One Woman Shop Membership doors now open

As the craziness that is the holidays goes from 0 to 100 over the next few days (with the barrage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal emails to prove it), we wanted to drop in with what we hope is a breath of fresh air.

We want to show our gratitude for you.

For being a community of solo business owners who just gets it. Who can happily chat about outsourcing, email sequences, and live-stream video in one stream of consciousness. Who has no shame in taking an afternoon nap or waking up to work at 2am because an idea struck. Who gleefully celebrates being able to try out all her local coffee shops (as long as there's good wifi, of course), and who also considers putting jeans on as "dressing up." (Because, hey, they're not yoga pants.)

We say it all the time: Solopreneurship is a misleading term -- because even as a company of one, we need to know there are other people out there who get it. Who can help us through it. Who have the expertise, insight, and honesty we might not at that moment.

We count our gratitude each and every time we receive a reply to our emails, when we read through the comments on our Instagram posts, and as we witness the collaboration and sharing that takes place in our private OWS members Facebook Group (lovingly referred to as The FaceGroup).

It's there that we celebrate (yes, celebrate) a Case of the Mondays when the first day of the week rolls around. It's there that members ask for feedback on their latest opt-in, for extra hands when their plates are too full and they need a fellow expert, or for trusted opinions on software choices. It's there that unicorns come out for birthdays and the best gifs, ever, come out for national coffee day. It's there that client communication issues get solved, that mental roadblocks are overcome, and that collaborations naturally and happily form.

This week and always, we're grateful to have you as part of the One Woman Shop community -- and we want to invite you to take that one step further.

The doors to One Woman Shop membership are open for the final time of 2017 right now, but you only have until Friday, 12/1 to get your application in. What it is: Lifetime membership to a tight-knit group of ladies who quickly become friends as they support each other on this winding road of solopreneurship.

Because being a CEO ain't easy -- and we don't pretend that it is. We keep OWS membership simple, but we hit on what's most important:

A closed Facebook Group where you can share openly, ask for feedback, and offer support? Check.

Opportunities to showcase your products and services to your fellow biz owners? Check.

Access to courses and handbooks on solopreneur sanity, building an online community, solo biz finances, and kickstarting your content strategy? Check.

An accountability group who will hold you to your goals and provide a safe place to bounce ideas off? Check.

Grab more info -- and that application -- here.

As you dive into your turkey or tofurkey dinners (or bask in the silence that is your American coworkers being off), we ask you to think of what it might be like to be part of such a community...then we encourage you to actually find out.

In the meantime, we'll be over here celebrating our gratitude for the fact that we get to both lead and participate in such a fantastic community of women doing business -- and living life -- on their own terms.

To gratitude, community, and tofurkey (if that's your thing)!

P.S. We also <3 spotlighting our members. Grab a coffee and hear what One Woman Shops Lauren Pawell of Bixa Media and Lilly Garcia of Wild Olive Branding have learned on their solopreneur journeys so far.

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