It strikes us that when your solo business is chugging along- your email list is growing, people at chomping at the bit to work with you 1:1, your latest product launch sold out, your feed of Twitter mentions is constantly filled with new names and faces- it's pretty easy to see your worth as a business owner. You have constant reinforcement that people see value in your work and are willing to hand over their hard-earned cash to get a piece of it.

But during slow periods in your business, it can be a bit harder to value yourself. We asked members of the One Woman Shop community to weigh in on what they do to remember their value during slow times. Here's what they said:

When times are tough, I remember my value by reflecting on my relationships with friends and family. It helps to remind myself that business isn't everything!

-Susan Shain, Travel Junkette

I think my blog really helps with this. Even if I don’t have a wait list of clients at the moment, I usually still get engagement via Twitter and blog comments. It’s encouraging to hear that what I write for the blog is connecting with other creatives, even if the money isn’t exactly rolling in at the moment.

-Ashley Brooks, Brooks Editorial

I actually have all of my students in my Copywriting Course create an "I'm Awesome" list before the course starts. It's 100 reasons why you kick ass and deserve to earn bundles of cash for doing what you do. You can refer to this list whenever you feel doubtful!

-Courtney Johnston, Rule Breakers Club

I keep a Google Doc of testimonials, emails, tweets, etc. from clients and colleagues. When I'm having a tough day or going through a dry spell, that file reminds me how much I have to offer. It's very motivating!

-Amy Chick

The interesting thing is that I discovered by value in the slow times. In the booming times, I was still very much on the same hamster wheel as when I was a 9-to-5-er. But it was in the slow times that I actually got to think about what I really wanted to be doing and how that would align with what people need. So now my focus is on creating value first. And I've found that the money is never too far behind.

-RM Harrison

-Farideh Ceaser

Here at One Woman Shop, we're big fans of keeping a Rainy Day File (like Amy Chick mentioned!) and an Adding Value File.

How do you remember your value during slow business periods?

2 Comments on See Your Value- Even in Slow Periods

  1. Krystle
    July 31, 2014 at 7:53 am (5 years ago)

    Summer can be a slow period, so I try to plan creative sessions with myself (or my team) to reconnect and recap where our business has been and where it’s going. Looking back through the content we’ve shared is a great exercise because it makes you realize how much you’ve been contributing and see topics that you may have missed. I also love the idea of a “rainy day file” and will be setting that up today.

    • One Woman Shop
      July 31, 2014 at 8:34 am (5 years ago)

      Love this! Planning creative sessions is a great idea.

      Thanks for weighing in and so glad that you found the Rainy Day File idea helpful.


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