Great news, fellow business owner: You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Ready to hire your next pro for your project? You’re in the right place — below, find solo business owners and freelancers for hire in design, development, copywriting, marketing, SEO, sales, coaching, virtual assistance, and much more.

Danielle Aime

Photo of Danielle Aime
Danielle Aime
Business Mentor

Website: Danielle Aime


Danielle is an Online Entrepreneur and Business Mentor to female entrepreneurs. Between her formal educational background as well as personal experience in graphic design and business, she is able to help clients on a creative and strategic level to see their business from all sides of the table. With the implementation of new viewpoints and structures in place they are able to see growth in their business, while still enjoying and making the most of life.

Categories: Business Consulting

Kelley Alexander-Kruger

Photo of Kelley Alexander-Kruger
Kelley and Co

Website: Kelley and Co


Kelley has a diverse background in hospitality, sales & marketing and event management. Kelley and Co offers services for social media content management, event management and virtual assistance. 

Categories: Marketing Services, Virtual Assistance

Erin Bassett

Photo of Erin Bassett
Color Me Styled/Blog Better
Jewelry Maker, Blogger Coach, Mentor

Website: Erin M Bassett


Erin Bassett is an almost 30-yr-old maker of jewelry and handbags and other accessories. She coaches bloggers on how to blog better and loves to help her clients solve problems! She runs a networking group called The Windy City Blogger Collective and blogs at Color Me Styled. Ask her for her input on problems you’re having with your boss… because now that you’re your own she thinks you should be the World’s Best Boss! 

Categories: Business Consulting, Coaching, Marketing Services, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Brittany Berger

Photo of Brittany Berger
Content Marketer

Website: Brittany Berger


Brittany Berger is a content unicorn and productivity hacker who can help you work brighter and take your solo biz from blah to BOOM. Learn how to automate your systems and to-do lists to make more time to create, then create colorful content that makes you the unicorn of your niche.

Categories: Blogger, Business Consulting, Marketing Services

Thea Boatswain

Photo of Thea Boatswain
Total Body Finesse
Personal Trainer

Website: Total Body Fitness


Thea is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor located in the DC Metro area. She also provides online training to those not in her immediate vicinity. Ask her anything about health and wellness.

Categories: Coaching, Health and Fitness, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Suzanne Brereton

Photo of Suzanne Brereton
Dragonflies in Action
Empowerment Coach

Website: Dragonflies in Action


Suzanne coaches others to identify where they are in life by what is around them. Learning to become mindful & understand our environment helps people to understand what is going on within them and make any required changes. There is no right or wrong way to live life, but understanding leads to better choices.

Categories: Coaching

Ashley Brooks

Photo of Ashley Brooks
Brooks Editorial Services
Content Strategist

Website: Brooks Editorial


Ashley is the writer and editor behind Brooks Editorial, where she works with creative entrepreneurs and bloggers to craft the content strategy that makes readers want to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. She believes blogging and business are more about relationships than sales. From auditing your existing content to writing done-for-you blog posts, Ashley will work with you to make sure your content counts.

Categories: Blogger, Copywriting, Editing, Writing

Meg Casebolt

Photo of Meg Casebolt
Casebolt Creative
Design Concierge & Marketing Strategist

Website: Casebolt Creative


Casebolt Creative is a graphic design agency that focuses on providing professional, affordable graphic design for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit agencies. We provide design expertise in: print design and production, identity creation and branding support, advertisement design, special event collateral (such as invitations, programs, and corresponding materials), book layout, proposal generation, and web design.

Categories: Design Work

Lee Chaix McDonough

Photo of Lee Chaix McDonough
Caravel Coaching & Consulting

Website: Caravel Coaching & Consulting


Lee is clinical social worker and transition coach who helps people achieve a life and career they love. She enjoys working with professionals who are stressed and overwhelmed by recent change in their lives. Whether it’s transitioning from employee to entrepreneur or adjusting to a new professional or personal role, she helps people navigate the space between where they are, and where they want to be.

