“But I Hate Value.” (And Other Solopreneur Success Bundle Objections)

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

We don’t want to put words in your mouth, but if you’ve made it this far into the week without being 110% sure that the 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle is for you, we imagine some stubborn objections are running through your head right about now.


..."I’m really busy this week; I don't have time to buy." You secretly think that we might extend this offer to next week. We assure you, we're not going to. (We're sorry!)

..."I’m too lazy to click one Buy Now button." You know what’s harder than clicking one button and receiving one download file of every product, in one pretty package? Buying 18 products separately.

..."I really don’t need to learn anything new. (I’m super smart as is.)" We don't doubt that you're smart. (Modest, too.) But we will bet that you have some gaps in your knowledge of certain business areas that are begging for your attention -- or will be, soon. Why not build the virtual library of resources that just might fill those gaps?

..."18 products is so damn overwhelming." Yeah, we get that. Rest assured that you don't need to (and shouldn't) tackle all of the products all at once. Just set your access up, and file it away for when you need it most. Lifetime access means that you can keep the file in a safe place for future reference.

..."I don’t know who some of these creators are."
Here's some social proof for you: Collectively, our contributors and their products have been featured on The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, She Takes on the World, Mashable, Teachable, CreativeLive, mindbodygreen, Lucky Bitch, Entrepreneur.com, Belong Magazine, and many, many more sites. Also: We're vouching for them. 😉

..."I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more business-related products this year." In your defense, you might not have known such an incredible deal was going to land in your inbox this week. Also: What if you were to forgo those $148 pair of Lululemon yoga pants in favor of this $99 purchase (which just might then enable you to buy 10 pairs of those yoga pants...)?

..."I hate getting this much value all at once and I only like to pay premium pricing." We actually can't help you on that one.

In all seriousness, we do think that there are some very legitimate reasons for choosing not to buy the Bundle this time around.

But if you are ready to take advantage of what one contributor called “a solopreneur’s fairy godmother”, head on over to the landing page to learn even more.

But don’t delay: Once the clock strikes zero, it’s gone for-ever. (Said in our best Sandlot impression.)


Never Enough Success: Solopreneur Success Bundle Success Stories

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

We’ve thrown a lot of information your way this week -- our wish for you when it comes to your biz, a cheeky, fake fairytale (that's oh-so-entertaining), and an opportunity to give back to women around the world through your Bundle purchase. And we’ve likely gotten about 10 songs stuck in your head along the way. (You're welcome.)

We've also given you quick, bite-sized testimonials vouching for the 18 products in the Solopreneur Success Bundle on the Bundle landing page. Those are very solid pieces of social proof, but what you haven’t seen so far are the more in-depth client/student success stories from the creators who contributed their resources to the Bundle.

As they say, the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Luckily, these parts? They’re pretty darn good. Let’s check some of them out:

From Danielle Zeigler, the creator of SEO for Solopreneurs:

From these same methods [taught in SEO for Solopreneurs], my clients have tripled their website traffic (we’re talking thousands of new visitors per month), secured writing deals with major national companies, and earned additional five-figure incomes from clients who found them through Google.

From Kathryn Hocking, the creator of e-Course Idea Generator:

Here is a success story straight from the mouth of one of our participants Melissa Ingold from TimeFreedomBusiness.com:

"Like Kathryn, I’ve created hundreds of digital programs over the years and I currently create 50+ new products every year through my two businesses – but sometimes, coming up with new fresh + fabulous ideas can be a real challenge...I especially loved the methods that she shared for how she does her brainstorming, which I implemented right away to start fleshing out my next program (and even used it to build my follow-up email sequence, too).

Her guide also asks you just the right questions to help you dive deeper into pinning down your customer’s true needs. Plus, she provides you with the exact survey questions you need to ask your people. This program is packed with value, so even if you’re already a frequent e-course creator like I am, you’ll still walk away with some golden tidbits + resources you can apply to your own process. So worth the investment."

From Annette Stepanian, the creator of Let’s Get Down to Business:

What Chelsea F. had to say about Let’s Get Down to Business: "I was so happy I found Annette when I was first starting my business! I was terrified of the legal aspect of setting up and owning my own biz and she took all the fear away. I first bought her mini-course on how to set up your biz legally. At the end, I had my action plan mapped out for filing all the required documents, not to mention a huge weight off my shoulders because I knew I was doing it the right way."

