Weekly Finds for the Solopreneur

Weekly Finds for the solopreneur

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we think will help your business — and maybe even your life!

Fact: “Women are 27% more likely than men to say they have no retirement savings.” That's why resources like Ubiquity's Retirement + Savings’ Single(k) is crucial for one woman shops. (And...two thumbs up for their hashtag: #FinancialFeminism)

What can you accomplish in five days? A whole lot when it comes to building a solid foundation of self-care. Whether you want to live and work more mindfully, establish healthy boundaries, or crush your goals, get a free, 5-day email course from Kerstin Auer over at tools for better.

"Ugh." <-- The standard response from most solopreneurs + creative biz owners when they think about the legal side of things. Luckily, we have amazing resources like Christina Scalera to turn to. We're digging her latest "happy hour" post on what to do once you've nailed the legal basics.

It seems like every solopreneur and their mother has a VA (sometimes their VA is their mother...which is totally cool!). Of course, there's a reason for that. Despite the upfront time investment of integrating a VA into your biz, the benefits are vast -- but Indigo Colton shares with us the one benefit that's often overlooked over on Heather Crabtree's blog.

Changing your web host is never a fun (nor an easy) task. So when it came time for us to do it this fall as we outgrew our shared plan on Bluehost, we were super grateful to find this resource on the best web hosting on reviews.com -- beautifully broken down into language even we can understand. (Spoiler alert: We're now on inMotion.)

Coworking. Whether in-person or virtually, it's one of the biggest solutions to overcoming the potential loneliness of solopreneurship. Geraldine Bedell reports on the worldwide coworking culture over on Digg, highlighting one of many things we appreciate about coworking: "A study by Harvard Business Review found that coworkers believe their work has more meaning." Yes, please.

We love chatting about Tools We Love -- so what better way to end this edition of Weekly Finds than by sharing the latest: Coach. Coach combines software that helps you build, engage, and convert your online audience (think: invoicing, scheduling, and content, all in one system) with expert coaching to help you set and achieve your goals along the way.

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