To Peach, We Say: Happy Birthday! ?

Happy birthday, Cristina!

Today (July 14th) is a very peachy day around these parts.

It's Friday.

It's part of the same week that the idea for One Woman Shop was born.'s our founder Cristina's BIRTHDAY! ?

Now, you may know Cristina as a world traveler, a kickass community leader, and -- if you're me -- a stellar business partner.

But, there's more. You see, Cristina recently discovered the magic of communicating via emojis over on Slack -- and it's been a gamechanger.

So, I thought it best to reciprocate the love with all.the.emotions. (okay, emojis) that come up when I think of our co-head honcho, Cristina -- AKA Peach. ?

Here goes nothing:

Cristina, as a business partner, you're the ?.

When I think of you in Guatemala, I have visions of ??.

Your direct outreach skills deserve a ?.

When your wifi plays tricks on you, I share in your ?.

When you're mentoring/coaching others, you really make us ?.

For some reason, every time we get on a call, I'm inspired to drink even more ☕️.

Whenever the going gets rough, I want to send you ?.

I always look forward to evening coworking sessions because I know we'll both have ?.

I feel your pain from afar when you're on a ✈️.

I could not be happier to be the ? to your ?.

Today, and every day, I wish you lots of ☀️!

Happy birthday, Peach! May your year be full of the happiest emojistions. ?