Producing + Marketing Videos as a Solopreneur: Outsource It

outsourcing for your solo business via @OneWomanShop
outsourcing for your solo business

outsourcing for your solo biz

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s probably safe to assume that “create a welcome video for my website” is somewhere on your lengthy to-do list. But somehow it’s migrated lower and lower over time to live among other long-forgotten tasks like “clean out my inbox” and “start working out again.”

I don’t blame you; video is technical and complicated and tedious and (insert your complaint of choice).

But video is here to stay. In fact, in 2015, businesses that use video grew their revenue 49% faster year-over-year than those that weren’t using video. I know it’s likely your goal to be running an uber successful business 3, 5, or 10 years from now, so why not take a stab at integrating video into your strategy? It’s the best and fastest way to create an instant connection with your audience -- and who doesn’t want to inspire love at first sight?

Now, I can’t force you to categorize all your emails or join a gym, but I can help make video a much simpler task because it’s something I do for myself and other businesses every single day. So to start, let’s focus on the top outsource-able (new word!) tasks when it comes to video:

  1. Shooting. There are (approximately) a zillion options when it comes to outsourcing the actual production part of video making. From having a friend record your videos on a smartphone to hiring a production team fully equipped with cameras, mics, lights, and more, your options run the gamut. One thing you might want to consider: proximity. If you are looking for someone to record you, they’ll need to be local. However, there are lots of creative ways to tell your story remotely, too. Maybe you can find a videographer to shoot b-roll, and you can record a voiceover for it. This is your chance to get a little creative and plan out a video that truly showcases your brand story!
  2. Editing. Personally, this is the most tedious part of the process for me and one of the first tasks I outsourced in my business. If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to piecing together what was recorded to tell a cohesive story, it could take much longer than it would for someone who does it every day and can cut your video footage while they brush their teeth. Unless you are really passionate about learning how to edit, leave this one to the pros.
  3. Implementation. This is what happens once the video is finished. It can include uploading, making custom thumbnails, tagging, annotating, sharing, writing tweets, and more. Making the most of video means marketing those that you create -- and these tasks can sometimes take just as long as making the video itself.

Now, I have a confession. When I first started my company, my only encounter with the word “outsourcing” was between the covers of a Thomas Friedman book. I knew of the concept, but I never thought of it applying to me and my business...until I started bringing on bigger and more involved projects. I knew I couldn’t do everything alone, nor did I want to. I found myself procrastinating when facing tasks that weren’t playing to the top of my skill set.

If video production or video marketing isn’t at the top of yours, outsourcing it can be key to getting it done.

And you don’t have to outsource the entire thing. Maybe you need help conceptualizing, but you can’t wait to edit the footage together. Or you can create the video, but you have no idea how to get it on YouTube and in front of a mass audience. Because there are so many moving parts, the great thing about video is that you can outsource any piece of it you want.

Where to find video pros

A real fear with outsourcing: Hiring the wrong people will cost you money in the long run. So, spend some time and do your research. Do they have a reel you can look at? Do they have references? What does their process look like? Will they edit a short clip for you so you can see how they work? These are all ways to vet the right people for the job when it comes to video.

Now that you know what to outsource and what to look for, the next question becomes: Where can you find these people? Here’s a list of resources you can turn to when looking for the right video team for your business:

  1. Resource for all things production. Click on the “services” tab and narrow down your search by region.
  2. Production Hub: Another great resource for production people. Click “find crew/vendors” to get started.
  3. Upwork: A place to find freelancers for all types of projects. They have a “video production” section.
  4. Fiverr: I’ve never used this one personally, but I hear you can find some budget-friendly service providers on here. This is great for getting an animated intro for your videos.
  5. Thumbtack: Find recommended people in your area who can help you bring your video dreams to reality!
  6. Local film schools: Have a film school in your area? Ask around to see if there are any film students looking to build their reels. This tends to be a very budget-friendly option.
  7. VA: If you are strapped for time, find a virtual assistant who is fluent in YouTube (my favorite language) and video implementation. Once you have a system for implementation, you can teach anyone to make it happen.

If you’re inspired and ready to get started, the first (and arguably most important) step is conceptualizing your video. How do you want your brand and your story to be perceived? The best way to start is to do research. Look online for videos that have the vibe/style you want to create. Create a bookmark folder titled “reference videos” with links to the videos you admire. You can also start a new board on Pinterest with photos that inspire your brand. Visualizing your video beforehand will make the planning -- and outsourcing -- process much easier (and more fun).

Video marketing is all about strategy -- and to prepare you with the right strategy and message, I've developed a free blueprint for creating killer homepage videos.

Your turn: What would you like to outsource when it comes to videos?

PS -- Not sure where to start in evaluating potential pros? Our Prior to the Hire ebook has you covered.

Prior to the Hire ebook from One Woman Shop

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