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You might be a solopreneur — but you’re not in this alone.

The solopreneur life is full of ups and downs. The questions, the excitement; the self-doubt, the successes — it’s a rollercoaster that your immediate friends and family might not understand. You need a community of women going through the same thing. A community of women ready to dish out virtual high fives when you finish that course; land that client; launch that new product. A community of women to offer advice and support when you’re receiving unwanted feedback; battling your inner saboteur; at a stand still when laying out that product launch. We know exactly where you stand, and are poised to help.

Here at One Woman Shop, we’re building a membership community of female solopreneurs on a mission, striving to start, grow, and level-up their solo businesses.

Each and every day, we’re living out our tagline that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely” by offering support in the members-only Facebook group (that we lovingly refer to as the FaceGroup), by providing resources in the form of e-courses and members-only events, and by fostering collaborations and friendships that pool members’ collective talents and personal interests. And that’s just where the perks of membership begin.

Whether you’re a full-timer or side-hustler, we’re here to help you make your solo business the freedom-inducing, self-fulfilling, achievement-oriented business you set out to create.

Membership is currently offered at two levels — Coffee and Espresso. (We like caffeine, can you tell?) Check them out:

Option #1: Coffee

What you get:

Your investment: $15/month or $180 for 13 months (that’s 1 month free!)

Option #2: Espresso

What you get:

Your investment: $30/month or $360 for 13 months (that’s 1 month free!)


Sound like the perfect community for you?

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“The One Woman Shop community gave me the inspiration and extra confidence I needed to quit my day job to pursue my graphic design side-gig full time. Even more importantly, this community has been an amazing source of information on starting a new business and best practices to keep it running. If you’re launching a business by yourself, the small investment is beyond worth it for the connections and resources you will gain.” – Christie Montague,

Want to explore more while you wait? Check out our membership FAQs, take a look at what our current members have to say about being part of the community, and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you have! We’re happy to chat over virtual coffee (or wine!).