We’re picking up the baton…One Woman Shop has changed hands!

But first, a quick rewind:

In case you missed it, a couple of months back, Cristina and Sara put out the call for a new owner to come in and continue the mission of One Woman Shop.

Well, the t’s have been crossed and the i’s have been dotted, and we (Chrissy and Danielle, more on us in a bit) are officially picking up the One Woman Shop baton and running with it!

And yes, the irony isn’t lost on us that again two women will be the co-leaders of One Woman Shop.

Now that’s a very whirlwind recap to get you up to speed, but that’s because we’re excited to share with you what’s ahead.

One of the core values cemented into the One Woman Shop ethos is “rest doesn’t equal rust.”

As One Woman Shop has been resting over the past year, it has also been recharging, evolving, and making room for new growth in the community that we’ll be cultivating in the coming months.

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the new and revamped projects we have coming down the pipeline that we can’t wait for you to be a part of:

  • The membership community is getting a makeover! 

As fellow business owners, we know that community is key, especially in the world of solopreneurship where you are often working alone in your business and/or in your office/dining room/walk-in closet ⬅️ we’ve been there.

In the next couple of months, we’ll be digging back in with our existing members to make One Woman Shop your one-stop-shop for accountability, feedback, and resources to grow the business that’s fueled by your life, and not the other way around.

Then, we’ll be opening the doors to new members who are ready for solopreneur support focused solely on supporting each other--not like other online communities you may have been a part of.

  • The Bundle is coming back…

The Solopreneur Success Bundle has been a One Woman Shop favorite since the year it debuted, and we’ve already begun laying the groundwork for the next Bundle to launch in early 2020! (If being a Bundle participant piques your interest, click here.)

Plus, whether you’re an affiliate or a bundle participant, or just purchasing the bundle to grow your business, the Bundle refresh will make it easier to use and reference.

The other thing that’ll be coming your way in 2020…

  • 100 Best Sites! 

In the time that One Woman Shop has been on hiatus, we know that countless new business-building resources have been created, and we’re on a mission to give the list a total refresh and find the best sites to put into an easy-to-navigate, bookmark-to-your-favorites worthy list.

  • New resources, opportunities to collaborate, connect and grow your business 

Finally, in addition to sharing other creators’ resources, we’ve also got new ones of our own that we’ll be launching (and some re-launching, too!) to help you build and grow your business and enrich your life as a One Woman Shop.

At this point you might be wondering, who the heck we are! So let's do some quick intros...

Hi, I’m Chrissy! 

I am a mom to 5 year old twins and a three-year old boy, and my husband Andrew and I are also foster parents, so our household is ever-changing. Throw in our two dogs and we’re a busy, loud, and fun family who loves the outdoors and checking out the coolest local spots. We live in Wisconsin, and try to make the most of our crazy seasons.

I’m a full time technical support manager for a financial software company, and on the side my One Woman Shop is in a bit of transition--but I do marketing strategy for nonprofits and small businesses. I believe that having a business shouldn’t put more limits on your time or your life, but open up more doors and opportunities.

And, as a mom, working professional, recent MBA grad, kids ministry leader, PTO treasurer and someone who loves to do #allthethings, I think your One Woman Shop should fit your lifestyle--and it should and will look different than everyone else's. I’ve always loved that the OWS isn’t about the hustle and grind and six figure growth (though it’s cool with me if you do want that!) but it’s about work-life balance, achieving dreams and reaching your goals.

Now I’ll pass the mic to Danielle… 

Hey there, I’m Danielle!

I’m a wife, a mom to a one-year-old boy with energy and an appetite that never quits, and a fellow One Woman Shop with a digital and social media marketing studio for spa and wellness experts.

I never set out to be a business owner, it was my husband’s career in the military (and the prospect of finding a new job in a new location every three years...we're currently in Florida), that drove me to set out on the path of self-employment. And over the last five years, what initially started out of frustration has become an adventure I wouldn’t have been able to think up in my wildest dreams.

So, what’s funny is that despite our many differences in location and job descriptions, we both have two big things in common:

  1. We both worked for One Woman Shop at one point in the past (Chrissy as a community manager and Danielle as a social media manager)
  2. We’re both fiercely passionate about the importance of community, especially in growing a solo venture (online or off).

And it’s these two things that led us on this new journey and chapter of co-leading One Woman Shop.

We love this community and are thrilled by the opportunity and the potential it holds to support you in whatever goals you have as a successful solopreneur.

Whether that means being able to travel with your family while you work, making a solid and stable living selling your art, being able to scale your business without growing or managing a team, or taking a one-year long maternity leave….

The list goes on and on.

Building a successful solopreneur business means building it on your terms, and knowing that just because you’re a One Woman Shop doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.

Our goal is to be the community you can plug into when you need feedback, direction, or support and to be the destination for resources made specifically with the smart, savvy, and strategic solopreneur in mind.

We're happy to be here and to have you here with us.

Cheers to an exciting adventure ahead!

  1. Welcome ladies! It’s been a while and I’ve sort of been on a hiatus myself, but it’s good to know this is being revived again.

    • One Woman Shop says:

      Thank you, Marianne! We’re excited to get the community re-connected, hope you’re having a smooth transition out of your hiatus, can’t wait to see what you’re up to with DYOB!

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