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TL;DR: Even as solopreneurs, we can't do it alone. The doors to One Woman Shop membership are open until Friday, May 26th at 11:59pm EST!

One Woman Shops:

If you're on our email list (you rock!) you got this note in your inbox last week. (That said, it might be worth another read!) If you're not? Keep reading...

We're nearly halfway through the year (whaaa?) and we have no doubt your to-do list might look like this: overstuffed -- with stress levels that just might match.

This is when we remind ourselves that:

a. We can't do all.the.things, every day.

b. Of what we can do, we can't do it alone.

We have a few stellar suggestions for taming that out-of-control to-do list and reclaiming your time (point a) -- but for the purposes of today's letter to you, we want to focus on point b.

You might be wondering, what the heck do other people have to do with getting my work done?

Our answer: Everything.

We're not talking about building a team or outsourcing. Yes, there's a season for both those things -- but one thing that's always in style is having a strong community behind you.

Specifically, a community of people who get what it's like to set up onboarding systems for clients, or to design nurture sequences to sell that product, or to build a business budget. A community that also considers putting jeans on "dressing up" -- because, hey, they're not yoga pants -- and who has no shame in taking an afternoon nap or waking up to work at 2am because an idea struck.

Solopreneurship is a misleading term -- because even as a company of one, we need to know there are other people out there who get it. Who can help us through it. Who have the expertise, insight, and honesty, we might not have at that moment.

That's what we're all about at One Woman Shop: Community. A tight-knit group of ladies who quickly become friends as they support each other on this winding road of solopreneurship.

Doors have re-opened to One Woman Shop membership. We'd love to have you join us before they close again on May 26th. All it takes is a brief application so we can both make sure we're a fit.

After all, the Beatles knew best: In business, as in life, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

To community!

P.S. Here's what a few of our members have to say about being part of OWS.

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