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Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter + editor Sara Frandina.

Did you know? Twitter has over 271 million active users. That’s what’s made it such an important tool for solopreneurs + One Woman Shops. If you feel like you’re lost in the Twittersphere or just not quite using it correctly, check out these 7 Twitter Hacks for Bloggers + Small Business Owners from Kayli Wanders.

“Content is king.” We know it’s true, but sometimes, it’s tough to remember the small things. In this QuickSprout article, Neil Patel breaks down 37 seemingly simple tips for writing great content for both B2C and B2B audiences that’s sure to increase your traffic.

When you work from your desk alllllll day doing what you love, it can be a struggle to remember to get up and move. Luckily, with these “one-stop workouts” from LuLu Lemon’s Pinterest board, you don’t have to stray too far from your computer to get your sweat on.

37 seems to be the lucky number this week. In this “monster of a blog post,” Adam from BloggingWizard breaks down (seriously, breaks down) a step-by-step checklist to setting up your email list and getting your first 1,000 subscribers. Even if you’ve already started, this is a fantastic resource -- and printable, too!

For you One Woman Shop ladies fully engaged in the side hustle, here’s some gratifying news: a new study shows that “businesses that are launched while the founder is employed and only later become that founder’s full-time focus are one-third less likely to fail than those that began as full-time ventures.” Alexis Grant breaks down the details here. Keep hustling, ladies!

If you’re ever feeling a little lost, use this to aid your gut check: 5 Signs That You’re on the Right Path, from online magazine A Little Opulent. One of my favorite lines: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Podcast alert! Is it me, or do more and more super resourceful podcasts seem to be popping up every day? New on my radar this week is the 5 am Miracle podcast, focused on “dominating your day before breakfast.” Early risers, rejoice. It’s amazing what can get done while the world’s still sleeping!

Guest Post: How to Proactively Grow Your Email List

If you’re like most solo or small business owners, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to grow your community of supporters, clients, customers and collaborators.

At One Woman Shop, a resource hub and community for female solopreneurs and freelancers, we have a secret weapon that we use to proactively grow our community: email. No, not email marketing, just email.

Since adding smart, resourceful solo business owners to our community is one of our top priorities, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Sure, we spend time pinning, tweeting and Facebooking and yes, we set up a pop-up plugin on the site and started offering an opt-in freebie, but one of our biggest initiatives recently has been direct outreach through email.

It’s simple, really. Anytime we see a female solo business owner online, we send them an email telling them about our community and asking them if they would like to join our email list.

Read the rest of the post over on Design*Sponge!

Weekly Finds

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter + editor Sara Frandina.

Who do you want to thank today? That’s the question Melissa Cassera asked when she devised this amazingly inspiring list of “22 Creative + Surprising Ways to Show Your Business Community: “I LOVE YOU AND I’M HAPPY YOU ARE HERE.” After all, gratitude is one of the best traits a One Woman Shopper can have.

When you’re going it alone, as many in the One Woman Shop community are, it’s tough not to live inside your own head and let your thoughts envelope you -- especially the negative ones. This article, appropriately entitled “Stop Trying to Control Your Thoughts”, is an eye-opener. We can’t control our thoughts, but through meditation we can “cultivate awareness and observation, and learn to interrupt the process of conditioned responses and reactions.”

For the One Woman Shoppers also raising babies and running a household, here are some necessary reminders and tips from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Though geared toward writers, I’m quite certain these apply to all of us: “Aim for a reasonable amount of work,” “Find others in your tribe,” and remember: “you are in training.”

Here’s one worth a bookmark: “71 Ways to Write a Social Media Update” from Kevan Lee on the Buffer blog. The list will spark inspiration and give you a blueprint to writing Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram updates that engage your audience. My tip: sit down and batch write a bunch at once!

Advice I wish I had received 10 years ago: “Last Year of College? Forget the Job Hunt and Start Freelancing Instead” from Brazen Life. For our One Woman Shoppers still in high school and college, good on you for starting so young! For those of us well beyond college, it’s time to spread the freelancing love to our younger counterparts.

We all want to be financially successful. But what’s going to set those of us who succeed from those of who don’t apart? Kali Hawlk offers these “7 Habits of Financially Successful People.” How many of the seven describe you?

Great news! “People who engage in 'workplace Internet leisure browsing’ are about 9 percent more productive than those who don’t." But it’s not all fun and games - you have to learn to do it right: learn How To Waste Time Properly with this read from Nautilus.

Study Up: 4 Sites for Solopreneurs to Continue Learning

OWS goes back to school

Study Up: 4 Sites for Solopreneurs to Continue Learning

The beauty of the age we live in is that we have a multitude of opportunities at our fingertips each and every time we sit down at a computer. Gone are the days of sifting through encyclopedias or trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal system at the library in order to learn something new.

Instead, we have hundreds, if not thousands of resources we can turn to in order to further our education. And we’d be downright silly not to capitalize on that.

