

Cristina Roman is a Washington, DC-based life coach at Pique Coaching, where she works with antsy high-achievers who are ready to go all in on their own evolution. She also hosts The Pique Podcast, where she has real, intimate conversations about the interconnectedness of life and covers big topics like emotional wellness, personal mastery, and intuition. In her free time, she loves speaking Spanish, playing tennis, drinking too much coffee, and finding out what makes people tick. 

Website: Pique Coaching
Categories: Business Consulting, Coaching

Betsy Schantz

Photo of Betsy Schantz
Owner/LMT Serenity Bodyworks & Massage

Betsy has a passion for helping others live life with less stress and pain. Every day she wakes up excited to go to her office and see her clients — it doesn’t feel like a job to her. She strives every day to educate herself so that she can provide her clients with the best care and experience when they walk through her door.

Website: Serenity Bodyworks & Massage
Categories: Other

Renee Shupe

Photo of Renee Shupe
Chief Redhead, Blogger & Digital Business Consultant Redhead Business Group

Renee teaches WordPress. She also shows you how you can create a profitable AND successful business your way on your terms without all technical overwhelm using WordPress as your business foundation.

Website: Redhead Business Group
Categories: Blogger, Business Consulting, Marketing Services, Web Development

Tiffany Silverberg

Photo of Tiffany Silverberg
Writer/Editor Tiffany Silverberg

Tiffany Silverberg helps small business owners and entrepreneurs get the word out!

Categories: Editing, Marketing Services, Writing
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