Prior to the Hire

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For more than two years now, we've been talking to industry professionals from photographers to social media managers, virtual assistants to graphic designers, lawyers to accountants, and other specialists that you might one day need in your corner. Here's what they shared: expert knowledge of what you need to know and do before hiring them. Because, fellow solopreneur, as we always preach: going it alone shouldn't feel lonely, and you simply cannot do it all (as much as we might try!).

When you're ready to get a specialist on your side, Prior to the Hire will give you what you need to build a successful working relationship.

Fun facts about the ebook:

  • 51 professionals featured
  • 11 categories: photographers, virtual assistants, copywriters, SEO experts, lawyers, accountants, designers, developers, event planners, social media managers, business coaches
  • 34 pages

I picked up some great tips here for my soon-to-happen accountant hire, plus considerations for other professional hires. Thank you for putting this together! - Laura Childs

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