Why perpetual learning is imperative to a One Woman Shop

Constant learning is crucial as a One Woman Shop, where we rely heavily on ourselves and our own knowledge. It goes without saying that when we launch a side hustle or a full-time solo biz, we are putting ourselves on a path of perpetual learning. We’ll encounter necessary tasks that we simply don’t know how to do, and run into to-dos that we just don’t feel we’re good at. (I’m looking at you, accounting.)

While we’re all about asking for help, seeking out experts who can lighten your load, and surrounding yourself with communities that can answer questions at the drop of a dime, it is also vital that we keep learning.

The good news about being a perpetual student today is that it doesn’t have to come with an astronomical price tag, exorbitant school loans, or the stress of making it to class three times per week. Instead, we can take advantage of the wealth of online opportunities to choose what we want to learn, and how and when we want to learn it.

Here are four sites to help you do just that:


Skillshare is an online learning community with a mission to “reunite learning with education and make it accessible to every single person on this planet.” Classes are created to teach real-work skills, and all courses are project-based; that is, they’re designed around a student project that carries throughout the lessons. Each course is split into modules, making it easy to complete classes over a few days or weeks.

Skillshare has two ways to take part in their community. Monthly membership gives you access to the library of courses for $9.95 per month, or you can simply sign up and purchases classes on an individual basis. Paid classes range from $15-$45 each, but the library of free courses is delightfully extensive.

My favorite part of Skillshare? Instructors are incredibly engaged in the courses -- I regularly receive check-ins from Andrea Goulet Ford, content whiz behind BrandVox and leader of “Become a Better Blogger," and Gary Vaynerchuk’s team for his social media course. Skillshare courses give you access to great minds who truly care about your learning.


Skillcrush is focused on developing technical skills, so if you’ve been considering building a knowledge foundation in web design or development, this is the site for you.

Skillcrush offers its courses on an individual basis, but is better known for its packaged content in the form of “Career Blueprints.”

Courses and career tracks through Skillcrush come with a heftier price tag than that of Skillshare (a Career Blueprint course is $399), but promise a comprehensive education that is still undeniably affordable compared to a university’s tuition. Another notable differentiator: Skillcrush’s courses run on a calendar, but are designed to be completed with an hour of work per day.


CreativeLive’s focus is on “unleashing the creative potential of millions.” Classes are geared toward creative endeavors: photography, video, design, music, business, software, and more.

Naturally, the majority of courses put on by CreativeLive are, well, live. While most run on a calendar, the site also hosts classes that can be accessed on demand.

One Woman Shoppers will be especially interested in CreativeLive’s business courses, but I particularly enjoy dabbling in extracurricular interests like photography with CreativeLive. Courses are priced in a range from under $100 to over $250, with bundles available.


Quistic is the newest course provider on my radar. It was launched by influencer and serial entrepreneur Penelope Trunk, and takes a unique approach to creating course paths for students, basing it on your Myers-Briggs personality type and focusing largely on career advancement and lifestyle design.

The course catalog for Quistic is unique in that it’s varied among different aspects of life, teaching hard skills in courses like “Grow a Six-Figure Coaching Business” and focusing on softer skills in courses like “Make Your 20s Count.”

Most classes in the Quistic lineup are priced at $195, with lifetime access and a money-back guarantee.

Keep learning

Consistently sharpening skills and learning new ones expands our value, indirectly betters the way we do things we’re already good at, and, as 99u describes it, “bullet proofs” our career. And, when we’re in the thick of solopreneurship and our day-to-day activities, learning something new can simply be fun.

Tell me, One Woman Shoppers, where do you turn when it’s time to learn something new? I’d love to hear about sites or courses that have inspired or taught you along your solopreneur journey below.

Weekly Finds

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter + editor Sara Frandina.

Does your business sell a product online? You'll want to read this: Surprising Mobile Ecommerce Statistics That Will Change The Way You Do Business, from the whip-smart peeps at Kissmetrics. Keep this in mind: Mobile users constitute the most valuable customer segment, because they are most likely to convert.

If you've been thinking about trying Google Hangouts but just aren't quite sure how to use the free tool, check out this post from powerhouse Nathalie Lussier. From team meetings to webinars and tutorials to web shows, you might have just found your new best friend.

Anyone else fear for their Twitter networking capabilities last week when this leaked? "Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not." Yikes. But fret not; it's not happening, according to this article form Mashable. Please resume all normal activity. Phew.

Just looking at this infographic from Happify makes me, well, happy. It's called Why Pets Makes Us Happier and Healthier -- something I think all pet owners can agree on. If you didn't already have a four-legged companion keeping you company at your home office, you'll soon want to -- pet owners are more conscientious and social, and having a pet in the office reduces the stress of workers. Hello, Fido!

Bit of a lengthy read here despite the title, but totally worth it: How to Persuade Anyone of Anything in Ten Seconds. James Altucher puts his "elevator pitch" in context of approaching people on the street at 3 a.m., but read through this, and I have no doubt you'll step away with inspiration for bettering your interactions in your solopreneur biz.

