Multipassionate Quiz

Intrigued by the concept of multipassionistas? Take this quiz to see if you might be an undercover multipassionate!

Have you ever been ecstatic to take on a new project, worked on it nonstop for a period, and then suddenly decided you were “over it”?

Do you have a hard time answering questions about your long-term goals because you can see tons of possible outcomes?

Are you unsure how to accurate sum up your vast interests when someone asks what you do?

Similarly, does your answer to "What do you do?" take longer than the answers of those around you because you just have

Does the idea of a portfolio career intrigue you?

Do you feel like you don’t have just one calling?

Do you often describe yourself as a generalist instead of a specialist?

On good days, do you feel like you’re on fire with a hundred ideas and on bad days, feel like you’re flaky and all over the place?

Do you feel envious when you see Twitter or blog bios that read “writer/designer/entrepreneur/etc”?

Does the term “Jill [or Jack!] of All Trades” seem fitting for you?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you might be a multipassionista! So what now? Check out our interviews with other multipassionates, look through our resources for multipassionates, and stay tuned for tips on how to effectively channel your multipassionate tendencies! And if you liked this quiz, share it with others by clicking to tweet!