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No, the irony isn’t lost on us that two women are the co-leaders of One Woman Shop, but it illustrates our mission beautifully — to help you build a thriving solo business without embarking on the journey alone. 

As fellow solopreneurs, we know that being a one-woman operation, while awesome in it’s autonomy, can get little lonely. Days behind a computer screen trying to navigate the ins and outs of building an online business all while learning how to switch between being the chief creative/strategist/consultant, the bookkeeper, the client services coordinator, and oh yeah, the boss who holds and drives the business vision forward.

Whew…deep breath, solopreneur. We’ve got your back (and your bottom line). 

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At One Woman Shop, we believe in the power of simplified systems, streamlined services, and crafting your own definition of Solopreneur Success. 

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Consider One Woman Shop membership the paved pathway to Solopreneur Success - with education, monthly masterclasses, and community, we’re here to make your solo journey more fun and less lonely. 

There’s no shortage of tools to help you make running your solo business easier, but searching through them? Not as easy. These are our tried-and-test tools and resources we trust wholeheartedly. 

Discover our in-depth solo biz guides and bookmark-worthy articles to help you navigate setting up smart systems, streamline your systems, refine your service offerings and more.

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