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Each day, we work with fellow One Woman Shops taking their solo businesses to the next level. (How lucky are we?!) We love getting glimpses into how others run their businesses, so we thought it only fair to show you how we run ours! Without further ado, we present to you: January's month in review!

Things that we made happen in January:

  • Just under a week ago, we launched a long-awaited guide: The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook. It’s 94-pages chock full of solopreneur philosophies, a guide to evaluating where you are, and the scenarios you’ll encounter and solutions you need to get to where you want to be. (Fun fact: We both encountered nearly every scenario and used every solution as we wrote and polished this beauty. We kind of love it.)
  • With the launch of The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook, we can officially say the One Woman Shop Bundle is complete! So now, not only can you get four individual One Woman Shop products, but you can tie the four together in one easy package (infomercial, anyone?) with the OWS Bundle. (Yet another fun fact: That’s $204 worth of products for just $99. Blamo.)
  • We onboarded new One Woman Shop affiliates and provided them with some fun graphics and pre-written content for promoting said Bundle.

Fun additions to the Rainy Day File:
Initial feedback from The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook has been so fun to read:

  • “LOVE how you have scenarios and solutions set up and cross-referenced! What a fantastic resource!” – Kerstin Auer
  • “I got this and LOVE it! Highly recommend that pretty much every solopreneur get their hands on this. It's full of practical advice for a wide variety of situations. (And it's gorgeous to boot!)” – Ashleigh McGarity

Where we struggled:

  • Let’s just say we were a little slow, getting back into the swing of things as the new year kicked off. We embraced this -- and then refuted those that seem to not be okay with a little rest.
  • It was a true rollercoaster throughout the making of The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook, to say the least. We most definitely experienced all of these stages of creation in the process.
  • Being a bit displaced, both physically and mentally -- Cristina with a lot of travel (leading up to her sis’ bachelorette party in North Carolina) and Sara with a lot of crazy client work at once (leading up to a real fear of burnout).

What we blabbed about:

Most popular posts:

Song on repeat:

  • Sara: Adele - Water Under the Bridge (get it, girl)
  • Cristina: Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez, + Pitbull - Back It Up (Spanish Version)

This time last year, we were:

  • Celebrating the move from our members-only forum on the website to a private Facebook Group (best.decision.ever)
  • Talking about five ways to create an inspiring home office on the blog
  • Sara was traveling around New Zealand and Australia, checking off bucket list items on the regular (helllllo, Australian Open!)
  • Cristina was somewhere in between Guatemala, Mexico, and the US (hey, just like this year!), deciding where to land a bit more permanently (Guatemala FTW!)  
  • We were both documenting our stories of getting gutsy (Cristina shared about her adventure as a digital nomad and Sara won the whole essay contest!)

What we’re most looking forward to in February:

  • Taking that massive audit we did waaaaay back in December and giving it a strategic plan. We’re working with our business coach to make this happen.
  • Getting back into a more even mix of creation, maintenance, and launch modes after a whirlwind end to January.

A quick note from Cristina: Pretty big fan of 2016 so far (stiff competition with 2015 though…)! So far, this year has involved kicking butt with our launch, tons of travel (full of the most amazing food ever and lots of games of Skip-Bo), time with my hermosa madre (that’s “beautiful mother” -- it’s how she likes to be referred to), and an amazing bachelorette weekend (yoga pants, wine, and silly dancing is a pretty accurate summary). Whatcha got, February?

A quick note from Sara: I can’t help but think that 2016 is going to bring some big changes around these parts, which is making me do a huge evaluation of how I want to work in my solo business, as well. I’m grateful for that. In the meantime, I’ve ended the month on a three-day snowboarding trip back to the mountain where my husband and I were married just over two years ago -- and can’t wait for the fresh, crisp air to hit my face. (Though my fingers are crossed hard that all bones stay in tact; I haven’t been out in far too long.)

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