It’s Location Independence Month, 2016 edition, here on One Woman Shop! In honor of our third annual celebration of location independence, we're re-releasing the list of resources for digital nomads that made its debut back in 2014. 

We welcome your additions to this list! For consideration, please email [email protected]

For meeting other digital nomads on the ground

  • Couchsurfing: Not just for finding a couch (or bed) to crash on -- you can also attend their meetups or use their new Hangout feature to connect with other travelers
  • Create Your Nomadtopia: A Facebook Group for sharing resources and ideas for creating a location-independent life (aka Nomadtopia)
  • Nomadbase: Uses real-time location updates from social media to help you connect with other digital nomads in the area
  • #nomads: A Slack channel of over 10,000 digital nomads, categorized by location. (We love the way they put it: "Let's kill lonely, together!")

For working/learning with other digital nomads

  • WiFi Tribe: A co-working/co-living experiment with a new location every month (though you can opt in or out based on your schedule and interests)
  • Nomad Cruise: Cross the Atlantic on a cruise ship with over 200 other digital nomads
  • Institute of Code: An all-inclusive 10 day development bootcamp in locations around the world
  • Remote Year: 75 digital nomads. 12 cities. 1 year.

For finding paid and volunteer gigs

  • Working NomadsA curated list of remote jobs, for the modern working nomad
  • FlexJobs: A paid service for finding telecommuting jobs
  • HelpX: Find places to volunteer in exchange food and accommodation; includes farms, homestays, B&Bs, hostels, and more
  • WWOOF: Find volunteer opportunities on organic farms worldwide

For finding office space and coworking spaces globally

  • Copass: Access the largest network of coworking spaces with one Pass
  • ShareDesk: A global coworking space finder
  • Impact Hub: 81 coworking locations around the world focused on social impact

For choosing your next location

  • Nomad List: A search engine for finding cities to travel to or live in based on your interests and needs (think: categories like Safest Cities for Solo Female Travelers and Best Cities for Single Women)

For booking + organizing your travel

  • Skyscanner: A flight search engine. Our favorite feature? Type "Everywhere" in the search bar to find the lowest fares available from your current location
  • KAYAK Explore: Another way to choose your next location based on airfare costs
  • Rome2rio: Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile
  • TripIt: All of your travel itineraries, in one place

For accommodations

  • The search engine for finding an affordable, well-rated hostel around the world
  • Airbnb: A community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique spaces around the world through mobile phones or the internet
  • Couchsurfing: A site for connecting with individuals who host you for free
  • Hotel Tonight: For finding a last minute hotel room

For budgeting, currency conversion, + travel hacking

  • Trail Wallet: An easy travel expense tracker for iPhone
  • XE Converter: Calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates with this free currency app
  • Mint: A free web-based personal financial management service
  • Chase Sapphire: A highly recommended credit card for earning airfare miles
  • Travel Hacking Cartel: A private paid service to help you travel hack (like earning frequent flier miles without flying)

For travel insurance

  • World Nomads: Travel insurance for independent travellers from more than 150 countries
  • Seven Corners: Another trusted travel insurance company with a variety of insurance plan options

For packing

  • Tom Bihn: No-nonsense travel bags, organizers, laptop bags, and packing cubes (God's gift to digital nomads)
  • Shop the travel section for colorful passport holders, luggage tags, and charging cords
  • Tortuga Backpacks: A city-friendly alternative to traditional backpackers that are designed for hikers

For language learning

  • Duolingo: A gamification app that lets you read, listen, and speak in 23 languages
  • Memrise: A language learning app that encourages you "grow" skills like you would a plant

For miscellaneous things

  • Happy Cow: for finding vegetarian-friendly restaurants
  • Find Me Gluten Free: A smartphone app for finding gluten-free friendly restaurants. Hop over to the international section if you're traveling abroad
  • Postagram: Upload your travel photos and send them to friends around the world as postcards -- for $.99

One Woman Shop resources

  • Tools We Love: A list of tools that help you effectively run a location-independent business
  • At-Home Workout Resources: A list of YouTube channels; many of which don't require any special equipment

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