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Meg Casebolt

Photo of Meg Casebolt
Design Concierge & Marketing Strategist Casebolt Creative

Casebolt Creative is a graphic design agency that focuses on providing professional, affordable graphic design for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit agencies. We provide design expertise in: print design and production, identity creation and branding support, advertisement design, special event collateral (such as invitations, programs, and corresponding materials), book layout, proposal generation, and web design.

Website: Casebolt Creative
Categories: Design Work

Emily Connell

Photo of Emily Connell
Owner, Knitwear Designer Emily Connell Designs

Emily is a knit and crochetwear designer and textile artist. She creates custom items for anything you can dream up for knitwear. She recently began expanding to new textile products, including felted soaps.

Website: Emily Connell Designs
Categories: Design Work, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Lilly Garcia

Photo of Lilly Garcia
Owner/Designer Lilly Garcia Design

Lilly Garcia helps small and mid-sized businesses align their visual presentation to the brand they’ve already been working so hard to build. 

Website: Lilly Garcia
Categories: Design Work

Cindy Harris

Photo of Cindy Harris
President and Founder Harris Studios, Inc

Cindy Harris is president and founder of Harris Studios. A graphic designer, painter, and enthusiast for all things art, Cindy began Harris Studios 15 years ago after more than a decade in corporate design. Cindy believes in the importance of good design and the power of a consistent brand in reflecting who your business is and where it is headed. Through her work, she has created authentic brand identities and unique marketing materials for businesses in travel & tourism, food & beverage, retail & spas, and events & promotions.

Website: Harris Studios, Inc
Categories: Business Consulting, Design Work, Marketing Services, Photography, Visual Artist

Jill Hinton

Photo of Jill Hinton
Designer & Illustrator JJ Hinton Design

Jill creates original illustrations to make your blog, website, and ebooks pop with personality. She also crafts feminine and modern branding systems including logos, promotional materials, social media strategy, and more. She’s especially passionate about social enterprises, plants, empowering women, and really great brownies.

Website: JJ Hinton Design
Categories: Design Work, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Ciera Holzenthal

Photo of Ciera Holzenthal
Owner + Graphic Designer Ciera Design Studio

Ciera Holzenthal is the owner, graphic designer and blogger behind the Ciera Design Studio and founder of The Made in Mind Social. Specializing in visual branding, she’s passionate about creating successful brands for creative entrepreneurs.

Website: Ciera Design
Categories: Design Work

Desiree Jester

Photo of Desiree Jester
Owner/Operator A Place To Nest

A Place To Nest is a web and blog design studio. Desiree creates online homes for people who want to share their unique talents, passions, and stories with the world. (Because if you can’t share your story at home, where can you share it?)

Website: A Place To Nest
Categories: Design Work, Web Development

Sara Lloyd

Photo of Sara Lloyd
Chieftess Sara Does

Sara Does is about doing life differently, creating opportunities, and making your own rules. It’s about straddling the line between living a life you seriously love and not taking life too seriously. Sara is a self-motivated, future-thinking maven of imaginative ideas. She loves promoting + championing creative people and small businesses, and wants to help you be sassy and feel classy in your real life and on the Internet.

Website: Sara Does
Categories: Design Work, Marketing Services, Retail Store Owner (Online), Web Development

Christie Montague

Photo of Christie Montague
Owner/Designer Christie Montague

Christie Montague is a graphic designer with a marketing background so she does more than make things pretty. She works with clients to create designs that meet their business goals. Christie specializes in web design including social media graphics, user interface design, presentations and document design.

Website: Christie Montague
Categories: Design Work

Jessica Suhr

Photo of Jessica Suhr
Designer & Owner Lovely Day Atelier

Jessica is a branding and publication designer who creates vibrant and stylish graphics for clients who want to express their brand in their own unique way. She works with creative business owners who are passionate about their work and want everything they put out into the world to be polished and beautiful.

Website: The Lovely Day Atelier
Categories: Design Work

Jennifer Vitale

Photo of Jennifer Vitale
Owner/Designer Celebrated Lady

Celebrated Lady is a one of a kind, limited edition and custom design handmade jewelry business for the modern bohemian in the everyday lady! Every piece is thoughtfully designed and carefully made by Jennifer Vitale the designer and owner of Celebrated Lady. Jennifer’s favorite materials to use are her handcrafted polymer clay beads and charms, salvaged vintage beads, wood, and semi-precious stones.

Website: Celebrated Lady
Categories: Design Work, Retail Store Owner (Online)

Heather Witkop

Photo of Heather Witkop
Graphic and Product Designer Heather Witkop Design

Heather Witkop Design is a product development, brand strategy and graphic design company with a passion for bringing ideas to life. Our services include concept design, CAD modeling, 3D renderings, logo identity and print materials. Working across multiple platforms gives us the opportunity to create a truly unique brand and amazing visuals for individuals and small businesses.

Website: Heather Witkop Design
Categories: Design Work