The 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop

Welcome to the third edition of the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop!

Just under a month ago, the fourth edition of our 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs list went live -- we're not saying it broke the internet, but we're not not saying it.

For one month, we gave you the chance to vote for your top resource across each of our seven categories. Without further ado, your winners:

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Digital Marketing

Kate Doster

We laughed out loud when we read one nominator’s comment about Kate: “I love how she use[s] the word homeslice all the time.” It’s true -- she does. Nominator Rita added, “Kate had me hooked from her very first email.” A darn good thing, we say, considering her area of expertise is all things email marketing!

Must-read post: How I Increased My Blog Traffic To Get More In 3 Months Than I Did All Last Year Combined

(Shout-out to runner-up Redefining Mom with Monica Froese)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Publicity, Launching and Sales

The Persuasion Revolution with Bushra Azhar

We knew Bushra was a woman after our own heart when we read this copy on her site: “What? You expect regular from me? WTF is wrong with you?” A self-proclaimed persuasion strategist (not to mention a spicy food connoisseur and a social psychology aficionado), Bushra is your go-to for using psychology to grow your business. Once you’ve soaked in all of her knowledge, head to her How They Persuade interview series to hear from other wise business owners.

Must-read post: The Mere Exposure Effect: How to Use Psychology to Remain Top of Mind All Day, Every Day

(Shout-out to runner-up The Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Branding, Copy, and Content Strategy

Copy Hackers (tie for first!) 

If you’re looking for resources that’ll help you DIY your copywriting, look no further. The original home of “conversion copywriting” (founder Joanna literally coined the term), the Copy Hackers team and killer lineup of guest posters provide endless content on the best ways to use copy to boost your conversions. You don’t have to be a copywriter to love Copy Hackers -- but you just might want to be after visiting here.

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Your Content Empire with Hailey Dale (tie for first!) 

We couldn’t have said it better than nominator Rebecca: “Hailey is an absolute genius. The way she explains how to create and manage content is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She is super generous with what she gives away and is very engaging with her followers. Call me a super fan!” All we wanna know is: Can we join your fan club, Rebecca?

Must-read post: Epic Guide to Creating Your 2018 Content Strategy

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Biz Growth, Systems, and Productivity

Tara Gentile

When she’s not devising her own business strategies for challenging the status quo and stepping outside of cookie-cutter approaches, Tara’s interviewing others doing the same on her podcast, Profit. Power. Pursuit. From marketing to business models, she’s a go-to on all things “running and growing a company in the New Economy.”

Must-listen episode: Discovering a Need And Filling It–Twice–with Marie Poulin

(Shout-out to runner-up The Uncaged Life with Rebecca Tracey)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Finance, Law, and Other Things We Might Not Like to Think About

I Will Teach You to Be Rich with Ramit Sethi

At first glance, Ramit’s content might seem like spammy clickbait -- “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”? Insert eye roll emoji. (We’re sorry, Ramit, we love ya.) But what lies beneath is some of the most easy-to-follow, actionable, foolproof financial advice we’ve ever read. And for that reason, Ramit reappears back here on The List in 2018.

Must-read post: Financial Independence: 4 Steps to Save $1,500,000

(Shout-out to runner-up Careful Cents with Carrie Smith)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

Mindset and Solopreneur Lifestyle

Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map. Fire Starter Sessions. White Hot Truth. Is there anything Danielle LaPorte does that isn’t spot on when it comes to reframing our mindset, bringing in new perspectives, and finding alignment? Add a new podcast to the line up: Light Work, “girlfriend-style sermons on serving the world while staying sane, cosmic connectedness over tech addiction, self compassion and more fulfilling friendships.”

Must-read post: Good Manners and Some Wuv. We Could All Use More of Them.

(Shout-out to runner-up The Balanced Mamas with Heather Farris)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

All Around

Marie Forleo

You may know her from her beautiful brunette locks, her silly dance moves, her MarieTV episodes with the A-list guest line-up, or her signature catchphrase: “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Incredibly valuable takeaways, wrapped up in a pretty bow -- that’s Ms. Forleo.

Must-watch episode: 3 Steps to Turn Envy into Your Superpower

(Shout-out to runner-up The Middle Finger Project with Ash Ambirge)

The top picks for the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs are in!

...And now, enjoy falling back down the rabbit hole that is #100BestSites. It's the list that keeps on giving as you seek out the best resources to help you navigate your solopreneur journey. Thanks to all who cast their ballots and supported their fellow business owners!

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