Here at One Woman Shop, we're all about repurposing content and sharing excellent resources. So what better way to honor Sara's birthday than by doing both? Here are 31 things that give us all the feels when we think of Sara (aka Mint -- you'll see why):

  1. A birthday post for Sara from 2015 (aka year #1!)
  2. A birthday post for Sara from 2016 (including a "Shut Up and Dance" playlist)
  3. A birthday post for Sara from 2017 (including OWS members joining in the fun!)
  4. A video of the first time we met in person (and Sara freaked out a bit)
  5. A photo of the author of one of Sara's favorite books (she's an avid reader...we bet the "stack of books" emoji is in her most recently used list at all times)
  6. An adorable picture of Sara reading with her beloved dog Scoop
  7. A reminder that Sara has a heart of gold
  8. An inspirational Insta post from Sara about staying inspired
  9. Sara's recent baby announcement (!!!!)
  10. An ode to Sara's obsession with planners and paper products
  11. A great Shop Talk blog post from Sara about getting shit done (with a shout-out to another favorite author of hers!)
  12. Sara saying #nerdalert on her business website
  13. One of Sara's (many) favorite ways to pay it forward
  14. Sara's real-talk meditation post
  15. A podcast episode with one of Sara's business inspirations
  16. That time when Sara got angry at her FitBit
  17. An article on how Galentine's Day, one of Sara's favorite holidays, became a real thing
  18. A bracelet company that Sara has purchased gifts from (she's an excellent gift giver)
  19. A graphic about the creative process that makes Sara laugh
  20. Songs by one of Sara's favorite artists
  21. A catchphrase that Sara embraces
  22. An awesome workbook created by Sara
  23. Sara's favorite meditation app
  24. A picture of Sara in a laundry basket
  25. A clever little dill-flavored popcorn label Sara created
  26. A promotional trailer for a recent concert Sara attended
  27. Sara's valuable reminder that rest does not equal rust
  28. Where Sara tracks all of the many books she's reading
  29. Some of Sara's favorite podcasts
  30. And another of Sara's favorite podcasts
  31. One way that Sara likes to spend her time

And there you have it -- may all those reading learn a thing or two, and laugh a little bit.

Sara: HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us at OWS. This community wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for you. Thanks for your wisdom, your wit, your transparency, and your silliness!

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