Weekly Finds for the Solopreneur

Weekly Finds for the solopreneur

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we think will help your business — and maybe even your life!

Who said techies don't have personality? (Not us, that's for sure.) To debunk that myth, we turn to Cameron from Skillcrush who breaks down 16 Beginner Freelance Projects to Fit Your Personality Type (based on Myers-Briggs outcomes).

Graphic design should be more than just pretty. That's the principle designer Christie Montague follows when working with business go-getters to create kick-ass designs that meet their business goals. (Speaking of kick ass, check out her hand-written notes from this year's High Five Conference.)

The never-ending struggle for focus is...never ending. 99 Smart Ideas curated tips on focus from 37 experts for those days when shiny object syndrome sets in.

It takes more than being organized to begin a VA biz. Fret not; OWS member Julienne created Launch Now, the digital e-course that'll show you everything you need to get started building your VA business, today. (And she's giving OWS readers 30% off with the code ows30!)

What's the "gig economy?" Do you need to file a tax return for your biz? How do you go about it? So. Many. Questions. (And they aren't usually the fun ones.) Check out the mini-guide the fellas at FormSwift put out to get primed: The Freelancer's Essential Guide to Business & Taxes.

Facebook loves changing things up -- sometimes frustrating; sometimes awesome. Here's one of the latter: Facebook business stories, the easy (+ free) tool that lets you create 16-second intro videos for any Business page you manage.

Shannon Mattern knows that you deserve to spend your precious time and energy doing what you love, not stressing out about your website. That’s why she created WP+BFF’s free, 5-Day Website Challenge to teach you how!

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