2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle: $1607 resources for $99!

Yes, you read that title right.

It might seem odd to see a post about why you shouldn't buy our product. Or you might be thinking, "This is obviously just a click-bait title that's really a sales pitch." We're not gonna lie -- we are going to include a link to the Solopreneur Success Bundle sales page, which is now live. (See? We just did!)

[ICYMI: The 2016 Bundle is made up of 20 amazing products worth $1,607. Your investment? $99. But here’s the catch: It’s only available this week, until Friday, September 16th at 11:59pm EST.]

Is it an unbelievable deal? Sure. But we're going to ask you to think long and hard about your purchase. (Okay, not that long. You only have three more days ‘till it’s gone.) Why ask you to think? Because as excited as we are about this year’s Bundle -- which is realllllllllly excited -- we know that the Bundle isn’t for everyone.

Here are some very real reasons you might not want to buy the Bundle:

...If you can’t see a way that you can put at least one product to use immediately to mitigate a current issue in your business.

....If you know with certainty that you can’t carve out any time in your schedule for working your way through the products and implementing the action steps.

...If you prefer to Google every single question you have in your business instead of having a repository of products that provide best practices for current and future hurdles you might face in your business.

....If you have a bunch of untouched e-courses. (And you secretly know that this file would gather metaphorical dust, too.)

...If you genuinely think that it's the single $99 purchase that will change everything in your biz, without putting in the work.

...If the thought of learning something new doesn’t truly excite you.

...If investing $99 will put you in a very tough spot financially.

Whew -- now that we got that out of the way, let us tell you this: We do firmly believe that the Solopreneur Success Bundle is valuable for many, if not most, of the solo business owners in our community. #notjustbiased

Here’s why:

The Bundle not only addresses issues that you might be tackling in your biz right now, but it also gives you a library of resources to turn to when you hit barriers or hurdles in the future.

Yes, it’s up to you to put the time in to put these resources to work. The WordPress theme won’t install itself. The automated email sequences won’t just line up. Your products won’t price themselves.

But these resources will make everything from launching your next product to using Facebook Groups to grow your business a heck of alot easier.

Think of the Bundle are your personal secret weapon -- the best practices of 20 creators wrapped up in accessible and straightforward (not to mention attractive) packaging -- to help you make unprecedented strides in your business.

Enough from us: Decide for yourself! Head on over to see what’s in this year’s Bundle...and get your thinkin’ in before the clock hits zero!


To solopreneur success!

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