Best Gifts for Solopreneurs

You’ve made your list, and you’ve checked it twice, but that blank spot next to your biz bestie’s name is causing you strife. 

Okay, okay, our rhyming skills aren’t the savviest, but when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your fellow one woman shop aka solopreneur biz bestie, we think we’ve nailed down a pretty creative list. 

Whether that business buddy is also a client, an accountability partner, or you just want to #treatyoself, these are the best gifts for solopreneurs that you simply can’t go wrong with. 

Get Organized in the Office

  • Cute Carryall Pouches by Coffee Break Studio

Anyone else have pens strewn all over their desk along with binder clips and bookmarking stickers galore? ????????‍♀️ 

Not only do these carryall pouches serve as a great desk organizer that’s just easy to slip into your bag for a coffee shop work session, but you can also get these pouches in three different sizes to suit your style (one size is perfect for fitting an iPad. 

Plus, we love the bold coffee bean print, or for the sassier solopreneur, the reminder to “Get Your Sh*t Together.” 

  • Any of the Planners from the Best Planners for Solopreneurs Round-Up (2020 Edition)

Weekly/daily editions planners are personal, yes, but on this year’s list we decided to also highlight some different planners in the goal-setting and the business planning variety including quarterly goal planners, budget planners, and a business planner specific to solopreneurs.

Check out the full round-up here. 

  • This 2020 Giant Wall Calendar from Snark Studios (The Shop)

In case you can’t tell after reading through our Best Planners for Solopreneurs Round-Up, we really enjoy a good planning system, and an element of planning that we absolutely love is being able to see the BIG (or should we say, giant) picture, directly in front of our faces. 

This giant wall calendar (created by a One Woman Shop member!) makes it easy to see exactly what’s coming up so you can stay in the loop on your life, your partner’s life, your kids’ lives…essentially, everybody’s lives fits on this giant calendar

Get Your Learn On

  • Audible Subscription or Kindle Unlimited

While our hearts will always yearn for a paper book and the way it feels and smells (it’s not weird, other book lovers, you get us), sometimes the seasons of life just don’t lend themselves to having the time to read the old fashioned way or toting around heavier books, especially if you like to keep a few in rotation. 

So, for your bookworm biz friend who prefers audiobooks or keeping a full library that would make Belle jealous inside their Kindle, getting an Audible subscription or Kindle Unlimited are a couple of gift options that keep on giving. 

  • Protect Their Peepers While They Work with LadyBoss Glasses

While the ability to run a business 100 percent online is a beautiful gift of modern technology, the eye strain that comes from living the laptop lifestyle isn’t so desirable. 

If you’ve got a biz friend who wears contacts or has perfect 20/20 vision (what a jerk…sorry did we type that out loud?), they’re going to love LADYBOSS Glasses, which block the harmful blue light emitted from our computer and mobile devices and are wreaking havoc on our eyeballs and cause headaches and eye fatigue. 

  • Gift a Creative Live Class

From classes on business basics to the specifics of creative software like Photoshop to breaking habits of self-doubt, there's sure to be a Creative Live class that'll fit every solopreneur on your list no matter what their craft or level in business.

The best part is Creative Live classes are taught by a wide variety of educators including household names like Mel Robbins or fellow small business owners like Jasmine Star. Simply go to the class you'd like to gift and select "Gift Class."

Get Your Self-Care in Gear 

With these mug designs by Emily McDowell

Whether your biz bestie is a coffee or tea lover, every biz owner can relate to these mugs whether they're in need of a little encouragement to power through the completion of a project, or they’re having a day where the ideas aren't flowing, and if they are, every one feels like total crap (that is, until it all clicks).

With these Malicious Women Candle Co. selections

For the solopreneur who's okay with swears, these candles from Malicious Women Candle Co. couldn't be any more accurate or perfect for the one woman shop on a mission.

We couldn't choose our favorite between the "Bitch...You Got This!," "Boss Lady," or "Trial & Error,"...we say get all three for the perfect gift-pack trio!

With a bath bomb by Bomardiers Bliss 

From characters (like The Grinch and Minions) to classic scents like lavender and rose, there's sure to be a bath bomb that every biz buddy on your list will find relaxing.

We especially love the Money Bath Bomb to send the message of "prosperity with ease" in the year ahead.

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