From Ashley Cox, creator of Interview with Heart:

My client Ginny was a great success story! She had been thinking about hiring a team member for a while, but wanted to make sure she took the right steps to hire the right person. Ginny didn't have a ton of time to waste hiring the wrong person, so she really wanted to nail it on the first try.

After going through the Interview with Heart materials, she was able to structure a solid interviewing process, select interview questions to help her gather the information she needed during the interview process, and narrow down her candidates to find the one who best suited the position and fit her culture!

Ginny's new team member was a breath of fresh air and just what she needed in her business. She was able to quickly acclimate to the culture, brought talents and skills to the team that Ginny didn't possess (but that she desperately wanted and needed in her business), and having this new team member created space for Ginny to continue growing and scaling her business while doing work she truly loved.

Later, Ginny told me, "Your guide was everything I needed and more! I found the perfect team member and could not have done it without your knowledge." It doesn't get much better than that!

From Abagail and Emylee, creators of Trello for Business:

One of our students took this course and told us that it was more valuable than some of the $1K courses she's taken. And this course is $29. We've had people say that they thought they would ALWAYS be scatterbrained and struggle with productivity. They took our course and the game changed. They're organized, their businesses are streamlined, and they're crushing their goals.

From Meera Kothand, creator of Email Lists Simplified:

One of my students took a maternity break and still grew her list and made sales with the systems she put in place after taking the course!

From Brittany Berger, creator of Build Your Own VA:

Rae Targos of Productive Co was able to systemize and automate enough that she created time to take on new clients and directly increase her income from automating her business!

And allow us to remind you: These raving reviews are from individuals who spent up to $297 for just one of these products! Imagine how much they’d rave if they had gotten their hands on all 18 Bundle products. (It would probably break the internet.)

Needless to say, we want you to experience the same kind of success these students/purchasers have -- and not just in one of these courses, but in all.

But the clock is ticking! Get your 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle here.


Win/Win (Solopreneur Success Bundle Style)

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

TL;DR? When you buy a Bundle today, you’re making a tangible difference in the life of women business owners around the world. No extra effort required.

We would wager a bet that there are probably a heck of a lot of things besides just money that motivate you within your biz. Location independence; setting your own work schedule; only taking on clients you really want to work with; the feeling of pure adrenaline (and coffee) racing through your veins during a launch…

But even within the realm of money, we imagine there are a lot of reasons you want to make a comfortable amount to live on. (Or perhaps even more than “comfortable.” Perhaps an obscene amount. More power to you.)

You might want to take a luxurious trip to the Amalfi Coast, a backpacking trip through Central America, or a hiking and camping expedition through the National Parks of the US.

You might want to buy gifts for your clients, nieces and nephews, significant other, or yourself without feeling a sense of dread over the price tag.

You might want to max out your 401k and Roth IRA, so that the money you earn now is working for “future you.”

You might want to pay for a virtual assistant, a house cleaner, a grocery delivery service, or a nanny so that you have more time to focus on growing your biz -- and relaxing.

You might want to give back by helping create opportunities for business owners who lack access to resources.

The great news? All of this can come true. First: We can get you started on that goal of giving back right nowBecause when you buy a Solopreneur Success Bundle today (Thursday, 9/21), we’ll give $10 of your purchase to female-owned businesses around the world through Kiva.org micro-lending.

The even better news? The rest of those goals can come when you implement the action steps from the 18 incredible resources within the Bundle.

It’s a classic case of win/win.

Turning leads from your website and social media into paying clients. Creating brilliant content (read: stellar sales funnels, sales pages that convert, and eye-catching graphics) that sells your e-course. Making crucial business hires that in turn lead to more projects, more impact, and more revenue. Setting up sustainable personal and business systems so that none of the above lead to meltdowns and breakdowns -- just productivity, relaxation, and zen. And...paying it forward to others.

That’s what we call both instant gratification and delayed gratification.

A Solopreneur’s Version of Prince Charming + Glass Slippers

Disney movies used to be all about white knights and Prince Charming. But if you’ve seen Frozen, you know it’s a modern take that focuses more on sibling love than romantic love.

But even that is so 2013. Allow us to present: the 2017 Disney-inspired* film, Unfrozen.

(Giant spoiler alert: It ends with you falling in love with your business.)

You’re sitting in front of your computer one Wednesday afternoon. (Hint: We mean today.) You feel frozen. Your mediocre coffee’s gone cold. Your to-do list is overflowing, as usual. You’re silently cursing your client who still hasn’t paid you. You’re wearing workout pants, but you have no intention of actually working out today. You’re messing around with an online image editor, trying to make graphics that don’t make you want to cry. You’re toying with the idea of hiring someone -- for the 20th time -- but dismiss it when you realize you don’t have the time to teach them. You’re starting your ninth search, “how the heck do I write a great sales page” and then jumping over to one of your 126 open tabs for your other search, “what the eff is split-testing.”

