Two Takes: Getting Dressed in the Morning

One woman made waves on LinkedIn Today awhile back when she encouraged women working from home to "never, ever wear your slippers!" When it comes to the question of whether getting dressed in the morning matters, everyone seems to have a different opinion- so we took to the streets social media to find out what you all thought.

We asked: "Some women strongly believe that getting dressed every morning is critical for productivity and business success, while others say they do just fine working in their pajamas. What’s your preferred morning outfit?"

Not surprisingly, we got a variety of responses on both sides- all of which we think contain valid arguments. Without further ado, we present you with:

two takes getting dressed in the morning

I work from home and I am also a Learning Coach for my kids who home school. In the morning, we have to dig into our work right away, so I brush my teeth and wash my face, but that is about it. I wear whatever I had on the night before, whether that be sleepwear or regular clothes. Once we are done with school and work in the mid-afternoon, I will get ready. As much as I would love to have time in the morning to get ready, I am much more productive when I get right to work. Getting ready in the morning is just an unwelcome distraction that makes me discombobulated and unfocused. It also makes me feel behind on my work, as my clients are in a time zone 2 hours ahead of me. Spending less time on getting ready is one of the things that I love most about being self-employed and working from home.

I know that to run a successful business, especially from home, one needs the correct frame of mind. Every successful entrepreneur faces the day with the feeling of conquering the world- one simply cannot conquer the world in pajamas.

I started my journey of working from home a few years back. I worked online, which meant I didn't even need to shower to go to work. One day I read an article about working from home professionally. This meant setting a schedule, having a home office and to my horror, getting dressed for business. But, for the first time, I felt like a real business women working from home. There was something about the whole act of being clean and presentable that changed my attitude toward working.

Getting up, getting ready and following a routine every day sets the stage for entrepreneur victory. Routine is key to success in any venture, especially business. And part of a successful routine is preparing yourself for your work day. Getting ready, "commuting" to your home office, and checking your schedule and task list is all part of prepping. So should getting out of your PJs. Be presentable and ready to meet with anyone online or off even if you never do.

-Allie, Ramblings of a WAHM

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