The One-Stop Shop for The Solopreneur’s Black Friday – 2020 Round-Up

We’re going to take a wild guess since you’re in the One Woman Shop community and say that big box stores aren’t really your jam when it comes to Black Friday weekend…

We’ve got a hunch that Small Biz Saturday is your favorite (ours too!). 🛍

However, there is one perk to being a big box store: a ton of great deals all to be found in one place.

So, with inboxes exploding, we thought we’d take a hint from big box stores and bring the one-stop-shop easy shopping experience with all the best deals for your solo business straight to you! 🎉💻

Below are deals we’ve hand-selected from our One Woman Shop community and friends around the web as being the best bang for your buck and the best combination of price and value this Black Friday. 

Whether your website or your mindset needs a makeover or you need to get your money affairs in order, here are some deals for your solo biz we think you’ll love: 

Big Cat Creative - 30% off All Squarespace Template Kits

Yes, Squarespace has built-in templates, but they’re kind of boxy and definitely bare bones right out of the box. 

As a solopreneur, having an online presence that reflects your style and appeals to the style of those ideal clients you serve is critical, which is why a template from Big Cat Creative is the flavor injection you need for turning a plain Squarespace site a huge dose of personality that pulls in your dream clients like a magnet. 

Check out her shop and snag 30% everything including Squarespace Template Kits, Social Media Templates AND the installation package add-on 

Vanessa Ryan - Oh My Template Membership (Save $250 ) + A Special Bundle 

You’ve got Canva templates, styled stock photos, yet every time you try to tweak them to make them you’re own, that pretty mock-up picture turns into a big pile of not-so-pretty pixels. 

Enter the Willy Wonka of Canva templates, Vanessa Ryan (you’ve got to read her sales page to get the reference and take notes on what great copy looks like 😉)! Oh My Templates is the golden ticket to having templates that looks and remain gorgeous with Vanessa’s personalized styling help. 

See what’s inside Oh My Template! Membership and get it at a great deal 

Megan Flatt of Let’s Collective - Money Momentum Planners Black Friday Launch Party!

Does “money talk” make you cringe? 

As a business owner, money matters are important, and when you’ve got the right tools + understanding, financials can be fun, especially with Money Momentum Planners!

The Monday Momentum Planner is an undated 90-day planner, so you can start any time and adjust it to your needs (you can get a year's worth of planners for only $99). You’ll keep your most profitable focus front and center each day and stay on track to reach your goals.

Take a peek inside the planner and get yours so you’re prepped and set for a profitable 2021! 

Saranto Designs - Website Express Special + 15 Free Landing Page Designs 

Time has been a sticky concept in 2020 and maybe you’re looking at your site thinking, “this needs an overhaul, but who has the time?”

The answer: Catherine with Saranto Designs who will get your new website up and running within 48 hours. 

It is a done for you service where you get your website within 48 Hours using one of her signature templates, content questionnaires, and brand mood boards. And for Black Friday, you’ll also receive a free package of 15 landing pages so that all your 2021 landing pages are done and delivered. 

Learn more about Catherine’s Website Express service here 

Paper + Spark - 30% Off All Spreadsheets 

Are you a maker or ecommerce shop owner? Whether your store is hosted on Etsy, Shopify, or Squarespace, Paper + Spark has a spreadsheet with your name on it, or rather, your numbers. 

Time to make your shop’s bookkeeping, inventory tracking, and taxes a simple system rather than a nightmare of jumbled numbers. 

Dive into the Paper + Spark spreadsheets library 

Meg of Love at First Search 50% SEO Set-Up Success 

If you’ve ever thought SEO was a snooze fest, that just means you haven’t met Meg. 

Meg makes SEO simple and teaches with plenty of gif-filled fun, and when you see the results she’ll help you achieve, well, you’ll be wishing you jumped into sharpening your SEO chops sooner, which is why you won’t want to miss getting in on SEO Set-Up Success

SEO Set-Up Success is usually $199, but for BFCM weekend it's 50% off, so grab it while it’s hot! 

Charlene of the Mindfulness Journey $100 off From Overwhelm to Ease - Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

We mean, 2020 — need we say more? Who hasn’t experienced some form of lingering overwhelm this year? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Time to press the reset button (or rather, the Easy Button), so you can shift into a place of ease, flow, and alignment headed into the new year. 

Doesn’t reading that make you feel lighter already?! 

Go From Overwhelm to Ease and get in on Charlene’s challenge 

Rae or Productive Co. - Dubsado Rockstar

So, you’ve got a Dubsado account, maybe you’re using a good number of it’s features, but you want to see it work at the capacity of a full-time team member in your solo biz. #automationisawesome

In Dubsado Rockstar, Rae will walk you through every step of your workflows, provide plug and play templates creating a 5-star client experience, and show you how to keep clients on schedule (and out of your inbox). 

Become a Dubsado Rockstar with Rae before the price goes up after Black Friday! 

Happy shopping and supporting small biz and fellow creators, and cheers to your Solopreneur Success headed into the new year! 

Disclaimer: This post for contains affiliate links. As always, we only include affiliate links for products + services we personally recommend and think might benefit you and your business.

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