Then suddenly, you get this email, reminding you about that the Solopreneur Success Bundle is hereIt seems too good to be true. 18 resources from 18 creators who you admire, for only $99?

You think: There must be a catch. And there is. It’s only available until Friday, 9/22 at 11:59pm EST.


Is the Solopreneur Success Bundle the magic wand that will take you from frozen to the star of your own business? No, it’s just one piece of the giant fairy-tale themed puzzle.

Will you turn into a pumpkin if you don’t buy the Bundle by midnight? Probably not.

Will we send you a pair of glass slippers, free with every purchase of the Bundle? We wish.

Will it improve your relationship with your family, a la Frozen? Actually...maybe. (Since you’ll be a much more fun, relaxed version of yourself.)

Suddenly, you unfreeze and get into action. You head to the Solopreneur Success Bundle landing page to learn more, hit that beautiful Buy Now button, access the 18 products within the Bundle, and get to work making moves on your business.

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift: “It’s a love story, baby, just say yes.”

Cue the credits.

*This silly, fake film is in no way endorsed by Disney. But we’re sure they’d be just as enchanted by the magic that is the Solopreneur Success Bundle.

Our Wish for You (Solopreneur Success Bundle Edition)

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017Label us what you will (we prefer "fun nerds")...we love the back-to-school feeling that September brings, no matter how many years separated we are from the traditional classroom.

There is nothing like that feeling of mastering something you've previously struggled with or have been wanting to learn or do. Maybe it's doing a full pull-up after weeks of training, navigating a foreign country in another language after months of intensive studying, or perfecting the most delicious green smoothie after several rounds of not-so-pretty tries. (Adding blueberries makes for an interesting color...)

We want you to feel that excitement for learning -- and the subsequent thrill of accomplishment -- each and every day in your solo biz.

As a resource hub for one woman shops like yourself, we'd even go so far as to say it's our wish for you. (Sung to the tune of the Rascal Flatts song, obviously.)

With that in mind, here are 10 things you'll be able to learn + accomplish if you purchase and implement the products from the Solopreneur Success Bundle, here from September 18-22:

  1. Automate your biz processes and pump up your productivity (and sanity!) to create more time for revenue-generating activities...while leaving time for self-care, Instagram scrolling on the couch in your PJs, and watching (and rewatching) the latest episode of [insert your favorite series here]
  2. Create a killer look for your next launch with plug-n-play design templates and stock photos that'll catch eyes, increase shares, and get you a rep as "that girl with the perfectly coordinated Pinterest images"
  3. Talk about what you do and not see eyes glaze over because you nail your pitch, every time (And once you nail it? Maybe your mom will finally be able to articulate what you do, too)
  4. Be the one with the unused "unsubscribe" button in your emails because you've built a list of engaged subscribers, are nurturing them through effective automations, and know exactly what e-courses to create to keep 'em coming back for more
  5. Get paid -- on time, every time -- and conquer the flow of that cash money in your business so you can can look at your bank statements with ease, not panic
  6. Hire with confidence so you can start embracing the art of delegation and collaboration
  7. Crush your sales page copy, conquer a solid content plan, and finally use hashtags how they're meant to be used #notjudging
  8. Get yourself (legally) protected from the potential perils of the online world that you'd probably rather avoid but really, really shouldn't
  9. Master SEO and see what this "Google juice" everyone's talking about is really like
  10. Make the perfect cup of delicious, steaming hot -- or perfectly iced -- coffee, every time (because...caffeine)

...And so, so much more.

When can all of this magic happen? When you grab the Solopreneur Success Bundle before Friday. The countdown is on:


We’re Shouting from the Rooftops…The Solopreneur Success Bundle is LIVE!

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

Ya know those moments in life that you just. can't. wait. for? When your mind is so singularly-focused, your dreams are all about the same thing, and you barely notice that you haven't showered for a few days?

Then that moment comes -- and IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER! You want to shout it from the rooftops; blast it all over your social channels; send the largest group text ever.


(That's us, shouting from the rooftops.)

The 2017 Bundle is here -- and it's made up of 18 amazing resources worth more than $1,700. Your investment? $99. But here’s the catch: It’s only available this week, from September 18th - 22nd.

