Happy Birthday, Cristina!Little known fact: On this day, three years ago, a little lady named Cristina had an idea to create a community for female solo business owners. Thus, One Woman Shop was born.

Perhaps more importantly (this is a time when the egg clearly needed to come before the chicken), on this day a few more years ago than that, Cristina Roman was born!

And what a life that would begin for the business partner and friend who's more recently become known as Peach.

Okay, so before I (Sara) go getting all nostalgic, I thought I'd hop right into one of Cristina's absolute favorite things: food.

For those of you who don't know her, she's quite the chef, is diligent about her meal prep, and is constantly sharing awesome food pics over on her Insta.

(She's also notorious for eating super crunchy snacks on our coworking calls, but we'll leave that one for another day.)

So, at the risk of being completely cheesy, I thought I'd flip the script and write out a little recipe for the birthday girl:

Shut Up & Eat: A Birthday Recipe

1 part dance party
1 part exercise
5 parts coffee
3 parts wine
0.5 parts wifi
3 parts chocolate
1 part beer pong

1. Consume everything in moderation (which is relative, of course)
2. Dance party must take place to latin remixes of all of your favorite songs (yes, Bieber is allowed)
3. Coffee must be purchased with Cristina's Starbucks account (Gold status, for life)
4. Wifi should be just enough to get by (don't want to completely spoil her, here)
5. Recipe is best served with a side of cake (by the ocean, where possible)

In short, may this day be filled with everything you love, and more!

Happppppiest of birthdays, Peach!

PS - I could gush all day about how happy I am to call Peach my biz partner + work BFF (yeah, I went there), but instead of listening to me, check out what our members had to say last year -- they think she's pretty great, too.

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