Resources & Tools

This list of tools and resources is (and probably always will be!) a work in progress, so be sure to stay tuned and let us know if you have any favorites to add!

Courses, Worksheets, E-books, + Programs

    • The One Woman Shop Bundle: a roundup of four One Woman Shop-created products (Building Your Online Community, Solopreneur Finances, Kickstart Your Content, and the upcoming Solopreneur Sanity ecourse). Get four courses (worth $204) that'll help you kick your business off + level up for just $99!
    • Building Your Online Community: a 14-week, self-paced ecourse to help you build + strengthen your online community as a solopreneur (with upgrade options for group + individual coaching)
    • Solopreneur Finance: Managing Money on Your Own Terms: a 12-week e-course in collaboration with Carrie Smith of Careful Cents. Get 10% with the code OWS10 at checkout!
    • Stress Less & Impress: a self-paced e-course from Leah Kalamakis of Freelance to Freedom designed to help you to help you streamline your freelance process and turn your clients into raving fans
    • Hey! Nice Package: Rebecca Tracey's multi-media course on creating business packages that sell.
    • Small Business Bodyguard: designed to help you protect yourself and your small business legally- chockful of cheat sheets, checklists, worksheets, and templates to help you CYA (cover your ass)
    • Supercharged Sales Pages E-Course: Halley Gray of Evolve + Succeed's e-course on formulas, strategies and methods to turn strangers into buyers through your sales pages.
    • WP+BFF Academy: a self-paced course from Shannon Mattern that helps you build your website right...the first time
    • SkillCrushan interactive learning platform that teaches digital skills through Blueprints.

Digital Marketing



    • BluChic: feminine, chic WordPress themes (including the one used on this site!)
    • NoseGraze: WordPress themes, plugins, + more
    • Elegant Themes: premium WordPress themes; buy access to all 87 themes for $39 (that's $.48 per theme)
    • Creative Market: some awesome finds from independent designers
    • Restored 316 Designs: feminine WordPress themes built on the Genesis framework
    • Themezilla: WordPress themes and plugins for designers, developers, artists, photographers, bloggers and business owners
    • Designer Blogs: Blogger templates for $15
    • Angie Makes: feminine WordPress themes for $70
    • The Pixelista: feminine WordPress themes built on the Genesis framework



    • Shopify: create an online store to sell products 
    • WooCommerce: a plugin that lets you easily sell products through your WordPress site


Social Media


    • Pagemodo: create custom cover photos and custom tabs, schedule posts, and more



    • Viraltag: schedule and monitor pins 


Graphic Design

    • PicMonkey: easy-to-use photo editing and design platform
    • Canva: simple design for anyone. Really!
    • HTML Color Picker: get the lighter and darker shades of any color
    • Image Color Picker: upload any image to figure out the exact HEX color match
    • What the Font: submit an image to find out what font is being used

Email Marketing



    • Boomerang: an email plugin that allows you to send emails later, as well as return emails to your inbox if no one has responded to them. See more: 7 Creative Uses for Boomerang
    • Rapportive: a plugin that allows you to see the social media profiles of your email contacts in the right sidebar of your email
    • YouCanBook.Me: a tool that links with Google Calendar to allow people to book time on your calendar. Eliminates the back-and-forth calendar shuffle when setting a meeting time! See more in our interview series with three YouCanBook.Me users
    • Doodle: like YouCanBook.Me, but for easily scheduling a group event or meeting


    • FreshBooks: invoicing for small business owners
    • Shoeboxed: easy receipt scanning and expense tracking
    • Square: accept credit cards with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
    • MileBug: a smartphone app for tracking mileage for tax purposes


    • Open Site Explorer: perform competitive link research, explore backlinks, anchor text, and more to help your site's SEO


    • Google Drive: in our opinion, the best way to share documents, collaborate with others, and give your clients access to important information
    • EchoSign: electronic signature service that allows you to send documents via email and get a legally binding signature. See more on Tools We Love: EchoSign
    • Evernote: the best note-taking app ever, in our humble opinion
    • Feedly: an easy way to follow all of your favorite blogs and websites (like One Woman Shop!) in one place. See more on Tools We Love: Feedly
    • CamScanner: a free phone app that acts as a scanner to turn photos into PDFs (that you can actually read)
    • SourceSleuth: a free service that connects you to quality sources for interviews and more (we used it when we were compiling our email marketing tips from creative female entrepreneurs)

Time Management & Productivity

    • RescueTime: a service that shows you how you spend your time on the computer and provides tools to help you be more productive
    • Pomodoro Technique: a time management method that encourages you to work in 25 minute intervals with a short break in between
    • 168 Hours Spreadsheet: record everything you do for a week to see where your time is going and how it can be reassigned
    • Coffitivity: coffee shop sounds from the comfort of your home office- or bed


We may receive a commission or payment from the companies above. As always, we only promote products and services that we think you might benefit from.