Streamlining and automating. Conquering your cash flow. Mastering SEO. Becoming an email marketing expert. Kicking ass with DIY design. Maintaining your sanity as a business owner. Getting set up, legally – the first time. Hiring with confidence. Crushing your copy + content. And hey, even making barista-level coffee at home. (Because...caffeine. ☕️)

Simply put? The Solopreneur Success Bundle is the best deal on the internet for the resources that will unlock your potential as a solo business owner. But the clock is ticking…


Ready to invest in your success as a solopreneur? Find out what's included and get the Bundle here.

It's not every Monday that we shout from our rooftops. So come see what all the fuss is about.

To solopreneur success!

P.S. Did you buy the Bundle last year? (Heck, yes!) Don't let that deter you from checking it out again. Take it from Brittany, who's bought the Bundle each time it's come around: "I’ve been buying it as long as I’ve been a One Woman Shop member, and have been able to bootstrap and DIY sooooo many things because of what I learn in the included resources every year!”

Back to School, Yet Again? It’s Pop Quiz Time for the Solopreneur

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

(Editor’s note: If you’re already on our email list, you got this pop quiz via email this week -- and probably #nailedit. Not on our email list? Oops! Hop on it here. In the meantime, test your knowledge below.)

It’s Back to School Month here at OWS! That means we're celebrating learning, but not just any learning: strategic learning. (Because learning #allofthethings isn't always the right decision.)

For right now, though, we want you to put your books away and take this pop quiz. Not to worry -- this one is more the business version of a Cosmopolitan quiz than the kind that will keep you up all night...

When it comes to the following, are you a 1, 2, or 3?

When it comes to putting things on autopilot in my business, I…

  1. Am a master chef of IFTTT recipes, religiously use email templates, have the sickest email marketing sales funnels, and use my project management tool every day without fail...not to mention that my FitBit auto-magically starts my coffee maker every morning as soon as I wake up.
  2. Embrace the concept, but struggle to find the balance between automating everything and maintaining a personal aspect to my biz.
  3. Think it’s fun to say #automationstation...but that’s the extent of it. After all, I’m not, like, a web developer...

When someone mentions hashtags, I…

  1. Launch into a 5-minute explanation of the hashtags that drive traffic to my Instagram, the spammy ones I avoid, and the exact increase in my Insta followers since implementing my new hashtag strategy.
  2. Admit that I drop a few into my Instagram posts here and there but don’t exactly have a strategy.
  3. Sarcastically respond with a hashtag to show how above hashtags I am. #sassy #ironic

When I think of cash flow, I…

  1. Relish the fact that I have weekly coffee dates with myself to go over my cash flow, have appointments on my calendar for important financial deadlines, and am always paid on time by my awesome clients.
  2. Get paid on time sometimes, have some savings in my bank account sometimes, and feel at ease sometimes...but I sure wish all the above were “all the time.”
  3. Think that the only way cash seems to be flowing is out of my business.

When it comes to content marketing (copy, images, and promotion), I…

  1. Am disgustingly proud of what I’ve got: insanely high-converting sales pages for my successful, highly-rated e-courses, beautiful images and stock photos that perfectly match my brand, and copy that ropes my audience in with how hilarious//heartfelt/straightforward it is.
  2. Have some content. Sometimes I market it. Isn’t that enough?
  3. Don’t really do that. Does anyone really care what I have to say?

When I think of sanity in my solo biz, I:

  1. Calmly raise my green smoothie and say “Namaste.” I’m centered, productive, and making money -- with time to spare for prioritizing meet ups with friends, time with my nieces and nephews, volunteer work at a local non-profit, and high-energy work outs.
  2. Believe I could get there with the right tools, but things keep getting in my way (like clients, money, hiring struggles, legal stresses, family, naps, Netflix, wine…)
  3. Laugh. Solopreneur sanity -- that’s an oxymoron, right?

You're done! Now, tally up your answers:

If you got mostly 1s -- Can we be you?! Close your laptop, grab a margarita, and relax. You have no more work to do. We’re sending envious but proud looks your way
If you got mostly 2s -- Think: Is there at least one of these areas that you’d love to feel especially capable in? It might be the perfect time to invest strategically in your biz to bring about some crucial changes. Hint: Monday could be just the time.
If you got mostly 3s -- Take a deep breath. Wait for next Monday. Buy the Solopreneur Success Bundle. Implement the action steps provided to you by 18 brilliant creators. Pass go, collect $200*.

