Become a One Woman Shop Affiliate

Love One Woman Shop and think your community could benefit from our products? Well hey, we'd be tickled pink (or purple) if you'd join us as an affiliate! (Read: You promote our products and receive a 30% commission on every sale made through your unique tracking link.)

Who should become an affiliate?

If any part of your community -- that's your email list, blog readers, customers and clients, or social media followers, for example -- is made up of women who are interested in starting or growing a solo business, we think they'll benefit from our collection of products. Bonus points if they love wine, popcorn, Friends and Parenthood, and nerd alerts, because we mention these things a lot 🙂

How do I sign up?

Our affiliate program is managed through SendOwl -- you can sign up here. You'll need to create a free SendOwl account and have a PayPal account to receive payment.

Do you provide promotional materials?

When you sign up via SendOwl (see above), you'll receive an email with a link to your Swipe File, which contains all the graphics and pre-written copy that you'll need to share our products with your community. You'll also receive a list of some of our best practices (think: both creative and legal) for being successful as an affiliate. Lastly, you'll receive instructions for grabbing your unique affiliate links via SendOwl.

What products can I promote? 

  • One Woman Shop Bundle: A bundle of four OWS-created products — the Building Your Online Community e-course, the Kickstart Your Content workbook, the Solopreneur Finances course, and The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook — a $204 value for $99. (Your cut of $99 = $29.70)
  • Solopreneur Success Bundle: A special promotion coming in September for just 5 days, it's a roundup of products valued at over $1,000 for $99. (Your cut of $99 = $29.70)
  • The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook: A 94-page, go-to guide for finding the intersection of productive and sane to maximize your time working so you can maximize your time living. (Your cut of $49 = $14.70)
  • Building Your Online Community: The 14-week, step-by-step, action-packed guide you need to kick off and strengthen your online community as a solopreneur. (Your cut of $49 = $14.70)
  • Kickstart Your Content: A 64-page workbook for newbies + stalled pros who want a strategy behind their blog and the kickstart they need to get it in motion. (Your cut of $29 = $8.70)

I have more questions!

Email us at hello @ with any questions you have!

Ready to promote products you believe in and make some money? 

Here's the sign up link again!