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E-mail + PR

How to Insert Social Media Buttons Into Your Email Signature: How many e-mails do you send in a week? We'll bet it's a lot. Don't waste the opportunity to make an impression. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an awesome email signature.

How to Find Any Email Address: A cool little trick for finding hidden email addresses online.

7 Creative Ways to Use Boomerang to Manage Your Inbox: We think of ourselves as unofficial ambassadors of Boomerang, an email management tool. Here we detail how we make use of it on a daily basis to control our inbox.

Email Marketing Tips from Creative EntrepreneursAdvice from 6 creative solopreneurs about their successful email marketing strategies.

A Crash Course in DIY PR: Amy Flurry from Recipe for Press shares 8 ways to kill it with do-it-yourself public relations. Simple + effective!

Community + Business Building

The #1 Way to Grow Your Community: Tried-and-true tips from 28 solo business owners, including Sarah Von Bargen, Jess Lively, Amanda Genther, Ashley Wilhite, Nikki Groom, and 23 others, on how to grow a strong community.

Solo Business Must-Haves: 16 solopreneurs weigh in on the things (both tangible and intangible) that they need to run their solo businesses successfully.

Courses + Learning

16 Week Productivity E-Course: You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. Believe it. Over the course of 16 weeks, you'll learn how to control your inbox, streamline your scheduling, search online more effectively, and GSD (get shit done) once and for all - while remaining sane.

Business Resources

BluChic - WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs: Chic, feminine WordPress templates from theme creators BluChic - flexible, easy-to-use themes that are perfect for the ambitious One Woman Shop community.

Freebies: Your business deserves to have a little fun. That's why we put time into creating wallpapers, helpful printables, and slideshows packed with biz tips from our community and let you at 'em for free.

Calendar: Our one-stop calendar of events geared toward solo business owners, such as Twitter chats, conferences, workshops, and networking events.

Resources & Tools: Get the full skinny on every tool and resource that we love, including social media tools, ebooks and e-courses, invoicing software, time management tools, and much more! (We're an open book here.)

Series You Don't Want To Miss

Prior to the Hire: One Woman Shoppers know when it's time to seek help. This series checks in with industry professionals - such as virtual assistants, developers, and attorneys - to get their inside advice for what you need to know before you hire them.

Multipassionate MuseInterviews with women like Sarah Von Bargen, Katja Hunter, and Jaclyn Mullen about their tendency to have a vast variety of interests and their success in engaging in multiple projects simultaneously.

One Woman Experiments: Daring business women experiment with different parts of their business in order to find best practices. Past experiments include pay-what-it's-worth pricing, running Facebook ads, hacking morning time for increased productivity, and using the Covey Time Management Matrix.

Weekly Finds: Every Sunday, we highlight 7 resources for solo business owners from around the web that caught our eye. Occasionally, guest curators join us to show us their finds.

Motivation Monday: A little dose of actionable inspiration for your Monday morning! Past "assignments" have included creating a Rainy Day File, establishing a Board of Directors for your solo business, and checking a "forever task" off your to do list with the help of the Do, Dump, Delegate, Delay principle.

And... Just Because

10 Ways You Know You're a Fit for the One Woman Shop Community: Commitment is never easy. But if you find yourself nodding "yes" to any of these statements, we can assure you - you'll fit right in to this community of like-minded go-getters out to help each other.

It's Not All or Nothing: One Woman Shop is a spectrum. Side-hustle or full-time gig, all are welcome. Here's a gentle but important reminder from One Woman Shop founder Cristina that entrepreneurship is not black and white.