If you're anything like us, one negative piece of feedback can erase a hundred great compliments- we hate that it's true! But, instead of focusing on the negative, we encouraged members of our community to focus on the awesomely meaningful things that their clients, customers, or readers say to them on a regular basis- those one or two sentences that makes them jump for joy and makes the insanity of the One Woman Shop lifestyle all seem worth it.

We asked "What is the best thing that you routinely hear from clients, customers, or readers?" and members of our community responded. Here's what they said (be sure to jump over to their sites to read the rest of their responses):

"My favorite thing about being a life coach is hearing feedback from my clients and knowing that our work has changed their lives. The best moments are when we even have real, visible results to show for the work we’ve done together."

-Ashley Wilhite of Your Super Awesome Life

As a photographer, I get a lot of feedback. But my favorite thing I hear from clients is…You totally captured us."

-Shelby Clarke of Clarke Studio

The answer to this question is simple- the greatest thing to hear from clients is 'I LOVE it!' But not just any old, 'I love it.' It’s when you can really hear how excited they are."

-Emma Bauso of The Little Print Shop

Here is a response that I received that meant a lot to me: “So sorry to hear we are going to lose you. Honestly, you are right at the top of writers we have had over 24 years, so if ever I can help on references, please know it will be a really good one. Not only has your work been very good, but your work ethic has matched in terms of following direction, being very organized and always on time. I have appreciated all of this so very, very much.”

-Jennifer of Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy

There are a few things that I absolutely love hearing from clients, audience members, productivity seminar participants, readers, and coaching clients: “You are glamorous and tremendous,” “I couldn’t live without you,” and “Are you an angel? ‘Cause I’m in heaven.”

Okay, joking aside, there really is one thing that I LOVE hearing: “Wow, I never thought about it like that” or (same sentiment): “I never would have thought of that.” Those words light me up! Nothing feels better than knowing you’re part of an epiphany for a client.

-Cristina of CMR Strategies (& One Woman Shop!)

Over the past 12 years of online business ownership, I’ve been the proud recipient of lots and lots of happy feedback emails. I save and cherish each and every grateful note, testimonial and piece of feedback that I get. Just the other day I was blessed with a most wonderful testament from a client I had just finished working with. Her note and sentiment is forever a reminder of why it’s so important to do your best work always: "No words can express my gratitude for all you’ve done in making this a success for me. I tell every business owner who’s trying to get their web business going, to contact you. I am indebted to you."

-Melissa Bolton of The Mogul Mom

So we all love good client feedback. “Oh this is exactly what I wanted!” “You hit the nail right on the mark with this. Great job!” “I’m excited to begin, thanks so much for helping me out.” Et cetera…et cetera. I do love it when clients of mine are genuinely satisfied with the outcome they receive whether it be through a website, photography, graphic design, or consulting session. BUT the trick about client feedback is to appreciate the negative feedback. This allows you as a freelancer to keep your competitive edge and stay motivated to learn more!

-Melissa Alam of Ring the Alam

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