Categories: Coaching

Amy Chick

Photo of Amy Chick
Amy Chick
Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Website: Hey Amy Chick


Amy is a copywriter and brand strategist for tiny businesses and solopreneurs. She helps her clients understand what their brand is all about and works with them to create targeted, consistent messaging that finds the right people. Amy loves working with clients who want to ditch ‘normal’ in favor of branding and copywriting that will make them stand out.

Categories: Business Consulting, Copywriting, Marketing Services, Writing

Rachel Formaro

Photo of Rachel Formaro
Blu Pagoda
Founder & Principal

Website: Blu Pagoda


Blu Pagoda is a communications, marketing and content agency that specializes in helping companies big and small with their business needs and challenges. Their areas of focus include: writing and editing, marketing plan management, content marketing, communications plan development, crisis communications, data analysis and social media. Their talent network includes experts in all aspects of marketing. Their clients engage them both for project-based work and independent contractor consulting.

Categories: Editing, Marketing Services, Writing

Kait Fowlie

Photo of Kait Fowlie
Kait Fowlie
Writer and Editor

Website: Kait Fowlie


Kait is a writer, editor and collector of wellness wisdom for creative types.

Categories: Business Consulting, Marketing Services, Writing

Sara Frandina

Photo of Sara Frandina
Sara Frandina Strategies
Owner/Chief Copywriter

Website: Sara Frandina Strategies


Creating copy + crafting content is what Sara does. She makes magic with words and helps others do the same. On a personal note, she’s a perpetual learner with an insatiable appetite for books, travel, popcorn.

Categories: Copywriting, Editing, Marketing Services, Writing

Jessica Freeman

Photo of Jessica Freeman
Jess Creatives
Graphic Designer

Website: Jess Creatives


As a graphic designer, Jessica creates stunning visuals for small businesses and entrepreneurs that help them stand out among competition so they can focus on the more important things. Jess believes that every organization has its own story, and enjoys helping bring their story to life.

Categories: Design Work

Sara Funduk

Photo of Sara Funduk
Designer, Co-founder

Website: CourseCraft


Sara is the co-founder of CourseCraft, an e-course creation tool.

Categories: E-Learning

Lilly Garcia

Photo of Lilly Garcia
Lilly Garcia Design

Website: Lilly Garcia


Lilly Garcia helps small and mid-sized businesses align their visual presentation to the brand they’ve already been working so hard to build. 

Categories: Design Work

Janine Good

Photo of Janine Good
Fill My Passport

Website: Fill My Passport


Janine is an active traveler seeking unique culinary experiences worldwide, whilst collecting as many stamps in her passport as possible. She has traveled to almost 40 countries, devoured many a gastronomic masterpiece, and has yet to find a cupcake she doesn’t like.

Categories: Blogger, Editing

Cindy Harris

Photo of Cindy Harris
Harris Studios, Inc
President and Founder

Website: Harris Studios, Inc


Cindy Harris is president and founder of Harris Studios. A graphic designer, painter, and enthusiast for all things art, Cindy began Harris Studios 15 years ago after more than a decade in corporate design. Cindy believes in the importance of good design and the power of a consistent brand in reflecting who your business is and where it is headed. Through her work, she has created authentic brand identities and unique marketing materials for businesses in travel & tourism, food & beverage, retail & spas, and events & promotions.

Categories: Business Consulting, Design Work, Marketing Services, Photography, Visual Artist

Ciera Holzenthal

Photo of Ciera Holzenthal
Ciera Design Studio
Owner + Graphic Designer

Website: Ciera Design


Ciera Holzenthal is the owner, graphic designer and blogger behind the Ciera Design Studio and founder of The Made in Mind Social. Specializing in visual branding, she’s passionate about creating successful brands for creative entrepreneurs.

Categories: Design Work

Desiree Jester

Photo of Desiree Jester
A Place To Nest

Website: A Place To Nest


A Place To Nest is a web and blog design studio. Desiree creates online homes for people who want to share their unique talents, passions, and stories with the world. (Because if you can’t share your story at home, where can you share it?)

Categories: Design Work, Web Development