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About You

You were never meant for the mundane. You prefer to decide your own self worth rather than allow an employer to put a price tag on your work. You light up from the thrill of deciding when to shift gears, challenge yourself, and kick it up a notch. You are a solopreneur. You’re working toward what so many women only dream about, and you have no interest in looking back (ever).

The problem? Sometimes, you feel discouraged. Alone. Misunderstood. Sometimes you think you would give it all up to work with a team again. To catch up on weekend plans with coworkers in between catching up on emails. To make eye contact with another human being. Even if it means sitting in a cubicle (noooo).

Even the boldest women need a community – because you have bad days, weeks or even months. Your clients decide not to pay you. Your projects fall through. Your confidence takes a hit. You need something to fall back on. You need a safety net.

About Us

One Woman Shop is your safety net. We're part resource, part community and all heart. Here, you're surrounded by a community of freelancers, solopreneurs and businesswomen who are taking risks and changing their lives for the better- in business and beyond- day in and day out.

We're here to provide you with kick-ass inspiration, help you develop the business you want and deserve, and ensure that you never have another case of the Mondays- in short, we're helping you "mind your own business." So sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and get connected with One Woman Shop. Because going it alone doesn't have to be lonely.

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About Cristina

headshotI’m Cristina, the founder of One Woman Shop. I created this community to fill the void that all of us in the solopreneur world are a little too familiar with.

You might be wondering why I’m qualified to do what I’m doing. Well, for starters, I drink a lot of coffee -- seriously, a lot. So I fit right in with the entrepreneurial crowd.

But I also have been where you are: running my own business, sometimes from home and sometimes from a coworking space or coffee shop. So I know firsthand that going it alone can be lonely.

When I'm not working on One Woman Shop, I'm living life as an ex-pat in beautiful, colonial Antigua, Guatemala, cooking, working out, practicing my Spanish, or drinking coffee.

About Sara

Sara Frandina of One Woman ShopHey there! I'm Sara, content editor and co-conspirator over here at One Woman Shop. I joined Cristina during the summer of 2014 -- because, like our tagline says, going it alone doesn't have to be lonely.

I'm so happy to be here -- as a solopreneur myself, I know that creating a successful business can't happen in a silo. I was drawn to One Woman Shop and its amazing community for that reason.

When I'm not helping Cristina dream up the next bold move for One Woman Shop or keeping the editorial calendar moving (we want your posts!), I'm creating copy and crafting content for my clients over at Sara Frandina Strategies. And if I'm not busy at work playing with words, I'm likely outside biking, hiking, or snowboarding, or cozied up on the couch with a good book and a (very big) bowl of popcorn.

Thanks so much for being here!