Weekly Finds for the Solopreneur

Weekly Finds for the solopreneur

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we think will help your business — and maybe even your life!

"I am not your girlboss." If that statement takes you off guard (after all, #girlboss is pretty much everywhere these days), read this insightful piece from Katie Levans of Charlotte Agenda. Her points are real, fellow bosses.

Hey, moms -- we know you're busy. But that doesn't mean you can't start and run a successful business. Monica of Redefining Mom has done it -- and shares how to define the type of business you want to start, how to tackle taxes and financial systems, and how to find the time to build it all while working and taking care of your family in her free 7-day email course. Grab it here!

One of our favorite things about affiliate marketing here at OWS is that it gives us the opportunity to share products + services we believe in, in areas that we aren't necessarily experts in -- saving you the time of scouring the internet. Tad, from Marketing for Hippies, agrees with that benefit -- but also points out the potential negatives of affiliate marketing, and how he's chosen to go about it, moving forward. #likeminded

Stuck wondering what you should blog about in your business? You're not alone. Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial has the answer to that -- and more -- in her new, 64-page workbook, Blogging for Business. And it's only $15. (For real!)

Choice. It's a good thing to have, right? To a certain extent -- yes. But what happens when it paralyzes us? Barry Schwartz explores the paradox of choice in this 20-minute, classic Ted Talk that we recently rediscovered and couldn't help but share in our ever-ending quest for solopreneur sanity.

We all know the airplane rule: In case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on before you help others. Selfish? Not quite. Caroline from Made Vibrant invites us to "begin dismantling this idea of what it means to be selfish and reassemble it with the understanding that focusing on one’s self can actually be a very positive thing" in this important letter.

If your shelves are feeling a little lonely lately, you'll want to dig into this: Bookcelerator ranks the top books that "will make you smarter" by compiling upvotes from Product Hunt, reviews from Amazon and GoodReads, and reading time. Check out collections curated by fellow entrepreneurs, find the shortest business books that you can devour in under two hours, and more.

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