*Or more

Well done, One Woman Shop. No matter your answers, you pass. Because we're all at different stages of business, facing different obstacles and celebrating different wins.

By now, it's probably no surprise that the Solopreneur Success Bundle is coming on Monday. We can't promise that if you buy the Bundle, you'll move into the first category overnight, but we can promise that -- if you do the work -- you'll benefit from some serious takeaways from the 18 products within the Bundle that'll inspire your biz for years to come.

The countdown to launch is officially on:


To strategic learning + solopreneur success!

Coffee, Cozy Socks…and a Free Bundle? (Solopreneur Success Bundle Giveaway!)

Do you ever feel like as a solopreneur, you have a one-track mind? You spend every waking minute working on your latest and greatest idea, you jot down notes in your Evernote as you're falling asleep, and you try your best to focus on your mimosa brunch when you're really thinking about your sales funnels, creative copy, and launch strategy. It's an exhilarating feeling, as long as it doesn't take over your life too much.

...And it's something your non-solopreneur friends may never truly get. Luckily, you've got a community of fellow nerds here at OWS.

Well, as you may have noticed, our one-track minds are focused on the Solopreneur Success Bundle, which goes live at 12:01am on Monday, September 18. But who's counting?


And speaking of things your non-business friends may never understand: Your excitement over insanely affordable access to 18 insanely valuable products from some of your favorite online creators. ($99 for more than $1,700 of value? Word.) 

But...what if you could get all of that and more for free? For the next two-ish weeks, you can. We're giving away the following three prizes:

  • Grand prize: One Solopreneur Success Bundle ($99 value, but really worth over $1,700)
  • Winner #2: One Target gift card ($30)
  • Winner #3: One Starbucks ($15)

Why these prizes? We want you to be fully caffeinated (thanks, Starbucks!) with a giant mug in hand and cozy socks on your feet (hey, Target!) when you open up your Solopreneur Success Bundle. All you have to do is help spread that word that the Bundle is coming. The more you share? The better chance you have of winning! But the giveaway is only live until next Friday, September 1st, at 11:59pm EST -- enter today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: In order for your points to count, you must manually perform each entry item that you claim points for. Rafflecopter does not automatically perform the action for you!

P.S. Want to do more than just spread the word about the Bundle now? You can earn cash money when you sign up to be an affiliate for the Bundle. See our call for affiliates here!

How to Make the Most of the Solopreneur Success Bundle

2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle: $1607 resources for $99!

Head’s up: The 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle has officially closed. (We're sad, too.)

But for those of you who acted during the five days it was live, we thought perhaps it might be helpful if we showed you how to make the most of it.

After all, when you purchase the Bundle, you get instant, lifetime access to 20 products, courses, and tools for your solo biz.

That’s a lot.

And while it’s no secret that we wanted to get the Solopreneur Success Bundle into the hands of as many solopreneurs around the world as possible because it’s quite possibly the best opportunity to level up your biz with amazing resources, there’s something we really don’t want: to see that Bundle sit on your metaphorical bookshelves, collecting dust.

Instead, we want to help you put these products, courses, and tools to use as you kick ass and grow your business.

Which is why we turned to our contributors to ask for their best advice for putting their products into action and generating the best results possible:

  • From Brittany Berger, creator of The Productivity Power-Up Workbook: “Don't just use this once. Your productivity is always evolving. Your work changes, your tools change, you can slip back into old bad work habits or develop new ones. I'm always paying attention to my productivity through time and task tracking, and go through the questions and everything in this workbook with myself a few times a year.”
  • From Indigo Colton, creator of Hire Your VA in 1 Week: “My best piece of advice for going through Hire Your VA in 1 Week is to trust your gut! Bringing someone else into your business is a very big deal, and it's not a decision you want to feel uncertain about.”
  • From Kerstin Auer, creator of tools for better RETREAT: “You can get the most out of this retreat by doing what you can with what you have, and by being good to yourself. It’s not a competition. If you’re having a bad day, cut yourself some slack and try again tomorrow. Be good to yourself. It’s self care, not self punishment!”
  • From Kathie Wiehanne, co-creator of BluChic themes: “Building a site for your business idea is not an overnight process. The end product is as much a journey as it is a destination and waiting for things to be perfect will only hold you back and have you feeling frustrated with the process. There is always time to review and make changes to your site, so just start! Install the theme, setup, add your content and launch! We believe when it comes to launching a website, done well is better than perfect (perfecting can come later).”
  • From Marianne Manthey, creator of Blog Beautiful: “Take your time to really do the homework and fill out the worksheets. The 50 steps can be done in whichever order you choose; use the handy checklist to check off the tasks you've already completed.”
  • From Sarah Morgan, creator of Create. Profit. Party!: “Don't wait forever to get started or to launch. Give yourself a week for affiliate promotions; a month for an ebook; no more than three months for a course. Done is better that perfect (how many times do we need to hear that??) and you'll learn from students and customers as you go. The great thing about building digital products: you can always edit and adjust as you get feedback. Just launch and see what happens!”
  • From Shay Cochrane, creator of SC Stockshop: “There are many images in the shop to choose from and that can be overwhelming for some! Our Shop-by-Color feature makes it very easy to narrow down to images that will work with your brand palette and aesthetic. If it is your first time to the shop, the Start Here page will help get you excited about the possibilities and help you to get a vision for how styled stock can really elevate your brand!”

