One Woman Shop solo business coaching

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You’re a solopreneur who’s just starting out or leveling up your business. You’re serious (well, not too serious -- you’re also a boatload of fun) about your business but know that you’re in for a bit of a rollercoaster ride, so building a strong support system around you is crucial. You’re looking for accountability, new insights, and the occasional kick in the butt. You believe in the value of hiring a coach to have someone to bounce ideas off of, call you out if need be, and be your balance as you walk the tightrope of solopreneurship. You know that, as with most things in life, you’ll get out of coaching what you put in.


What’s better than one business coach? Two! We’re Cristina and Sara, the team behind One Woman Shop and we just might be your new solo business coaches. We both have experience running our own businesses but have been running One Woman Shop together for over a year now. Every day, we interact with solopreneurs who are going it alone -- but know that it shouldn’t feel lonely. We see the ups and downs and are experienced in identifying patterns when it comes to what’s keeping solopreneurs stuck and what’s pushing them forward.

At the root of our coaching is a belief that you know what you want and need -- we’re just here to help you uncover it + get out of your own way. We believe a successful coaching session is a mix of helping you generate ideas and insights while sharing ours with you. And we’re not afraid to call you out -- usually in a playful way -- when we see you making excuses or holding yourself back. Most importantly, while we address the emotions and thought processes going on for you, we always bring things back to action (which is why you walk away from every session with a list of action items set based on what you want to accomplish).

Here are a few areas we regularly coach our One Woman Shops on:

  • Building an online community
  • Moving past overwhelm
  • Setting boundaries as a business owner
  • Acknowledging the mental blocks and the voices in our heads that hold us back
  • Staying sane in life to stay sane in business and vice versa
  • Structuring service offerings and pricing

Ready to get started? Here’s our process:

  • You say “Heck yes, I want two fun, ass-kicking coaches in my corner”
  • You schedule a 15-minute starter session with us here so that we can get to know you and your solo biz a bit more
  • If we all decide it’s a mutual fit, you set up a monthly payment for $100 via PayPal
  • We send you a calendar scheduler so that you can choose a time that works for you 
  • You jump on a first video call with us at the chosen time and we’ll get to know you a bit more
  • We send you follow up notes and a “get shit done” action plan for the next month
  • You stay in touch via email throughout the month, as needed
  • We lather, rinse, and repeat each month as your business grows

Ready? Let's get started!