FAQs about Membership

Thanks for your interest in One Woman Shop membership! Here are a few FAQs that we wanted to answer for you -- have a question that you don’t see an answer for here? Email us, anytime.

How do I know if One Woman Shop membership is right for me?

We designed a little quiz for you 🙂

  1. Are you a woman?
  2. Specifically, are you a woman who owns a business on your own?
  3. Are you looking for support and resources for your solo business?
  4. Does the message that "going it alone doesn't have to be lonely" resonate with you?
  5. Are you nodding along with these 10 ways you know you'll fit right in at One Woman Shop?
  6. Are you looking to both learn from and contribute to a community of fellow solopreneurs and freelancers?
  7. Are you willing and able to invest in membership, even if it's a small amount per month?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then we think you'd probably make an awesome One Woman Shop member and really benefit from the community!

Why is membership priced at $15 or $30?

We pride ourselves on accommodating the needs and budgets of both new and established solo business owners, which is why we’re offering membership on two tiers. We’ve built membership to include a variety of valuable components that are far greater than the cost of monthly membership - courses that retail separately at $50-$80, partnership packages that start at $60 for two months, etc. - but don’t want money to be a deterrent from having access to them.

Why would I pay for membership when all of the resources on your site are free and awesome?

Well gee, thanks! 😉 Here’s the thing: we love putting valuable content out there for free, but paying members get a whole bunch more. While different offerings stand out to different people, we’re personally most excited about this: creating a more tight-knit, supportive community of like-minded but diverse women who have access to the resources they need most as they start and build their solo businesses.

Do you accept anyone as a member?  

For the most part, we feel that potential members self-select. If the site doesn’t resonate with you, you’re probably not going to pursue membership. However, if we receive an application from someone who we don’t think is a fit - for example, if we feel they either can’t benefit from or can’t contribute to the One Woman Shop community - then we won’t extend an offer of membership at that time.

The bottom line: if you feel like you're a fit, you probably are 🙂

I'm in! How do I apply?

Apply here!

I'm still on the fence- can I talk to someone?

Definitely! Email us anytime and either Cristina or Sara will schedule a time to chat with you.