As a copywriter, it was so good to see this out there: Don't Be a Copy Catfisher, from my colleague Brandy Morris. Despite never even hearing of "catfishing" before (have you?), I loved her point: "catch and release isn't exactly a long term business plan". Clever copy will get your clients in the door, but what's keeping them with you?

Short + sweet: here's "The Easiest Way to Save a Fortune on Content" from my writing buddy Joel at Business Casual Copywriting. As time-strapped (and boot-strapped) solopreneurs, it's wise to make our content stretch as far as possible, without sacrificing quality.

5 Reasons Every Solopreneur Should Write an Ebook

As solopreneurs, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to keep business booming. But a simple downside of solopreneurship is just that: you're solo. And while you might think of yourself as Superwoman, in reality, you can’t do it all. So if you could create one product that would actively promote your business and services, increase your credibility, and start a passive income stream, you’d do it, right?

That’s where writing an ebook comes in. Every solopreneur out there could benefit from writing one, and you’re no exception. Here are my top five reasons writing an ebook could make your business boom:

1. Ebooks Build Your Audience

Launching an ebook forces you to go past your comfort zone and promote your work to people outside your usual circles. If you’ve been hesitant about self-promotion, having a quality ebook that will genuinely help people is a great way to introduce yourself to new markets without feeling pushy.

You can expand the reach of your new contacts even farther by including a simple Click to Tweet code throughout your book. This makes it easy for readers who are loving your ideas to spread the word!

2. Ebooks Promote Your Other Products/Services

There’s nothing like a little cross-promotion to boost your other products or services. The pricetag on your premium services might make new customers hesitate, but an accessibly-priced ebook gives them the perfect place to enter your sales funnel.

Think about what your customers need to know or do before they’re ready for your premium services. Give them that beginning information in your ebook—along with reminders that your other offerings are ready and waiting to help them.

3. Ebooks Enhance Your Credibility

It takes a lot of hard work to write a book, which is why having your name on the cover of your own ebook gives you a boost in credibility. There are a lot of people out there who want to write a book, but only a fraction of them actually take action and make it happen.

By writing an ebook, you’re showing prospective clients that you have the initiative and follow-through to get things done. With qualities like that, who wouldn’t want you on their team?

4. Ebooks Can Land You Speaking Engagements

Organizations look for speakers who are motivated, inspirational, and experts on their topic. By writing a book, you’ve already proven that you’re an expert in your field—it’s hard to write an entire book if you don’t know anything about your subject matter!

Your book also shows organizations that you know how to connect with and inspire an audience. No one wants to listen to someone who rambles without giving their audience what they need. As an author, you’ll already have proven that your ideas are well worth paying attention to.

5. Ebooks Earn Passive Income

Unless offering your ebook for free is part of your marketing strategy, you’ll be bringing in passive income with minimal effort. Since all the work of writing and publishing is done up front, you’ll be free to sit back and enjoy your passive income stream. (Just make sure you have an ongoing marketing plan so your book doesn’t fall off the radar!)

Writing a ebook isn't easy, by any means. It takes hard work, time, and sincere dedication. But it's ultimately rewarding. Ready to write an ebook for your business? My new e-guide Typing Away: Your Roadmap to Writing a Book has 25 resources and printables to make writing your book pain free. With an easy writing strategy to keep you on track, you can focus on running your business and having a life — all while writing your ebook.

Weekly Finds

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter + editor Sara Frandina.

When your content marketing falls by the wayside for your biz, know you’re not alone. And remember -- it’s not JUST a blog post. Onboardly presents the harsh realities and honest truths about content marketing in this article by Renee Warren, “Time Is Not On Your Side: The Truth About Content Marketing.”

Paying for stock photos? Stop. Right. Now. Erika Jordan of Hey Boss Lady has three recommendations for high quality images, with a hefty price tag of… zero. Your blog will thank you!

Some say that hashtags are the new branding. Agree or disagree, here’s 3 Ways to Use Hashtags to Enhance Your Brand -- and increase your engagement on social media sites. #win

Multipassionate solopreneurs: next time you’re feeling down on your approach, read this. The piece that resonates: “I’m multipassionate not to be an expert of many things, or even to be an expert at nothing. I’m multipassionate because I’m curious, because I love learning, and I derive a soul-glowing satisfaction from my explorations.” Amen to that, sister.

On marketing: a super simple, yet remarkably important reminder from the guy who (literally) wrote the book(s): “Marketing used to be what you say. Now it’s what you do.”

How much time do you spend successfully onboarding new clients? Get the skinny on how Paul Jarvis revamped his onboarding process for the good of his business and his clients’ time. I guarantee it’ll inspire at least one change in your ways.

Just for fun, because it’s (unofficially) fall: 50 Pumpkin Recipes. (I’m not a pumpkin lover, but I live with someone who lives + breathes it in autumn.) What’s your favorite fall treat?