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The 64-page, step-by-step guide that helps newbies + stalled pros (like you!) create a content strategy behind your blog -- then get it started.

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Content is king, queen, and ruler of the world — and it’s your key to connecting with and converting the audience you most want to work with. It’s time to quit pulling your hair out about why you’re blogging, what you’re blogging about, and how to know when it’s ready to hit publish.

With Kickstart Your Content, you get the blueprint you need for building actionable goals for your blog, discovering how to use your audience, competitors, and keywords to use your planning, build a kickass editorial calendar, write that first (stellar) blog post, and hit publish with the editing confidence you need.

With the tools and lessons in Kickstart Your Content, you'll create a strategy, get writing, and publish epic content that establishes you as the expert you are.

What others are saying: “As a thought leader, I know content marketing is something I *should* do, but I’ve never had a strategy because I didn’t know where to start. This fluff-free, highly actionable guide delivers everything a blogger or blogger-to-be needs to know without boring us with too many geeky details. Most importantly, I’m now clear and ready to start creating the best possible content to connect with my audience.” – Jennie Mustafa-Julock, The Audacity Coach

Save yourself hours + keep that (gorgeous) hair on your head:
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Kickstart Your Content eliminates the hair-pulling dread that comes at the thought of creating content, breaks down the barriers to getting started, and diminishes the pain that comes in actually writing.

Want to know more? Here’s what the workbook includes, and what you’ll walk away with:

Chapter 1 – Why Create Content?
Set goals for your content and kick imposters to the curb.
What you’ll walk away with: a firmer grasp of where content falls in your lead trail and a goal-setting exercise to light your fire.

Chapter 2 – Audience + Competitive Analysis
Make your audience the center of attention + use competitors to your advantage.
What you’ll walk away with: a blueprint for determining your audience(s) in order to make them the core of your strategy, and an audit that helps you use your competitors to your advantage.

Chapter 3 – The Magic of Keywords
Creating a keyword strategy you can use to inform content planning.
What you’ll walk away with: a how-to on using Google’s Keyword Planner for brainstorming, and a goldmine of ideas for your content.

Chapter 4 – Content Planning
Creating a fan-freakin’-tastic plan for the kickass content you’re going to create.
What you’ll walk away with: an epic, strategic plan for the content you’re going to create.

Chapter 5 – Writing
The process + tools you need to get it done.
What you’ll walk away with: a blogging process, template, and tools in your arsenal to get posts written — and at least one under your belt.

Chapter 6 – Self-Editing + Hitting Publish
Polishing your posts + gaining the confidence to press publish.
What you’ll walk away with: a checklist of what to ask to make sure you’ve hit the mark with each piece and the confidence to hit publish.

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Kickstart Your Content is what you need to re-energize your blog, create content that matters, and convert more clients. And it’s just $29.

Kickass content with a purpose is just a workbook away.

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