And our best advice for tackling the Bundle as whole?

  1. Review the products, courses, and tools in the Bundle and decide what can help you right now vs. what you’ll table for later.
  2. Design an action plan for tackling those courses and products by priority.
  3. Schedule time on your calendar to go through the content and put it in action. (We like setting aside a certain amount of time per day or per week.)
  4. Find an accountability partner who is also working her way through the Solopreneur Success Bundle. (Might we suggest joining One Woman Shop and finding an accountability partner via our members-only Facebook Group?)

Remember, the smaller the steps, the more celebrations you can have as you cross tasks off along the way. #nailedit

To solopreneur success!

7 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About the Solopreneur Success Bundle (And the Creators Behind It)

2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle: $1607 resources for $99!

Truth: We’re nosy people.

We ask a lot of questions. We’re always digging a little deeper. And we love, love, love going behind-the-scenes of as many business owners’ lives as possible. (Exhibit A: the way we pass our Instagram account amongst business owners via the #OneWomanShopBaton.)

As the nosy people we are, we couldn’t wait to learn even more about the 20 creators and products behind this year’s Solopreneur Success Bundle. So, we asked. Then we thought up a few fun facts of our own.

Without further ado, here are seven fun facts you might not know about the products, courses, and tools in the Bundle:

  1. “The name for the Productivity Power-Up workbook came from imagining Super Mario. I think of productive habits like power-ups in the video game. Different habits make you faster, stronger, and smarter. And when you combine them all, you're invincible. Although to be honest, I'd rather fight my way towards a castle full of cupcakes than one measly princess, no matter how cool Peach seems.” - Brittany Berger, creator of The Productivity Power-Up workbook
  2. “It is estimated that a total of 120 Rice Krispies bars, scones, and lattes/cappuccinos were consumed during the creation of this retreat.” - Kerstin Auer, creator of tools for better RETREAT
  3. “Since our themes are designed for female entrepreneurs, we name them based on female names. Instead of going random, we go from A to Z (so it's more organized for the Type A in us) -- Adelle, Beverly, Chamomile, Dorothy...See the pattern there? ;)” - Kathie Wiehanne, co-creator of BluChic themes
  4. “The name of the book came out of a naming contest I presented to my readers. 'Blog Beautiful' was by far the best suggestion and I still love it” - Marianne Manthey, creator of Blog Beautiful
  5. “We think it’s pretty darn awesome that small business that use SC Stockshop styled stock are using the same images that huge brands like Lauren Conrad, Bride Magazine, Vogue, Whippy Cake, IPSY and TheKnot Magazine are all using as well!” - Shay Cochrane, creator of SC Stockshop
  6. Last year, One Woman Shop was able to invest $1,570 into women-run projects around the world through Kiva, via Bundle sales alone. (We take $10 from each.and.every.sale. to invest.) From Paraguay to Tajikistan and El Salvador to Kenya, you’re helping us spread the One Woman Shop support worldwide.
  7. The Bundle takes approximately four months and a few hundred emails to pull together. This year, we have 20 contributors and over 100 registered affiliates -- meaning a whole lotta communication. #goodthingwelovenetworking

If we could somehow also tally how much wine has been consumed in the coordination of the Bundle (including this week’s launch, alone), we would. But, alas, some things are better left not measured. Agreed?

One last fun fact for you today: This year’s Bundle is made up of 20 products, courses, and tools collectively worth over $1,600 -- and it can be yours for just $99, for two more days, only. (See: giant ticker below.)

Check it out + grab yours!


To solopreneur success! (And lots -- and lots -- of Rice Krispies bars + wine…)