You're running a service-based business. So you know what it's like to flirt with new clients -- juggling marketing, consultation calls, the negotiation process, and onboarding.

Figuring out the best marketing channels to attract qualified leads? It's not easy.

Converting consultation calls into paying customers? Also not easy.

Getting new clients while getting the work that's already on your plate done? Sometimes, it can seem impossible.

There's a better way to handle it all; to convert those clients; and to finally connect with the ones that fit the bill. (Yep, those ones that are a joy to work with and have the money to pay. They do exist!)

Tonight, August 23rd at 7pm EST, we're teaming up with Halley Gray of Evolve & Succeed for a free webinar where we're going to jam on:

  • The 6 steps to securing 6 months of coaching and freelancing clients via your website
  • How to package your services so they sell each other
  • The #1 mistake online businesses make
  • How to make your life easier and more profitable by adding services to your product business

...and more! (Because our conversations with Halley inevitably turn to mentions of explicit phrases, Tinder dating, and other analogies that we simply can't predict. But they all relate to your solo business, of course.)

It's free + it's happening next TONIGHT, 8/23 at 7pm EST. Grab your seat now!

Halley's been at this for a while, and she's built a business helping service-based biz owners like yourselves book themselves out. Her talk of network hacking and robot butlers will change the way you view your service-based business.

Grab your favorite beverage, get your notebook ready, and join us -- here's that link, one more time!

See you tonight!

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