The 2015 Solopreneur Success Bundle has come and gone, but we'd hate for you to miss out on the chance to better your biz, so naturally we have a solution for that:

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Whether you're starting or leveling up your solopreneur biz, there are a few things that are incredibly important: the community that surrounds you, the content you create that gives you a voice, the confidence you need to control your finances, and the productivity and self-care that keeps you sane.

And, by buying the One Woman Shop Bundle, you'll be taking the first step to kick ass in all of them.

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And if that just isn't enough, you can still get your hands on the products featured in the 2015 Bundle. Grab 'em below!


Anna Long headshotBeta Lab: Create & Test For Launch Success - Anna Long of Electric Empire (Value: $97)

What it is: The self-paced e-course that will help you create and test your services so they can stop being ideas in your head and become real life money makers instead. You’ll receive templates for sales pages, feedback forms and more, exclusive video training to help you create images that will impress, and access to a private Facebook Group.

About Anna: Anna is an intuitive business strategist with a track record of helping fledgling business owners turn a coveted profit corner including taking clients from zero to $9000 in monthly income in six months.

What others say about the course: "Great practical advice on how to test your idea before you go all in. Saves time, money and guesswork so you can focus on getting your offering right for both your clients and yourself." - Callie Willows

Marianne Manthey headshotBlog Beautiful - Marianne Manthey of Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog (Value: $24)

What it is: Effortlessly create a professional looking blog without spending thousands! This 178-page PDF is a self-paced course with a checklist, worksheets and tutorials to hold your hand every step of the way. Take your site from blog ugly to blog lovely using your existing design skills, learn the secret to a successful blog that most bloggers miss, and find out the key elements your blog must have.

About Marianne: Marianne is a web designer, blogger + mom who helps creative female solopreneurs create beautiful online appearances that match their unique work and personalities through supportive, friendly feedback + helpful step-by-step tutorials + guides.

What others say about the course: "Blog Beautiful is a beautifully written and crafted book that is currently helping me design the website for my new online business. After reading Marianne's book, I found how easy it was to create the website that I want without spending much money. I'm so glad I found a blogger who stands by and can be living proof about what they write." - Mary Lyndall

OneWomanShop_headshotBuilding Your Online Community - Cristina Roman + Sara Frandina of One Woman Shop (Value: $49)

What it is: The 14-week, step-by-step, action-packed guide you need to kick off and strengthen your online community as a solopreneur.

About One Woman Shop: One Woman Shop is a resource hub and membership community co-run by Cristina and Sara, who believe that business isn't one-size-fits-all, and going it alone shouldn't be lonely.

What others say about the course: "Oh. My. Goodness. I am SO impressed by this course! I love how comprehensive it is, and how it takes such a broad definition of "community" (maybe I'm slow, but I was picturing community to refer to my readers/followers/clients and not much else!)" - Ashleigh McGarity

Coach Jennie headshotCoaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp - Jennie Mustafa-Julock, The Audacity Coach (Value: $250)

What it is: An epic, self-paced online program where you’ll learn everything Jennie’s spent over 9 years fighting to figure out as a coach, all meticulously packaged and templated to shorten your learning curve, including video presentations, mega-packed workbooks, and case studies of coaches and consultants who have successfully implemented all of the above.

About Jennie: Coach Jennie, aka The Audacity Coach, helps driven solopreneurs on the brink of something spectacular figure out how to astonish the heck out of themselves.

What others say about the course: "Coaching Biz Badassery Bootcamp is not just another fluff-filled course or guide to raking in more money. It has literally changed my business and my mindset. No more frustrations about how to get more clients. No more agonizing over how to pitch people my services. No more uncertainty about my direction. This program is worth three times what I paid!" - Carrie Smith

Sarah Morgan headshotCreate. Profit. Party! - Sarah Morgan of XOSarah (Value: $29)

What it is: Create. Profit. Party! is a 100-page start from scratch guide to creating passive income, so you can build products and programs that will not only be valuable to your audience and enhance what you’re already putting out there, but also allow you to work less.

About Sarah: Sarah is a web designer, writer, and consultant for badass creatives, freelancers, bloggers, and small biz owners helping them escape the clutches of the 9 to 5 and build bold, successful brands and businesses online.

What others say about the e-book: "Loving Sarah's new ebook on passive income. Seriously, this is gold. I already have two products outlined!" - Allison Barclay

Amanda Genther HeadshotCreative Biz Kickstart - Amanda Genther (Value: $75)

What it is: A 16-lesson crash-course on all things creative business basics. Amanda dishes on four main topics: branding, clients + offerings, marketing + time management, and goal setting. Each lesson has a companion PDF to help you put what you're learning into place for your own business.

