Let’s face it: we jump into our side hustles and solopreneur endeavors because we’re ridiculously passionate about something and want to spend our days doing it. Oftentimes, that something doesn’t include the logistics like keeping the books, invoicing clients, paying estimated taxes -- you know, the fun stuff.

Well, luckily, that stuff is fun for some people -- and Carrie Smith of Careful Cents happens to be one of them! That’s why we couldn’t think of a better expert to collaborate with to produce a course for the One Woman Shop community on finance for solopreneurs.

Solopreneur Finance: Managing Money On Your Own Terms is a 12-week, virtual course that we've designed for you via CourseCraft.

Throughout the course, you’re going to get your questions answered when it comes to:

  • How to break the status quo and make money "rules" that work for you
  • How to best set up your business in terms of legal designations and what that means for your financials
  • The key elements of DIY finance
  • How to hire a bookkeeper if and when the time comes
  • What systems you should have in place before growing your business
  • When it's time to pay taxes, and how to go about it

...and that's not even the half of it. We went to great lengths to cover the topics that will most benefit One Woman Shops from day one to day 1,000, and well beyond.

This course is all about you - how to manage your money, while balancing many other aspects of your solopreneur business -- on your own terms. It’s about finding the “rules” that fit your business.

Most importantly, by taking in the material and completing each week’s action, you’ll come out with the confidence to own your finances as a solopreneur.

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Questions? Shoot us an email. It’s time to own your finances, solopreneurs!