Contributor Guidelines

We are so excited that you are interested in contributing to One Woman Shop!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Who can submit: We welcome submissions from any and all One Woman Shops -- that is, female solo business owners and side-hustlers.

Who our readers are: Our blog is widely read by female solopreneurs or freelancers, predominantly between the ages of 25-34 who are both starting and expanding businesses. The majority of our audience is based in the US, but we have a fair amount of site users and followers from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Germany as well.

What to contribute: Please check out the ways you can contribute and use the general topics below to guide you as you prepare your pitch.

Our 2018 editorial calendar will include posts on the following topics:

  • Operations & Logistics (legal, finances, taxes, invoicing)
  • Marketing & Sales (general inbound and outbound marketing, including but not limited to content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, live streaming, webinars)
  • Speaking & other offline marketing tactics
  • Public relations & Publicity
  • SEO & Search marketing
  • Productivity & Automation (systems, time management, tips and tools)
  • Paid media (social advertising and more)
  • Collaborations & Community building
  • Branding & Design
  • Web design & development
  • Mindset & Solopreneur Sanity
  • Copywriting & Content strategy (blogging, sales pages, and more)
  • Location independence
  • Money management & mindset
  • Tech & Tools
  • Business strategy & Planning
  • General solopreneur lifestyle

In addition, here is a list of potential post ideas. Don't see what you're looking for? Feel free to pitch us with other ideas! (We love creativity.)

Content: We will provide occasional basic tutorials, but generally posts should be geared toward savvy readers. Think: pieces that are actionable and not super obvious! Readers should walk away after reading your post thinking “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”

A few posts that have done well on One Woman Shop:

Length: Aim for a post between 700-1,000 words, give-or-take.

Formatting: Let’s make these posts digestible! Please include section sub-headers, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists where appropriate.

Tone: We love posts that are fun, friendly, and punchy without being too cutesy or over-the-top. Please avoid any overly “girlfriendy” speak (darling, sugar, etc), as well as anti-men rhetoric. We also firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all in the world of solopreneurship; we ask that you keep that in mind as you write.

Interlinking: Before submitting, please add at least two links within your post to other posts on One Woman Shop. (Use the handy search bar on the right hand side of the blog to seek out relevant posts!)

Submission: We work exclusively in Google Docs, allowing us to collaborate effectively without worrying about version control. Please create your outline and/or draft in a Google Doc and share it with Sara and Cristina with editing rights. Here’s a helpful guide on how to do just that. Sara is happy to give feedback on outlines prior to you drafting the whole piece.

Deadlines: We will work out individual deadlines but please be sure to submit your posts on time. We suggest using Google Calendar reminders or Boomerang to remind yourself!

Photos: If you have a photo (that you own or one that you can use under Creative Commons), attach it to your submission with proper credit. Please make sure it aligns with our brand: colorful, fun, high-quality, and modern -- no cheesy stock photos, please! On a related note, if you are a photographer and would like to submit any photos for consideration, contact us.

Commitment: We welcome both one-time contributors as well as ideas for ongoing contributions.

Editing + ownership: We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to One Woman Shop. All editing will occur in the Google Doc, and you will have three days to respond. We reserve the right to repurpose and repackage content written for OWS as we see fit, but will reach out to you before doing so. (See examples of how we've done this here and here.)

Exclusivity: You agree that every post you write for One Woman Shop will only be published on unless otherwise granted permission by Cristina and/or Sara. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to post a blurb on your site that links to the full post on OWS.

Syndication: Popular posts on One Woman Shop may be picked up by other blogs for syndication. Please know that your work might appear on other sites. Here’s an example.

Affiliate promotions: Please note that we may promote a product/service that we are affiliates for if your post directly relates to it. We will always seek to notify you before we do, and we only promote products and services we firmly believe will help One Woman Shops in their solo business journeys.

Promotion: After the piece runs, we’ll be promoting it via our digital channels. We also ask that you do any or all of the following:

  • Promote it on social media (be sure to tag us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Include a link + excerpt from your post in an email to your list
  • Submit it to StumbleUpon if you’d like (more traffic = more clicks to your site!)
  • Participate in the comments section
  • Add an excerpt from your blog that links to the post on One Woman Shop

Pay: We do not currently pay for guest posts. When you contribute to One Woman Shop, you’ll get a byline and 2-3 sentence bio with 1-2 links that can promote whatever you’d like. We’ll also share your post as wide and far as possible.

Right of refusal: We, unfortunately, cannot run every guest post that is submitted. Your post may not be accepted if: it's not original content; it's not a fit for our audience; it doesn't provide actionable takeaways; it needs greater edits than we can provide. Due to the high number of guest post submissions we receive, we cannot help edit or provide detailed feedback for each guest post.

Ready to submit?

Be sure to:

  • Share your outline or draft via Google Docs with sara[at]onewomanshop[dot]com and cristina[at]onewomanshop[dot]com
  • Include the following: A 2-3 sentence bio in third person (feel free to include 1-2 links) and links to your social media accounts
  • Include the email associated with your Gravatar account. (This will ensure that a lovely photo appears in your author bio box!)

We look forward to hearing from you!