About Amanda: Through her passion for helping women play bigger in business, Amanda helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by providing personality-inspired design + next-level strategy for their online courses.

What others say about the course: "There are so many thought-provoking questions that really helped open up my mind to new possibilities and develop action plans." - Kate Patchett

Michelle Nickolaisen headshotThe Freelance Planner - Michelle Nickolaisen of Bombchelle Industries (Value: $15)

What it is: The first planner designed specifically for freelancers. It doesn't just give you a place to write things down -- it trains you into better business and productivity habits as you use it. Comes undated so you can start using it at any time!

About Michelle: Michelle is a freelance writer and business owner based in Austin, TX where she watches a whole lotta sci-fi on Netflix when she's not working.

What others say about the planner: "I'm not sure what else to say here other than 'I love this.' Organizational tools are my weak spot. If you've never taken on weekly planning like this, The Freelancer Planner is simple, though comprehensive, enough to help you get started." - Jennifer Mattern

Amber McCue headshotHow to Clone Yourself - Amber McCue of NiceOps (Value: $149)

What it is: A 4-week, DIY workshop that shows the exasperated, drowning, overstressed, overworked, overtaxed business owner how to make more time for yourself and how to make more money for yourself… without making more work for yourself.

About Amber: Amber and the NiceOps team work with savvy business owners to take them from startup mode to being the CEO of their game-changing empire.

What others say about the workshop: "Forget cloning myself, I want to clone Amber! She not only is a pro at making your business run smoother but more profitable! I am so blessed to have her as my go-to girl for running not just a good business, but a great business that I love to run every day." - Erin Giles

Ashley Beaudin headshotJournaling Prompts for Visionary Women - Ashley Beaudin of Firework People (Value: $25)

What it is: A 14-day email course for visionary women who are doing their dreams and want to connect with their hearts to process what is going on in their inner world. There will be days dedicated to passion, community, fear, values, desire and many more.

About Ashley: Ashley is the founder of #fireworkpeople and audaciously believes that every woman has a dream that can change the world.

What others say about the course: "It's like whoa! As I went through this I thought, 'Dang Ash, what are you doing to me?' It definitely touched on things that I thought I'd dealt with but haven't." - Rach Wheatley

Sara Frandina headshotKickstart Your Content - Sara Frandina of Sara Frandina Strategies (Value: $29)

What it is: A workbook for newbies + stalled pros who want a strategy behind their blog and the kickstart they need to get it in motion. Set actionable goals, learn how to use your audience, competitors, and keyword research to brainstorm, create an epic content plan, and start writing.

About Sara: Sara is a copywriter and editor with an insatiable appetite for books, travel, and popcorn. She also happens to be 1/2 of the One Woman Shop team.

What others say about the workbook: "As a thought leader, I know content marketing is something I *should* do, but I’ve never had a strategy because I didn’t know where to start. This fluff-free, highly actionable guide delivers everything a blogger needs to know. Most importantly, I’m now clear and ready to start creating the best possible content to connect with my audience." - Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Shenee Howard headshotPrice Anything - Shenee Howard of Hey Shenee (Value: $25)

What it is: A video workshop guiding you through the process of finding your own price, with a guide for beta testing your next thing and insights on how much money you’ll make this year.

About Shenee: Shenee helps aspiring entrepreneurs go from thinking about having a business to actually making money doing what they love. She teaches workshops. She writes. She helps you get shiz done, yo.

What others say about the workshop: "I went from not knowing what to charge to coming up with a price that felt good and a strategy behind it." - Jessica Williams

Ashley Brooks headshotThe Self-Editing Handbook - Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial (Value: $12)

What it is: The ultimate guide for bloggers and writers who are serious about producing excellent content but don't have the budget to hire a pro. Learn how to DIY the four major types of editing: developmental, line, copyediting, and proofreading. Includes two editing checklists, resource lists, and exercises to take your content to the next level.

About Ashley: Ashley is a writer and editor working to help writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs discover their best creative process.

What others say about the Handbook: "The Self-Editing Handbook is the perfect guide for writers looking to take control of their writing. Ashley even includes thorough handouts that helps writers figure out their audience and their voice -- it was like she gave me all the tools I needed!" - Nikki Tran

Lisa Jacobs headshotShop Fundamentals - Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity (Value: $15)

What it is: Shop Fundamentals will help you to understand relevant keywords and SEO, teach you the three key elements of a visitor's first impression, how to keep your visitors interested and engaged, how to turn those visitors into paying customers, and how to improve your product listings to increase conversion.

About Lisa: Lisa is a marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs. Her expertise comes from her own success in turning $100 of supplies into thousands of sales and a top-earning Etsy storefront. She shares her insights and strategy at Marketing Creativity, and is the proud creator of The Luminaries Club.

