The Road to Solopreneur Success ebook

18 contributors share their stories of launching and growing their solo businesses.

Road to Solopreneur Success ebook
An important part of shortening the solo business learning curve is sharing stories of other solopreneurs navigating the ups and downs of business ownership and coming out better for it.

With that in mind, we collected stories from one woman shops around the world who are on the road to solopreneur success. In their stories, they're completely honest about the struggles (and celebrations!) they're encountering along the way.

What's inside: 47 pages worth of wisdom from 18 contributors and one 20% off discount code for the One Woman Shop Bundle.

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In case you're not already convinced... As we were compiling and editing the ebook, we were struck -- time and again -- by the powerful messages shared by these 18 One Woman Shop community members. We kept learning from them, and we bet you will too.

Want more details? As part of the launch of The Solopreneur Success Bundle in September, 2015, we ran The Road to Solopreneur Success blog tour. We offered our community the opportunity to share their stories with us through following prompts:

What area(s) of your business do you struggle with most and what do you plan on changing? and/or What area(s) of your business are you excelling at most and how did you get there?

These are their stories. There have been laughs, there have been cries, there have been days spent on the couch binging on Netflix, but most of all? There have been lessons that you, fellow solopreneur, can nod along in agreement with and, most importantly, learn from.

Here's who's included:
Starting Something? You Need to be Willing to Be a Beginner — Hannah Braime
The One Thing Every Creative Solopreneur Should Be Doing — Ashley Brooks
On Managing Overwhelm as a One-Woman Business — Indigo Colton
Lessons from a Solopreneur — Jill Dretzka
The Sting of Underquoting Never Lessens, But Here’s What I’m Going to Do About It — Christine Funke
The Road to Solopreneur Success — Jo Gifford
How to Get Off the Self-Pity Train — Shenee Howard
The Road to Success: The Struggle is Real — Lisa Jacobs
The Struggle for Work/Life Balance as a Solopreneur — Jackie Johnstone
From a Box of Rocks to a 6-Figure Empire — Anna Long
The Conundrum of Being a Solopreneur — Marianne Manthey
7 Mistakes I’ve Made on the Road to Solopreneur Success — Shannon Mattern
The Road to Solopreneur Success — Jennie Mustafa-Julock
#GoingSolo: Hard Parts + Highlights — Laura Palmer
The Road to Solopreneur Success — Natalia Real
Solopreneur Success: How I Built a Community of 3,000 Loyal Subscribers — Carrie Smith
Who’s Driving Your Bus? — Kerry Swetmom
The Road to Solopreneur Success — Danielle Ziegler

As we like to say: Going it alone shouldn't feel lonely. These ladies prove that you're not alone in your solo biz journey. Dive in + prepare to be inspired!

Shorten your learning curve, solopreneur.

Get The Road to Solopreneur Success ebook, where 18 ladies share stories of launching + growing solo businesses.

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