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Erin Johnstone

Photo of Erin Johnstone
Owner Vivid Numbers PLLC

Vivid Numbers is a not-so-traditional CPA firm that embraces technology. Our specialty is helping digital entrepreneurs face their finances and get control of their cash allowing them to meet their expenses, pay themselves and the tax man…without all the stress!

Website: Vivid Numbers PLLC
Categories: Financial Consulting/Accounting

Carrie Smith

Photo of Carrie Smith
Financial Expert and Blogger Careful Cents

Careful Cents is a blog about the ups-and-downs of being a solopreneur, and features ideas and strategies to tackle financial mountains, while making a living on your terms. In 2012 Carrie paid off over $14,000 of consumer debt, then quit her full-time accounting job a year later. Since then she’s launched the Careful Cents Club and built a community of over 7,000 creative freelancers.

Website: Careful Cents
Categories: Blogger, Financial Consulting/Accounting, Writing

Tai Stewart

Photo of Tai Stewart
Chief Solution-Seeker Saidia Financial Solutions

Saidia Financial Solutions is a full service financial firm dedicated to assisting families and small business owners with tax strategy, wealth building, and financial coaching.

Website: Saidia Financial
Categories: Coaching, Financial Consulting/Accounting