What others say about the e-book: "Thank you so much for the peaceful encouragement that is contained in this package! While this isn't an overnight fix-all, I do believe that I'm gaining a better understanding of how to build a successful creative business while keeping a positive attitude."

Carrie Smith headshot Solopreneur Finances - Carrie Smith of Careful Cents (Value $79)

What it is: Over 12 lessons, you'll learn how to get organized, simplify the financial obstacles of being a business owner, and find what works for you so you can manage money on your terms. Note: The One Woman Shop community gets 10% with the code OWS10 at checkout in CourseCraft!

About Carrie: Carrie is on a mission to help freelancers overcome financial mountains, and has a built a community of over 5,000 business owners at

What others say about the course: "This is one of the best e-courses I have taken! I am learning so much. Thank you!" -- Kendra Barnes

Jac McNeil headshotThe Solopreneur Sojourn - Jac McNeil (Value: $179)

What it is: A self-guided, digital retreat kit for your business. Book your retreat on your own time, at your favourite nature-rich location (or, in the serenity of your own home) and follow the material to create your own comprehensive and personalized business retreat experience. Easy and powerful.

About Jac: Jac offers a highly specialized and seamless blend of coaching, brand positioning and thought partnership for women entrepreneurs, helping them show up in their work with more authenticity, confidence, intention and power.

What others say about the retreat: "I cracked the kit open the first night and was immediately blown away by the beauty, the love, the wisdom that Jac has crafted. This is a totally immersive experience for you and your business. Carve out time soon to renew with it – you will be delighted you did!" - Jennifer Louden

Halley Gray headshotSupercharged Sales Pages E-course - Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed (Value: $197)

What it is: A self-paced e-course that shows you how to write sales pages that sell in seconds. Get the formulas, strategies and methods to turn strangers into buyers. The course includes three days of classes in your inbox, a 40-page PDF of all things sales pages, including worksheets and templates for both product and service sales pages.

About Halley: Halley is the founder of Evolve and Succeed, the origin of Evolutionary Marketing™. She teaches you, the service-based badass, how to sell your packages and products while having a party the whole time.

What others say about the course: "It's the bees patellas! I sold out my last course using this sales page writing technique." - Sas Petherick

Shannon Mattern headshotWP+BFF WordPress Starter Kit - Shannon Mattern of WP+BFF (Value: $97)

What it is: Designed to help you build your WordPress site by showing you step-by-step everything you need to do (and don't need to do) to get your site done fast. You get instant access to all five days of the challenge, the 5-Day Challenge Workbook with checklists to keep you on track, and access to the WP+BFF Facebook group for 1-on-1 support.

About Shannon: Shannon is a WordPress expert who has helped over 800 solopreneurs save time, money and sanity while doing it themselves with her 5-Day Website Challenge.

What others say about the Kit: “I came across the 5 Day Challenge at the perfect time when I was looking at either trying to figure a new site all out via online articles and various YouTube videos... or pay some web/I.T. expert a fortune to do it for me. Thanks for all your help, I'll be recommending the 5 Day Challenge and your services to others.” - Marc McLean

Bridget Harris You Can Book Me headshotYouCanBook.Me - Bridget Harris of YCBM (Value: $144)

What it is: makes booking time online easy, efficient and leaves you free to get on with running your business without the scheduling headaches. Take bookings directly into your online calendar and display your available times on your own personalised booking page (which can be embedded in your website).

About YCBM: CEO Bridget Harris had a successful career in politics before where she works alongside husband Keith (CTO). They are both passionate about the power of tech to be a force for good.

What others say about the tool: "The team at are doing a stellar job - I can't live without it for a scheduling tool. I love that I can personalize it, and I get so many comments from users that it's a great tool. I can't thank you guys enough for making my life easier!" - Alan Price

Indigo Colton headshotYour Ultimate VA Crash Course - Indigo Colton (Value: $14)

What it is: A step-by-step e-book to help you find + hire your first kickass virtual assistant in as little as two weeks. It's 29 jam-packed pages that will walk you through determining if you're ready for a VA, how to find potential VAs, what to ask in the interview, and what happens after you've hired your VA.

About Indigo: Indigo is a twenty-something virtual assistant, passionate blogger, and full-time college student. Her mission is to help and inspire as many small business owners and entrepreneurs as she can truly love their online existence.

What others say about the e-book: "The VA Crash Course has proved to be just what I was looking for! It is insightful, informative, and jam-packed with relevant info to help me make the best possible decision for my business." - Amy Innes


Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission on products purchased. As always, we only mention products + services that we think might benefit your solo business.