the solopreneur sanity handbook

Your go-to guide for finding the intersection of productive and sane to maximize your time working so you can maximize your time living.


You started your solo business to ditch the stress of working for someone else -- to work from where you want, when you want.

Yet somehow, that got lost as the realities of business and life set in. Now, every time you think of that 9am spin class, the 4pm happy hour, a random Netflix binge, or an afternoon off with your best friend, you immediately think this: “I don’t have time for that.” Or, worse: “I don’t deserve that.”

Perhaps you’re the opposite: You’re doing all of the above on the regular (hey, two-hour afternoon nap every day!), and feel guilty knowing that your work is suffering because of the lack of structure.

Whether you’re pushing to be more productive than possible or you feel like you’re not productive enough, one thing’s for certain: your sanity comes and goes as it pleases.

The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook is your oxygen mask for when your sanity is crashing.

The 94-page Handbook is made up of scenarios and solutions that will meet you where you are in your solo journey and provide the mindset shifts and action steps needed to achieve the work-life blend you strive for -- with less stress, and more sanity. Working through the Handbook will help you:

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Reclaim your freedom

Time management-centered solutions will get you past standard productivity pitfalls that keep you from having the freedom you want both at your desk (or kitchen table… or in bed) and away from it.

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Take control of your days

Solutions like mastering the art of saying no and setting boundaries will give you back ownership of your days and help you capitalize on your energy to be more effective with your time.

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Get your #1 asset (you) back

Creating the space to prioritize self-care will have you sleeping better at night and feeling your best during the day, so your business can fully benefit from its number one asset: you.

Running a business you love doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your sanity.

The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook helps you get it back, time after time. Here's how it works:

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Intentionally design your business: your solopreneur pledges

The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook is not a guide to freeing up your time and then filling it right back up. It starts by recognizing how you want to feel and writing your solopreneur pledges -- then taking the steps to make them a reality.

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Create your own adventure: 20 scenarios that meet you where you are

You will have both situations that pop up on the regular to test your sanity, as well as scenarios that only happen once in a blue moon. No matter where you are, the Handbook meets you there and provides actionable solutions to get your sanity back.

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Shift your mindset and get into action: 27 tried-and-true solutions

Not only have we seen these solutions work amongst the One Woman Shop community; we’ve used all of them ourselves. From immediate fixes to long-term strategies, the Handbook includes 27 tried-and-true solutions to help you time and again.

“LOVE how you have scenarios and solutions set up and cross-referenced! What a fantastic resource!” - Kerstin Auer, Tools for Better

You can’t entirely eliminate the ups and downs of solopreneurship, but you can learn to get comfortable with the chaos.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What can I expect from The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook?

The 94-page PDF is set up as a "create your own adventure" guide, where you identify the scenario(s) you might be in, and then explore the corresponding solutions. It is not meant to be read through once and forgotten -- it is your go-to guide when both familiar and surprise situations pop up that test your sanity. Please note: The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook is not meant to be a replacement for coaching or therapy.

Why should I trust you to teach me about sanity?

Valid question! Let us introduce ourselves: We’re Cristina and Sara. We’ve both run (and are running) successful solo businesses, and have been fortunate to interact with, facilitate, and coach an amazing community of female solo business owners at One Woman Shop. We’ve also experienced everything in this Handbook, and have lived to tell about it.

I’m a brand new solopreneur/I’ve been at this for years. Is this relevant?

The Handbook recognizes patterns that manifest at all levels of solopreneurship and includes a blend of both foundational tactics as well as advanced strategies. As our co-head honcho, Sara, said: “I only wish I had this when I started my business over two years ago. I’d be in such a better place right now!” (Clearly she’s a little biased -- but also very honest!)

How is The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook delivered?

The handbook is delivered as a PDF through SendOwl. You will receive it immediately upon purchase. If you have any issues during the purchasing process, please email [email protected].

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on the Handbook?

If you’ve worked your way through the entire Handbook, implemented the Try It tips and exercises we recommend with each solution and truly feel that you did not benefit from what you’ve learned and implemented, we are happy to offer your money back.

I have more questions/I’d like to get in touch!

We’re always happy to answer them! You can reach us anytime by emailing [email protected].

Ready, set, sanity!

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