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It’s Back to School Month here at OWS! That means we're celebrating learning, but not just any learning: strategic learning. (Because learning #allofthethings isn't always the right decision.)

For right now, though, we want you to put your books away and take this pop quiz. Not to worry -- this one is more the business version of a Cosmopolitan quiz than the kind that will keep you up all night...

When it comes to the following, are you a 1, 2, or 3?

When it comes to putting things on autopilot in my business, I…

  1. Am a master chef of IFTTT recipes, religiously use email templates, have the sickest email marketing sales funnels, and use my project management tool every day without fail...not to mention that my FitBit auto-magically starts my coffee maker every morning as soon as I wake up.
  2. Embrace the concept, but struggle to find the balance between automating everything and maintaining a personal aspect to my biz.
  3. Think it’s fun to say #automationstation...but that’s the extent of it. After all, I’m not, like, a web developer...

When someone mentions hashtags, I…

  1. Launch into a 5-minute explanation of the hashtags that drive traffic to my Instagram, the spammy ones I avoid, and the exact increase in my Insta followers since implementing my new hashtag strategy.
  2. Admit that I drop a few into my Instagram posts here and there but don’t exactly have a strategy.
  3. Sarcastically respond with a hashtag to show how above hashtags I am. #sassy #ironic

When I think of cash flow, I…

  1. Relish the fact that I have weekly coffee dates with myself to go over my cash flow, have appointments on my calendar for important financial deadlines, and am always paid on time by my awesome clients.
  2. Get paid on time sometimes, have some savings in my bank account sometimes, and feel at ease sometimes...but I sure wish all the above were “all the time.”
  3. Think that the only way cash seems to be flowing is out of my business.

When it comes to content marketing (copy, images, and promotion), I…

  1. Am disgustingly proud of what I’ve got: insanely high-converting sales pages for my successful, highly-rated e-courses, beautiful images and stock photos that perfectly match my brand, and copy that ropes my audience in with how hilarious//heartfelt/straightforward it is.
  2. Have some content. Sometimes I market it. Isn’t that enough?
  3. Don’t really do that. Does anyone really care what I have to say?

When I think of sanity in my solo biz, I:

  1. Calmly raise my green smoothie and say “Namaste.” I’m centered, productive, and making money -- with time to spare for prioritizing meet ups with friends, time with my nieces and nephews, volunteer work at a local non-profit, and high-energy work outs.
  2. Believe I could get there with the right tools, but things keep getting in my way (like clients, money, hiring struggles, legal stresses, family, naps, Netflix, wine…)
  3. Laugh. Solopreneur sanity -- that’s an oxymoron, right?

You're done! Now, tally up your answers:

If you got mostly 1s -- Can we be you?! Close your laptop, grab a margarita, and relax. You have no more work to do. We’re sending envious but proud looks your way
If you got mostly 2s -- Think: Is there at least one of these areas that you’d love to feel especially capable in? It might be the perfect time to invest strategically in your biz to bring about some crucial changes. Hint: Monday could be just the time.
If you got mostly 3s -- Take a deep breath. Wait for next Monday. Buy the Solopreneur Success Bundle. Implement the action steps provided to you by 18 brilliant creators. Pass go, collect $200*.

*Or more

Well done, One Woman Shop. No matter your answers, you pass. Because we're all at different stages of business, facing different obstacles and celebrating different wins.

By now, it's probably no surprise that the Solopreneur Success Bundle is coming on Monday. We can't promise that if you buy the Bundle, you'll move into the first category overnight, but we can promise that -- if you do the work -- you'll benefit from some serious takeaways from the 18 products within the Bundle that'll inspire your biz for years to come.

The countdown to launch is officially on:

To strategic learning + solopreneur success!

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